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stori @storiraven virginia

stori ✨ she/her 🏳️‍🌈 i am Not like other girls

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roommate is blasting the nutcracker on vinyl because he says the dance of the sugarplum fairies is, and I quote, "a straight fuckin banger"
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@lexi_theut this is adorable i lovelexi is so hot i can’t believe she is my roommate and also my gfi would die for taurus women that is all way me and lindsay are both up at 4 am listening to phoebe bridgersthis kinda slaps
i am seriously so sick to bastard death of having to consider 'dinner' every night of my godforsaken life. who care…
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Retweeted by storihow do we ask our server if he’s gay. wrong answers only @lexi_doyle have u tried turning it off and on again
@laylaaamilani @lexi_doyle we also used a bike lock @All3nHyper @lexi_doyle it straight up just fell off bc this shit always happens to lexi and ihire us for all of your car mechanic needs has never been real but it really just.... definitely isn’t real latelywhy is everyone’s main goal to get married and have kids like dont u guys wanna do drugs in foreign countries
Retweeted by storithis woman and her family eat dinner on average at 10 pm every night someone come get them chocolate cake or no cake this is all my followers.... right?
Retweeted by storirobert pattinson!!!! @lindsay_carole5 how could u go there without me and @gkniley 😮 @lizfoote I CANT WAIT @_graceaulabaugh wanna venmo me some serotonin after this god forsaken week and weekend
@mohamhumadi woahworst trait: i pretend to hear what ppl said when i definitely didn’t best trait: photoshop skills anyways here is… @gabbagabsa okay looking for one rn @gabbagabsa i tied a bracelet of mine at jim morrison’s grave in france wanna kissanyone else HATE pics of themselves smiling >:( @All3nHyper the hex girls!! @bakedvoltage i was gonna like this but its at 69 likes so legally i’m obligated to leave it at that @thomas_vop @AshimMoona this if u wanna be added to my cat gcthere’s nothing i could possibly have in common with someone that has a family groupchat
Retweeted by storiwitchy woman by the eagles makes me feel some type of way @serena_nicolee i was wondering where you went @serena_nicolee me still sitting here on twitter doing nothing @emfranks7 @mohamhumadi why r u never on early morning twitter anymore or do i just wake up too late @mitchdavis_ whats it like being you @mk_guthrie rental dumpster
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Retweeted by storianyone wanna start a gc where we share tweets about cats@ el rods on north main love when girls know they’re pretty like thats fucken right baby u r fine as hell never think otherwise
Retweeted by stori @gabbagabsa @lexi_doyle @mohamhumadi whatever this is @all1w0nd3rland diving @all1w0nd3rland tell me ur traits @lindsay_carole5 recycle bin! @shroomia it definitely hurts more than other places i have had done like its still bearable if you have a high pain tolerance @serena_nicolee trash compactor with what u think ur worst and best traits are and i’ll reply with a picture of a dumpster that i think u arelistening to exile and betty this morning bc i chose sadness today <3
@FiferFly is should just be the Mid @FiferFly i have never thought about this @thomas_vop and this whole time i thought she was a car girl @andrewkentt OMG YAY every single second i’m on twitter
Retweeted by storibad grades r temporary, swag is 4ever
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Retweeted by storino one: the moon: 🌕 me: you just GET me
Retweeted by stori @mooopsy ME TOO @All3nHyper ITS SO BIGYALL SEEN THE MOON TNgrateful for good friends in my life helping me thru this week❤️
@serena_nicolee hehe ilythank u @phoebe_bridgers for ur new EP that i will be obnoxiously listening to on repeatpetition for this song to be the new national anthem am i crying about today being my last session with my therapist 🥺 i love him so much😔 @emfranks7 @socc3rgur1ie for future reference you can access desktop files from your phone if you have a mac and ip… just showed andrew a picture of himself and he goes “omg he is wearing the same shirt as me :o” @Merc3desBence agree @All3nHyper a regular strawberry 😭reminder this actually happened to me boyfriends be ugly and ruining your pics there i said it
Retweeted by storiMY MOM look at how cute 😔
Retweeted by storii’m thinking of being bold tn
day whatever of me dm’ing noah cyrus until she answers <3 inspired by @mk_guthrie about this“no no i’m fine” @andrewkentt @storiraven “people say crazy shit during sex, one time i called this girl ‘mom’”
Retweeted by stori @not___connor i LOVE thisthe way i’ve been listening to cigarette daydreams for like 7 years and i’m still not tired of ithere is ur daily reminder that men ain’t shitwhen ke$ha said “i get so high when you’re with me but crash and crave you when you leave” 😳😔 @brookeemccall @thomas_vop had me geeking @handi_craaft don’t tell me what to do @cricketspillane i voted for green ;) @meens_beans @laylaaamilani i already use men’s deodorant.... i could be persuaded @meens_beans @laylaaamilani tbh i’m thinkin bout switchin to it