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@MsStefaniTV @HarrisHeller Goated
Going live now... @CountinDaisies1 I like ❤️Y’all go follow Sam he’s freaking killin the game. He is a wizard, I know wizards and that man is a wizard! want to give a shoutout to @iCharleyTV for coming to my rescue yesturday. She is an amazing person with a mass… @A1000YearsTV You both are amazing it’s true. @betsbetss1 Just have my monitor, what ever you want!
Hey everyone this is just me saying hi, this isn’t just some “going live” tweet or anything lame like that, just sa… @ahhreggi I need some of your amazing carries sometime! Great seeing you still slaying out Reggi i miss you! @SamCWoodhall You have been a superhero helping so many people Sam, definitely give yourself time for rest you deserve it brother. @zyphrrfn @DNPthree For real, this thing is a beast. Very cool.We'll give a $2,000+ High Performance Gaming PC (special edition) to a random person who retweets this within the n…
Retweeted by StormAlright everyone Drunk By Daylight starts now... we getting lit tonight. Time to be sneaky storm 😈…
Ok fun time, going LIVE now 💜 @LuckyShotsMIX @BBQ_Penguin @NewbyCake Lucky is right it’s not a violation, some contracts may have “exclusivity” i… @SweeetTails SameAlright I just ordered it, it will be here on the 18. Excited to play with you all! @lindsywood7 @Styleth @Twitch @TwitchSupport It was a joke 😞 they haven’t partnered me yet. @lindsywood7 @Twitch @TwitchSupport I also need to figure out how to get it on my profile, who do I speak to 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭 @ChrisCovent @dadgotgametv Oh I meant financial, if I want one right away I’ll most likely pay double or more. As f… @CamronJK Not without frosting. @TheRealMeAshley Same @betsbetss1 @dadgotgametv @ChrisCovent I know! I may be taking a bit of a hit on this but the content and fun would be really good 🙈 @Sevimos1 Hope the move is going well! We miss you and thank you that really means a lot
@HarrisHeller @PowerGPUcom Sounds extremely cool to meI’m thinking about caving and getting a switch... I want to have community MarioKart and SmashBros nights 👀 what do you guys think? @QueenEliminator @ChrisCovent Agreed @ChrisCovent @QueenEliminator I’m feeling the exact same way. I think it’s extremely easy to feel alone in this wei… @HarrisHeller Sounds mighty niceI can’t remember the last time I was so stressed about things due to this transition. All the love and support you… @nellybaeee day off since coming to twitch. @Purturtur @Phlog @autonomousdotai I have the autonomous and I really like it 💜 @Ninja What is mouse acceleration?
@nellybaeee You are valued and worthy of the best things. You always give your all and you have a huge heart. You o… @LuckyShotsMIX @epictreasure1 @NewbyCake I didn’t know any of this, I need to hire someone who knows things for me 🤦🏻‍♂️ @NewbyCake @LuckyShotsMIX Not saying anything is wrong with Facebook I just thought he was Twitch. @LuckyShotsMIX Wait, Facebook?
@Four_k_tweetin Trust me we’ll rock anything ;)Don’t joke with chat about changing hair if you reach a sub goal unless you are going to back it up. I still feel o… @archonaut Next level gang gang praise be @dommytanger @BeauBedelph I love you man, you seriously deserve all the best in the world... you always build me up and make my day better.So #VALORANT supplies clip worthy content, who woulda thought. Also... Code STORMBREAKER a… @Electra @britniTweet @ThatIceRocker @A1000YearsTV @ahhreggi @LilBlastyBlast_ @Phlog @betsbetss1 @nellybaeee @LzbnWolf @Electra @britniTweet @ThatIceRocker @A1000YearsTV @ahhreggi @LilBlastyBlast_ @Phlog @betsbetss1 @Electra @britniTweet @ThatIceRocker @A1000YearsTV @ahhreggi @LilBlastyBlast_ @Phlog @betsbetss1 @nellybaeee @Electra @britniTweet @ThatIceRocker @A1000YearsTV @ahhreggi @LilBlastyBlast_ @Phlog @betsbetss1 @nellybaeee thought of ⁦@DJBluePDX⁩ @StormBreakerTV is live now on @twitch playing dead by daylight. I’m going to sleep so please get loads of clips fo…
Retweeted by Storm
Yeeee come hangout with me 💜 @BadCodesTV You are live but to others not so much 😔 I think we all have attention problems. @Nokokopuffs_ You’ve got this brother, looking and feeling good leads to even better content 🙌🏻 @DukeOfFlukes Hope you feel better soon brother, I had a has so much fun playing cod with you! @Asikaa604 Yes! 🙌🏻 @B_Dubb_Jr Straight up goated 🙌🏻 @DarrellJLindsa1 @Four_k_tweetin stud
@StormAngelSME So happy for you, you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️ @HarrisHeller Never, I’ll follow you to the end of the line! @Crix_TV I honestly would be surprised if he went anywhere else. @DarrellJLindsa1 Hope u like your haircut brother!!Had to take a break for food, I’ve been going to hard I think. I’m gana rest some and get some fresh air and then w… content coming at you LIVE right now only on @twitch you guys know my brother is a famous streamer, go check him out and give him a follow <3… @DarrellJLindsa1 Happy Birthday DJ!!! Hope you have an amazing dayThis guy is amazing, so many kind and talented people on @twitch! I’m loving our new home. Everyone go check out ->… @mayhemsativa Thank you brother, let’s get some games soon! @DizzzzyB @laurelrothamel I watched this several times 😂 I gatta try making this sandwich it sounds fire!!!
LIVE now on Twitch. And just incase anyone didn’t know, @SamCWoodhall is a freaking master wizard! @MsStefaniTV Hahaha love you so much @sanka_streams 100% you all are my@ride@or die fam. @DukeOfFlukes @Rainbow6ANZ @SteelSeries @SteelSeriesANZ @UbisoftANZ @MartinCopping @JamieMusicNYC @ryannicolls late today, getting some outside time.... also I got to play with @ChrisCovent for a game yesturday, I’m s… @FrostHitsThose Slam is fun to use and controller is meta. @betsbetss1 I love you and you won’t lose me ever. I’ll always have your back. You have such a big heart and I’m he…’m beyond grateful for my community. I don’t know how or why I’ve gotten so lucky to have you all in my life. You… @iambushTV Congratulations that’s amazing! 11 months, ggs on the drive and hard work 🙌🏻
@ChrisCovent 100%Just want to remind you of those that are good human beings and that are true leaders. @Nokokopuffs_ is one of thos… @ChrisCovent Love you man, you are doing awesome.
@betsbetss1 Hope you start feeling better ❤️
@Bighungry2x Done deal brother just lemme know I’ll be back starting tomorrow.I hope all of this years bs burns up in the fireworks tonight and we start fresh in the morning ❤️ wishing you all… @Bighungry2x I need friends to play with, wasn’t as fun when I went in on my own. @DukeOfFlukes is a legend. I’m lucky to have him as a friend. Duke reminds me of @amazon because regardless of what… @HarrisHeller 🤦🏻‍♂️ oh no, you actually found it lol @InstincTwc Hopefully, that is one of my favorite flavors.Just letting you all know, GFuel is 30% off with code STORMBREAKER Have an amazing night ❤️ #ad #Sponsored love our community, we had some fun moments these last few days...but then I got hungry and went back to bot mode… @Holiibaeee Happy Birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @ahhreggi @britniTweet @ChrisCovent They are amazing and so are you. Love you guys, I wouldn’t change how anything…
@QwerdyTV you are to darn talented! very coolGoing LIVE now. Day 11 on Twitch Jamming to some StreamBeats by @HarrisHeller @Nokokopuffs_ You are a beast bro! back into the R6 groove, had so much fun playing with @ThatIceRocker @TheMelvinMan @TheBitterVet and that o… @iKawaiist @Ruben_NYC Amazing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Hey I’m LIVE just letting you all know ❤️❤️❤️ @MALiiBU__ Happy Birthday @MALiiBU__ you really are a legend man and you always look out for others. Seriously lucky to know you man 🍾