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Storm Large @Stormof69 Somewhere out there.

Genre fluid big mouth singer lover activist nerd. Also quite tall. #GodIsEveryDamnWhere

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Laura @lauradomela can make pretty much anything. I can't make risotto, I'm pretty good at paella, though. weird Bible quote, "Eat A Dick" that Leviticus?💔 I'm so sorry. I know we'll all get through this, and live music is easily the majority of peoples top five thing…! This fucking cracks me up, but these are some crazy ass times. Support "live" music and rent me for a…! This fucking cracks me up... you can "rent" me @capemaystage ♥️ @ Portland,… are actually brilliant birds. I often sing to them or give them treats...and now they totally recognize me, e… HITCHCOCK CHRIST
This makes my heart ache missing my sweet beautiful eternal boy @MichaelFeinstei , @carnegiehall , NYC and performi… morning! I will be virtually joining my friend @MichaelFeinstei at @carnegiehall this morning... (...yes, THAT…
TONIGHT! interlude with my squishee sofiavontrapp ♥️😹 #herecomesthesun #meowmeowpretty @ Portland, Oregon sure what time exactly but @CapeMayStage is in the great state of NJ💜'm performing tonight for @CapeMayStage with Jimmy Jamms Beaton. It's a super safe way to have me over to your hou… airs tomorrow at 2 PM EDT! Join host @MichaelFeinstei for an episode of music and conversation about Co…
Retweeted by Storm LargeThe non ironic pants-shitting rage and vitriol about being called extreme is sooo 2020👌🏽
Dose of cuteness on my walk💕 @ Portland, Oregon only takes one howl, at the right pitch, to create a moment better than all the #fireworks in the world 🐺
Retweeted by Storm LargeRain check, Maestro 💜 BOUGHT 3‼️ sure if you're all familiar with the super brainiac national security thinktank @lawfareblog ..but my friend… @lisalocicerogh @alyssalimp @emily_murnane What the anaphylactic fuck
A great nation works to free people from oppression, strives to build unity grounded in justice, seeks to end pover…
Retweeted by Storm LargeOne year and a gajillion twists and turns ago...quite a ride, a whole lot of bull, and so SOOO much love. I'm lucky… am so tired of all the Darwinning.
...and then started singing "Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...Farewell and adieu you ladies of Spain… y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by Storm LargeDuuuude sssshhhhhhh omg you're probably fucking riiiight uuugggh. Lincoln Project!!??? said, 'GOD I HOPE SHE LIVES.' out loud to myself, after hearing about Epstein's chicken hawk getting busted. W…
What?! That doesn't sound right. I have a good copyright lawyer if you want me to connect you. My treat.’m home safe but many journalists and protesters (and tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if legal observers too) were arr…
Retweeted by Storm LargeOh, algorithm. You so get me. @ United States of America
I forget where I heard this, but someone once described foxes as dog hardware running on cat software 🦊 you @artslandia SO MUCH for today. It felt so good to sing and be a goofball in front of some real humans♥️ a… you mi professor ♥️ are LIVE with @Stormof69! This Happy Hour is proudly presented by @zupans. Join us!
Retweeted by Storm Large#Repost @artslandia with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you @stormof69, @ashleymcoates, smarsish, and jbsomers for a wonderf…
Bee best. @ Portland, Oregon @kendallclawson @Wieneraaron DUDE🐐❤️!!!
Obviously? ~in Inigo Montoya voice~ This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.! Can I be the bar wench who secretly fights crime?
Cut the fuck out of Thumby last week, now he's getting a little mouthy.! JOHNSON IS RIGHT brother in Massachusetts had flu-like symptoms a month ago, went to the hospital and they wouldn't test him. Sai… yes, Sam♥️ ALSO: basically any Pink Floyd album. ignore every article like this and every single poll until November Trump has at least a 50% chance to win. P…
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(pun intended).👊🏾♥️👊🏾Not everyone is able to march or put their own bodies in harms way...I'm talking serious harm....but if you believe…♥️ ♥️ and PDX press…'ve been a rock musician for nearly 30 years, darlin, you would need some serious help to hurt my hearing holes. H… you sweet star girl ♥️ thank you Judi! birthday!!!
@scottielogic Thank you!
Kentuckians (I might've made that word up) if you need a ride to the poll(s), my previous tweet gave a lyft option.…
Retweeted by Storm LargeShut up. It's an art film. #MadWoman @ Portland, Oregon🙏🏽♥️ GOOD LUCK TODAY KENTUCKY♥️🙏🏽
After Petty's song 'I Won't Back Down' was played at a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Retweeted by Storm LargeYesterday, Portland witnessed white supremacists associated with Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and other right wing e…
Retweeted by Storm Large @AnikaNoniRose Accepted, multiplied and flown back at you, lovely♥️I'm still worried about the armed boogaloo guys horny for a firefight.
This man's speech is 🔥 seems exhausting, as well as futile, to base your entire self worth on the lie of separateness., happy Solstice. Bring on the long stretches of Summer sunlight. May it gently wake us up with its shining i… people are trapped in their old operating systems and are basically sleepwalking. And the golden rule about sl… woke up this morning thinking about Harriet Tubman, and how she could endure what she did yet kept going, AND GOI… own hippie spiritual take here: "Separatism" is an inhuman position and against nature. To think you are separat… supremacy/fear and hatred of the perceived "Other" self-hatred. I've never seen any joy in the people e… guys, renting this GREAT film can help save @RevHallpdx ... not only the gathering spot for a lot of our marche…
Dear #Tulsa, please stay safe and protest nowhere near the Covid kissing booth Voldemorange is planning tomorrow 🙏🏽Keep going. are counting down to our summer intermission! Lucky for us, and you, we have 10 more Happy Hours remaining. Ther…
Retweeted by Storm LargeKendall for the win🙌🏾
It's the little things... @ Portland, Oregon am a singer and a super DUPER germ a phobe and, yes, you're right, it can get in your eyes, so if people wear ma… the people saying mandatory masks are "Fascist" can go ahead and take your kids out of car seats. Fuck football… this critical read by @adamewood: "Without transparency, you don't really know how bad it is. And I can't…
Retweeted by Storm Large @niceokaycool @maplesswonder @gravemorgan @MrOlmos I give to that for just the great work he's doing. Car windows are spendy...and extra.Definitely. Did anyone start a GoFundMe yet?
😳😂👊🏾 Yup.'m not so good at forgiving, or forgetting. In honor of these beautiful souls, however, I will, with love, simply… were shot by a white supremacist who openly admitted he was trying to start a race war. The arresting officers… Jackson Daniel L. Simmons Ethel Lee Lance Myra Thompson Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd DePayne Middleton-Doctor Sh… attack on the poor must embolden our agitation. Lack of healthcare, lack of living wages, black men & women g…
Retweeted by Storm LargeThe more you know... Please donate here if you can:
Retweeted by Storm LargeIn commemoration of Juneteenth, a friend is going to run 19 miles this Friday. For every graduating 8th grader from…
Retweeted by Storm LargeElevate this, white Portland:
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It's truly a smudgy peephole into the angry little worst bits of us. There is also quite a bit of beauty out there… Obama had to audacity to be truly and deeply loved and admired by hundreds of millions around the world. An…🙌🏾Team Venus🙌🏾, I know this is clickbait bullshit, but, it's just too meta to not point out. "These celebrities need to realize… MINUTES UNTIL THE @basicrights QUEER TOWN HALL: @magicbeans Well at least I know I won't die from Covid because my head just exploded.
GOD I miss Jon Stewart. @NicolleDWallace do you have a baby lamb or goat in your house? Listening to you now, I could SWEAR I heard the… for the retweet @IanKarmel ! Is it mostly because of my @trailblazers shirt? It's cool if yes 😎🏀Protect and support the free press👊🏾💜👊🏾 WW: and Mercury Please te… and support the free press👊🏾💜👊🏾 WW: and Mercury Please te…