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Black Lives Matter turns 7 years old today. To celebrate it would be amazing if #BreonnaTaylor’s killers were arres…
Retweeted by StormyPorsha Williams has been arrested around 3-4 times while protesting for #BreonnaTaylor. Meanwhile former Officer B…
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Anti-Semitism is unacceptable from anyone, for any reason, including corny, hotep TV hosts, 90s rappers, and other…
Retweeted by StormyI’m happy for Tyra, it’s a boss move. Just don’t see why Tom had to go. I feel like Tyra & him could’ve co-existed.… @KristynBurtt I have nothing against Tyra being the new producer I just don’t understand pushing Tom out of the way… are demonstrating on the lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home, chanting “Say her name…
Retweeted by StormyMy god, this story: Student at Groves HS in Birmingham, Mi, is incarcerated in a juvenile facility on the alleged p…
Retweeted by Stormy @slippin_away @losverwebs @luckygoddessn7 @lasagnabby I believe she’s joking about it not being her because of cour… ever get post meal clarity? You just be sitting there like “damn I probably could’ve ordered a medium”
Retweeted by StormyHoly shit this is the front yard of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron right now. 🎥: @HayesGardner
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BREAKING: The Trump administration has rescinded a rule that would have forced international students to leave the…
Retweeted by StormyViola Davis for V.F. July/August 2020. Photographs by Dario Calmese. The cover marks the first V.F. cover shot by a…
Retweeted by StormyPresenting our July/August cover star: @ViolaDavis. The Oscar winner—who’s set to star as Michelle Obama and blues…
Retweeted by StormyNaya Rivera's Contributions to the Dance Industry Shouldn't Be Forgotten #NayaRivera
Retweeted by StormyRemembering #NayaRivera's Career: Looking back at 9 of her most memorable roles
Retweeted by StormyCheerios Forever
Retweeted by StormyI swear everyday 2020 is like “hold my beer”.
@Tom_Bergeron @DancingABC Horrible decision. They’re determined to ruin what’s left of the show & fanbase. @KristynBurtt @DancingABC Just confirms DWTS is just not the show it once was & never will be again unfortunately.… can fuck all the way off... and then fuck off some more.❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Stormy @MadhuBoogie Ahh ok that just shows my ignorance and tax bracket. I’m not that familiar with foreign currency. 🤣😂😂 @MadhuBoogie Cause it looked like you were charging me 24 grand vs a suspiciously reasonable 24.99. 😂! Beyoncé! I-a singa the halo! The love-a issa right-a on top-a!
Retweeted by StormyToday marks 5 years since Sandra Bland was found dead in a Waller County, Texas jail cell.
Retweeted by StormyRest sweet, Naya. What a force you were. Love and peace to your family.
Retweeted by StormyRip Naya.. sleep peacefully in heaven 💔
Retweeted by Stormythe reason songbird by fleetwood mac is one of my favorite songs ever is because of the glee soundtrack version. sh…
Retweeted by StormyIt’s so tragic but I’m glad Naya Rivera’s family can at least have some closure of her physical self. The idea of h… still want justice for Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by StormyChance the Rapper trynna get another Ye feature
Retweeted by StormyThe new Disney World fastpass just sends you straight to the ICU
Retweeted by StormyShow some respect. All our energy is going toward helping find Naya and praying for her safe return and for her fam…
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Me trying to figure out what do with myself until the next #IMayDestroyYou episode airs...
@floacist six minutes after Breonna Taylor was shot, there was no attempt by police to assist her or provide medical aid.…
Retweeted by StormyNew legal filings allege #BreonnaTaylor's killing was linked to plans to gentrify a Louisville neighborhood. Lawye…
Retweeted by Stormy‘SNACK’ DROPPING AT MIDNIGHT. 🍒
Retweeted by Stormy @4nvnymvs_ @kamsendoo The comment to like ratio... lil mama the same clout as the other grateful baby!!!
Retweeted by StormyWash ya fuckin hands while ya at it
Retweeted by Stormy @sza players are living in worm infested rooms but yeah a Disney resort room is the motel 6
Retweeted by StormyIf Maxwell and Finnegan can wear their masks and be happy about it you can too...
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Praying for a miracle in this Naya Rivera situation.
Retweeted by Stormy.@Simone_Biles stars on the cover of our August issue! With the 2020 Olympics postponed and a shadow hung over Amer…
Retweeted by StormyThis Naya Rivera news is disturbing. I can’t even go back to sleep knowing they’re not still looking for her for th… hope when i wake up the news is that naya rivera has been found alive.
Retweeted by StormyPray she’s found safe
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Is it me or are these DIY celeb magazine photoshoots better than the professional pre-COVID ones? Like much better..
When we protest racism in America, people think we are protesting America itself. Why is that the reaction? Because…
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@Complex They not gonna let her get comfortable, not even a pillow fluff. @floacist Which simulation? Urkel or Stefan Ur-Kel? @jtstko Red Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor. Bre…
Retweeted by Stormy😂tinciest miniature paint roller. And 500 hours of labor later its going to say BLACK LIVES MATTER in black paint
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Breonna Taylor can’t celebrate her inalienable rights today.
Retweeted by Stormy @Justxvin Only the yts.. all the black people roasting him 🤣🤣Justice for #BreonnaTaylor & #VanessaGullien!
Retweeted by StormyIt’s been 111 days since #BreonnaTaylor was killed. Arrest the cops who murdered her!! We will continue to fight fo…
Retweeted by StormyDear Breonna: I’m sorry this is taking so long; even more sorrowful that you’re not alive. You should be here. 🖤…
Retweeted by StormyWhat Terry Crews hopes the white people who sign his checks actually take away from his tweets.
I genuinely have no idea why people hate Saweetie so much on these apps, like what’s the damn problem? If you don’t…
You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by StormyMaya Moore chose to sit out the 2018-19 @WNBA season to help with criminal justice reform. Today, she helped overt…
Retweeted by StormyWNBA legend Maya Moore took time away from basketball to help overturn Jonathan Irons' 50-year prison sentence. T…
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Viola Davis ain’t playin with y’all. Someone give @violadavis her flowers. Queen.
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Last August, 23-year-old #ElijahMcClain was walking home when police beat and injected him with ketamine after rece…
Retweeted by StormyHappening now: protest in Colorado for #ElijahMcClain, an unarmed Black man who was tackled by Aurora police, put i…
Retweeted by StormyKeep #ElijahMcClain and #BreonnaTaylor trending. We are far from done demanding justice. They should still be here.…
Retweeted by Stormy#BreonnaTalyor ARREST THEM NOW!🔥
Retweeted by Stormy*NSYNC really just stepped into the 2000 VMAs like, "Im that bitch. Been that bitch. STILL that bitch. Will forever…
Retweeted by StormyIt's been 105 days since police killed #BreonnaTaylor in her home: ▪️The officers involved have not been arrested…
Retweeted by StormyNo laws broken, no crimes committed. Do not let the ignorant decisions of these two state’s/county’s/police chief…
Retweeted by StormyI need Fauci to say, “Just wear a motherf*cking mask.”
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yet again, megan never disappoints. #GirlsintheHood
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Just caught up on #Legendary, I heard Chise checked directly into a hospital after last episode to repair her back… names are randy roedema, nathan woodyard, and jason rosenblatt
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It’s been 102 days since #BreonnaTalyor was murdered. An innocent black woman in her home was murdered and killers…
Retweeted by Stormystrawberry bubblegum by justin timberlake is top 5.
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me randomly waking up at 3am to hearing the george lopez them song
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@TNKidForever The universe manifesting New J.T. hopefully.KPop stans mass ordering tickets to Trump’s rally just to mess with him
Retweeted by StormyHappy Father’s Day.❤️🌎
Retweeted by Stormywould anyone care for some free serotonin
Retweeted by StormyArrest the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor.
Retweeted by StormyElektra bouncing from house to house & couch to couch. #PoseFX #Pose actually understand why my parents didn’t let me sleep at just anyone’s house as a kid
Retweeted by Stormy @OfficialKat Define “hilarious”. @chayatime @kimfunk @rgay 😂 I’ve heard they’re ruthless. When my mom had Comcast well before XFinity it worked then… 93-year-old Opal Lee is starting her walk from Texas to DC as part of her fight to make Juneteenth an official…
Retweeted by StormyThe 93-year-old activist Opal Lee campaigned for years to have Juneteenth recognized as a U.S. holiday. As Black Li…
Retweeted by Stormy.@realDonaldTrump you are such trash.
Retweeted by StormyThey really sending Ricky’s fine self on the Al B. Sure! tour & leaving us with more of Damon’s whiny self..…
#Disclosure, the new documentary on trans representation, is now streaming on Netflix.
Retweeted by StormyCause we need more Tina Turner on the TL!
Retweeted by Stormy @amardillovibes Omg I just watched that episode & heard song in full for the first time & literally came to search… this again because I refused to be silenced! #lolsurprise #mgaent used my likeness to make this doll withou…
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