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Aidan πŸ¦‡ | CW: Code Geass R2 @str6fes Kingdom of Lugnica | he/him 16

don't need much in this section huh? Names Aidan, I mostly just post poorly made aesthetic photos of anime characters.

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@halfsadly @saraspamz @halfsadly @saraspamz I saw your reply πŸ’€ @saraspamz Sure why not 😭 @saraspamz Uh @Kashiin4L CONGRATS BRO, JUST GOTTA GET RID OF ZOY AND YOU CAN BE A HAPPY FAMILY 😊 @halfsadly @saraspamz Cap @halfsadly @saraspamz Even more cap @halfsadly @saraspamz Your secret is cap @halfsadly @saraspamz That’s cap though @halfsadly @saraspamz Just say you wanna go on an edate @halfsadly @saraspamz WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO @WeebTrey @yvkazus I need you to deactivate for me bud @halfsadly @saraspamz ???? @halfsadly @saraspamz Try what @starkiller34562 CUTE @halfsadly @saraspamz YOU SUCK AT THIS @halfsadly @saraspamz WHY ARE YOU FUMBLING THIS IS CLEAR SIGN NOW YOU IDIOT @halfsadly @saraspamz Man said sign because she gave him a nickname 😭 @domain_eagle @tartagliabfs @SteffologyYes WE TAKE THOSE DESPITE THIS BEING WAY TOO QUICK OF A COUNTER @TheRumi_12 @tartagliabfs @SteffologyYes LMAO IM DYING @tartagliabfs @SteffologyYes I’m sorry Jay ily @sshvdw GOAT @SteffologyYes @tartagliabfs LMAO I CANT @MoriNotFound @tartagliabfs @SteffologyYes GOAT @halfsadly Boobies and simping are different @tartagliabfs @SteffologyYes Counter because boobies > @starkiller34562 Penis @Savaugee21 I’ll take both πŸ˜” @exekial3 Name one time then @starkiller34562 😭 @SteffologyYes Nah this a W @UlquiorraKubo Nah of course personality on top, but titties 😩 @exekial3 Tell me when I missed smh @starkiller34562 Considering I’ve banged all your moms, I guess the amount of followers I have 😎 @naneNNINNI It is 😈 @SteffologyYes But I’m spitting 😎 @Jaydee_____ if they had both that’s the jackpot πŸ˜” @TornaBOTW My goat @sysekai YEAH BUT I WAS SPITTING FIRST SMH @sysekai AYO @LiranEdri HINAAAA @exekial3 πŸ’€ @starkiller34562 WE TAKE THOSE @MommyAqui MILKERS @TempSvantte REPPING IT FOR ALL OF YALL @ShadowOfTohsaka FR BRO @tristanverykool YOU KNOW IT @SteffologyYes Wdym @Alg0nquin Bro that’s heaven @CEOofEsdeath Jesus 😭 @6deeguy MWAHAHAHA @exekial3 WDYM FINALLY IM ALWAYS SPITTING @BakachanGigi Yay @Reanna_Is_Here IM SPITTING @Master69666777 Pain @LiranEdri Both would be great 😭 @BakachanGigi No 😭 @tttrier Spit bro @ItsGlitchlol WE THE SAME @tartagliabfs Wdym @MoriNotFound GOAT TALK @unbotherd2_ YOU KNOW IT πŸ”₯ @tartagliabfs Wdym I’m spittingFuck personality, I want titties. @CEOofEsdeath Cap @CEOofEsdeath Nope @6deeguy I mean if she got titties she got my approval 😈 @CEOofEsdeath I get excited cause free interactions @Reanna_Is_Here WHAT HELP @sysekai @myneai Nah rem on top but cc bad 😩 @RyloKen67 Also cbm πŸ₯± @Alg0nquin 😭 @ceo_itsuki Also cbm 😊 @Xtreme75 Pain @sqkbal She bad 😩 @DroviLol My goat πŸ”₯ @IhsIzumi__ FR @myneai @sysekai 😭 @myneai 😈 @AniYaiba CUTE WTF @STG_William @3mtete Yes @3mtete 😭 @why_car Same 😈 @Sou_Shinomiya … @y0urqt Gonna assume it’s deformed @slankbot Why 😭 @FuriousSupreme Cool people @tartagliabfs EASY @IhsIzumi__ Might start csm manga soon tbh @reinhrad WELCOME BACK ALBEDO @FuriousSupreme Pain @Sou_Shinomiya πŸ’€ @Yots935 😭 @AcierValey Cool but we need to interact more @exekial3 EASY @Gabes_placee Easy cool people @aviirito I was debating on it 😊 @saiyan_dbz Cool but we need to interact more πŸ₯° @levi_gojosimp Cool people @Sou_Shinomiya You didn’t send it in 😭