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I want to GUNDAMI started watching Gundam IBO, dunno if I like it yet but it's entertaining enough! @RRIVERA992011 Can't complain too much at least! I have about 220sq but I'm going to save for the next Camelot banner for mordredNo!! Not you!! Mordred please I wanted Mordred but this roll is kinda crazy @betadood @Havoc_Noah I honestly can't imagine he'd be talking about anyone else lol have hit level 80 Astrologian so prepare yourselves for pain as I hit the party finder I'll try my best at least ;v; @Pfhorpls @driving_insane War in the pocket is my favorite aaaafor the right price i can create everything commission for @MivCoinz ! #EmetSelch #kermit #kermitthefrog #ffxiv
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @driving_insane I think you'd like 00! G Gundam is crazy and wacky if you're in the mood for something off the wall…
A Lucina doodle that I got carried away with bc I have no self control.
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @RVAJoker I felt pretty similar, first season is great, second is good enough, the movie is okay.Termina Resident Convinced Giant, Ominous Moon a Liberal Hoax
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @StrawberrySoryu POV: you are my fight stick and it is 10:59PM EST
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓It's meant for Gundam but this is one of the best general beginner resources I've ever read. There is a lot that do…
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @mooogs_ I'm glad I could help brighten your day! @SketchyBombs I think you did a great job!!🦋🦋Chihiro🦋🦋 *sigh* I can never do Chihiro's pureness and cuteness justice lol
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Pfhorpls 100%미네님 글 보니까 생각나는 카이 키스크 전투 자세. 코트에 가려져서 티는 별로 안나겠지만, 이때 다리 찢느라고 힘들었다;; 그 상태에서 무릎 구부리려니 하반신 전체적으로 아주...다음번에는 자세 더 열심히…
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓I still need to watch Promare in English, mainly for JYB LioThe year is 2030. Bakery art is so realistic, literally anything could be cake. The uncertainty has gripped the wor…
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @mooogs_ 💙💙 practicing how I'm going to hand my friend their hard-earned choccy milk
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Have you seen this angel? Now you have the way, my permanent crown for my broken tooth was put in today! I can't thank you all enough for helping me th… stretching my arm a little cause it went numb for some reason and I really hope I'm not developing carpal tunnel… hello to Dumbo & Baby ♥️
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓アストルフォ 画了!他太可爱了😭
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Have reached the stage in my life where I randomly have the urge to tweet "I'm gay"This textbook is definitely reading like some boomer vs millennial article all of a sudden.
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Seiba eats! Credits below ✨
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓✨🏖️ H O L I D A Y S 🏖️✨ Wanted to draw some summer stuff with Phaere 👀🌴🐚🧡
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Gkatsu_Stars Really?! @Gkatsu_Stars I got Jeanne!
@tenpai_miko "I don't like mecha anime but THIS one actually focuses on the story!"unlike most mecha anime, this one focuses on the badass giant robots
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Gkatsu_Stars That game is actually even better in VR, life changing experience heheJust saying that this man right here is telling the right things that I wish people could have said to me and he is…
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Revolutionary Girl Utena be like
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Love you all, hope you're having a good day💙水着ドロインちゃん最高ですね、、、
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @SuperDEBico Heck ye!四人並べるとこんな感じです!✨ #FGO
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Hi I stayed up talking all night cause I'm starved for social interaction今日のラフ
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Ingrid belongs to the bis now you've dragged your feet long enough intelsysSubmitted by @RedMufflerMan
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Makoto offers you a vibin' naoto. Will you take her?
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Strawberry stego! 🍓 pls dont eat them
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓How Bael players respawn when not overcosted.
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Anybody wanna meet me here and have a climactic sword battle at sunset while we yell at each other about our ideolo…
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓POTEMKIN BUSTER I don't really play Potemkin because I want my friends to continue playing the game with me, but he…
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓ファンシーな可愛い絵を書くのが大好きだけど、リオは男の子だから…って控えていたのにサンリオコラボ見たらファンシーが正規ルートだった これからは全開でいく
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Me asking for my friend's keys when they've had too much to drink無事お迎えできました…! #イングリット #FireEmblemHeroes #feh #FireEmblemThreeHouses #Ingrid #風花雪月
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Daybreak's Bell is still my favorite, it's so good!機動戦士ガンダム00 オープニング3 『儚くも永久の力ナシ』
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓fuuka #persona3
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓did a baiken commission #GuiltyGear
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Gkatsu_Stars WHY @Gkatsu_Stars Can I interest you in: Zeta Gundam >> Double Zeta Gundam
hey, i'm Sword, and I'm the creator of these nice emojis. (proof + original post here!: th…
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓Ichigo = strawberry in japanese Soryu = asuka's last name, also means blue(or green) dragon CRYING SO HARD LOOK AT THEM
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Gkatsu_Stars Get over here so I can pet you! @tenpai_miko Meee @StrawberrySoryu Us, making sure we're two-arms-length away and properly social distancing
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @Gkatsu_Stars I forgot she buffs him into the stratosphere by proxy lol @BilalThird
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓I love that woman -edelgard #FEHeroes #fireemblem
Retweeted by Strawberry🍓he would like a HAPPY MEAL
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Retweeted by Strawberry🍓 @mooogs_ Ahhh it's so good! Thank you for thinking of me!Your Gundam... Give them to me.
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