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Twitch partner 🌺 spent 10 minutes tryna think of something clever with no avail so fuck this

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playing WC3 reforged customs with viewers! come join if u wanna 🍓 guys ever hit every single red light, then finally drive towards a green one and have stare down with it incase… @Christo3T @asweepypeach who is 7am NOT early for?!
We were gonna go out to eat but it was raining a lot.. so.. @memziee101 Thanku cutie patootie homer mam ❤️ @CallMeBeeTv Thanks bee ❤️ @batkitto Thank u!!Chilling here tonight, celebrating 2 years togeter 😌 you win a @StrawbraryLoL giveaway for the 5th time in a row
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We doing indie monday today and checking out Ratropolis made by @CasselGames, they were also kind enough to give me… @mischacrossing I have never even played an Animal Crossing game but I listen to these songs on a weekly basis 🥺
@Foxamt1 Bish you can’t blame me I AM TRAUMATIZED @Foxamt1 You definitely don’t have to worry about me Fox, whenever I hassle you about it I’m always just bantering 😌People who act like they’re above others because they have higher numbers on social media/stream really icks me out @asweepypeach ily ❤️
Hey everyone, I'm currently running a sale on sub & bit badges; sale ends Jan 31. DM me for commission details! 💙…
Retweeted by Tove @IGN @Hjartegull @gotatveye Thank you sweetheart, I’m better now ❤️ @CallMeBeeTv Thank you bee, youre too sweet ❤️ @luckyboxes1 Yeah, feelings are the worst.. I’ll be ok lucky dw, thank u tho ❤️
@hellocorine Thank you sweetie ❤️ @eJayIJK My brain ruining my life like always, I’m ok now 💕 @sugrawth8 ❤️ @Batsi_boy I can feel it 💜 @luckyboxes1 Thanks wucky, maybe ill try a crying shower pizza ❤️ @rynchtv Thanku rasmus @Arvensenn thanks arvensen, appreckate you taking the time 💜 @dummybarb Thank you barb 💕 @CallMeBeeTv Just feelings, sometimes I wish they would just turn off.. doing better now tho ❤️Started out as a great day, ended up a horrible one, if anyone needs me I’ll be crying in the clubPontiff is one of my favorite bosses in Dark Souls 3 This fanart is dedicated to the countless hours I spent dying…
Retweeted by Tove @Lyzaboom a whole new world LOL i should update mine too..
I'm doing a genocide run of Undertale today!! I hope I'll be finishing it in one or two streams, come chill with us…! 🤗 Since we reached 100 followers recently I think it's time for... Badge / Emote Giveaway🎉 ⭐️Winner gets 1 e…
Retweeted by Tove @Sashadraga Was this during the screaming man song? LOL
Come spam new emotes or I shoot!! has been working hard on all these 20 emotes and now they're finally live!! I fucking love them so much and I… @ClefairysTwitch @lovegrayshlin Holy shit I LOVE THESE!!!
@Oddlydew aww thank you!! ❤️❤️🥺MORE SEKIRO, we on a big fight right now can someone bring me some tacos? 🌮 fucking dies in wet dry world
Retweeted by Tove @pictobeam @lovegrayshlin has done all of my latest emotes, she always does an amazing job and is quick too!! Here’… @lovegrayshlin Wuv u 💜
@2020_Mebberz Mebberz 😭🥺 @hellocorine YESSSS i swear to god i have seen about 10 videos of the racist/homophobic/transphobic gun maniac the… @bloob3rry_ ”How do you have hours to watch me, and not FIVE dollars?” someone spending hours watching you is amazi… @MrTwittch what? i dont speak danish lmao @MissVoidQueen I swear my time line is 50% food and 50% going live tweets LOL
my parents deadass forgot my sister at home when we were going out to eat tonight and I have never laughed so much in my lifeMovie nights with the braries are always so comfy 💜 love how you can hear my mom go ”fish tacoooo!”, too adorable for this worldWent out with family tonight to celebrate, it was super cozy ❤️ (and delicious) mood 80% of the time @Drebae_ @dummybarb im wheezing
The fish tacos we made on tonight’s cooking stream god DAMN were they good, definitely gonna make this more often 🤤… TACOSSSSS @rynchtv Around 6pm!Incels when girls go live without make up on: omg are you tired? You look sick.. why are your eyes so dark? Incel… a cooking stream tonight and I’m making fish tacos!! I’m super excited so have a bonus pizza pic
@Opelune Sekiro!! Out new prefix is live: brary 🎉 @pictobeam can't get over that my mom and dad was so proud that I got partnered that they posted on their facebooks to brag about me 🥺 @ItsaSnooze Saaame holy shit, I KNEW after I played HK I had to have grub emotes!! @natalyabanana Tysm nat!! Im happy you back ❤️ @Andyissupport @lovegrayshlin Thanku andy!! Yessss i love them so much @D1_DEMON Thank u D1 ❤️❤️ @SalBerrys @lovegrayshlin I WOULD DIE FOR THEM @MissVoidQueen CAN U LIKE teach me how to eyeshadow pls? 😭Had a full on argument with my son last night because he wanted third dinner which was not happening. 🙄
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@memziee101 OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS!!! THANK YOU DAYA AHHHHH ❤️❤️Our most recent emotes made by the QUEEN @lovegrayshlin, more will be coming soon since we have 9 more emote slots… @Allelito tack Alle!! 🥺 @NeikuraTV thank you so much Neikura, hope you're well!! ❤️ @mischacrossing happy birthday mischa you wonderful bean!! ❤️🎉Doing my partner celebration stream at 5pm today and I’ll try my hardest to pick out a champagne that doesn’t taste like bitter monkey pee 🎉 @GrizzlyGaming86 Thank you so much grizz!! 💜💜 @AshleyRoboto Your artstyle is SO DAMN ADORABLE
@FredoDaRican24 Ahhh holy shit Fredo, I have no tears left 🥺 thank you so much for all your support and always bein… @Ruxa_TV thank you!! 🥺 @Foxamt1 thank you so much fox!! @2020_Mebberz Thanks mebberz!! ❤️❤️ @Janamiplays YESSSS Johanna and I are TWINNING, thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ @ItsaSnooze thank you snooze!! ❤️🥺 @SincerelyLyn thank you lyn!!! 😭 @rynchtv thank you so much Rasmus 🥺😭 @mischacrossing thank you so much mischa, I AM WEEPING!! ❤️❤️ @ImPierone thank you pie!! @ohbrookelol thank you so much Brooke!! ❤️ @InfernoNuri THANK YOU SWEETHEART!!! ❤️ @lunknik thank you so much!!! 🥺 @gotatveye Thank you Gotaaaa!!! ❤️❤️ @WhatifJulia thank you so much Julia!! 🥺 @Trutatj We really have, it went SWOOSH!! can't believe it, thank you Trutatj!! @RinnSohma thank you so much Rinn!! @beulshyt HAILEY 🥺🥺thank you soooo much ❤️ @CheetahBotVeLoL thank you cheetah!! ❤️ @asweepypeach ilysm jenn thank you for being such an awesome friend and for cheering me on!! ❤️😭 @CallMeBeeTv thank you so much bee!!! ❤️❤️ @twiggie_games 2020 starting out BEST WAY POSSIBLE!! ❤️