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@Neo_LUF Damn, I think I know who you’re referring to tho😭💀 @Neo_LUF LMAO WHO😭😭I like zoro fans considering I'm also one of them. I hate sword eaters. All they do is shit on other characters lik…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBAI really need this dumb outage to be fixed😭😭 I can’t even do any work because all of the websites are down, I guess… @Plum__Berries Yo!! @opdazaih Yeah that’s what it was at first😭😭 but then ppl started putting social causes & it makes zero senseI still cry whenever I think about how Sanji's first ever friend is a fucking mouse 😭😭😭
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @opdazaih It’s some thing on Instagram where someone will say “share pics of this” & ppl from all over Insta can pa… @mugiwaranolucy Nah fr, I would’ve never forgave them tbh if I was sasukepeople don’t just deserve to eat food, they deserve to eat delicious food. people don’t just deserve clothes, they…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @_SalB1K_ Skypiea/Enies Lobby😌 @Plum__Berries It really is, this doesn’t even help victims & the amount of ppl who follow me who posted this😓 ther… @yamatoacepower Fr, you’ve interacted a lot😭😭you’re on there in my book😌😌So many ppl kept sharing this on my Instagram & it’s just so gross & weird, like how does this help victims at all😓😒’m lowkey laughing tho😂😂 they keep coming after Obito😭😭😭Obito stans we gotta assemble😤😤 @natan3D2Y I’ve heard so many good things about it & someone gave me the basic idea of what it’s about, so it sound… @Strawhatsamura I also just noticed that you’re on mines😂😂 @Plum__Berries AS YOU SHOULD!!!😤😤😌😌 @Strawhatsamura Fr😭😭 I see you on my tl a lot😂😂 @Strawhatsamura Gonna go cry cause I ain’t make it😭😭🤧 @natan3D2Y Making it as you should😌😌 @Neo_LUF 😭😭🥺💞 @leviKyojuro Awww thank you🥺💞💞💞If you made it on here, you goated fr😌🔥🥺💞 gotta watch Vinland Saga, I remember that being on my list but I never got to it😭😭😭 @sunnytobios Bet!! I was gonna use the same website I used for strong world & film Z, which is 9anime @eBruhOnePiece Fr, ppl always infantilize Japan & Korea as if racism isn’t an issue there when it’s the exact opposite😓The next two one piece movies I’ll be watching is movie 6 & film gold, so I’ll drop threads on those hopefully this weekend😌🤞🏽Anyways, I had no real issues with this movie, I’d give it a 9-10/10 since it’s pretty good, I do like this movie m…’m also glad that Shiki got his ass beat by Luffy (& Roger lol), it’d be cool to see the fight between them tbh😌😂This movie also goes to show how much I love Nami’s character because she’s always put others before herself & that… Luffy played that message from Nami, I knew there was no way in hell she said that & just ended it there, she… animation & fights were really good😭 I really enjoyed the scene when they just bust into the meeting even tho t… honestly really enjoyed this movie too, I liked it more than film Z personally, but that’s probs because of the fights tbh @AKUMAMANGA4 Nah fr who are they😂😂My thoughts on One Piece Strong World, a thread🦁🔥😌💞 @leviKyojuro 🥺🥺💞Who’s choosing Zoro??😭😭💀😂 @AntiAtlas_ Nah fr I just realized it too since someone else mentioned this😭😭💀this is my g0fundme for my service dog! ! please rt if you can
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @donix__ promised to help Nagato’s village, has he even bothered to do that tho??🤔 isn’t a single anime or manga that’s flawless. Nothing is perfect, and there never will be something perfect.…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @classicluffy Yo!!
@Neo_LUF Bet, I was debating about which one to watch, I’ll watch that one before I watch film gold @CahRonShooM This is an L, idk abt the rest of them, but takis are great😌🔥 @Neo_LUF Is that a movie? @giornzo You got this!!! I’m rooting for you!!💞💞The biggest lie ever told in Naruto.
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBADream of every bisexual
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBAToday we celebrate the 7th Year Anniversary of ‘The Last: Naruto the Movie’ which released today on December 6th 20…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @Anidarshan31 Yeah I’m lowkey laughing tbh😂😂LEAVE OBITO ALONE I SWEAR😭😭💀 @Plum__Berries HELLO!! @badberry05 Right like it’s so cute & that’s why I love it so much fr🥺💞😭I swear I’m rewatching blue spring ride before 2021 ends, like that’s gotta one of the best anime I’ve watched this year😭🥺 @momo_1400_ Pls stay safe!🥺💞💞 @ZeroDLaw Take care!!!I find it funny how dudebros think their ratings on manga/anime actually matter. sweetie ur like a bad movie critic 😂
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBAThank you all for 10k! 😲 I never thought this was actually possible The amount of support, positive feedback and…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @IsFelix2794 Yeah but she was cursing like every other word😂😭 @Aliban969 Congrats Juro!!!🔥🥳🥳🥳 @Strawhatsamura Lol nope😂 it’s alright tho, we’re more of acquaintances if anything, she’s usually pretty chill thoI plan to drop the thread on strong world tmrw since I’m too tired & I have personal stuff I gotta do, so I’ll drop… only issue I had with the movie was the Sanji scene, but that honestly was it, it’s a solid movie & the strawha… liked that the movie had me actually thinking about those dynamics tho, since I don’t usually do that lol😅 I’m al…’s interesting that Z felt that pirates were evil, as if the marines don’t do the exact same thing that pirates d… also really enjoyed Z as a villian, his death at the end made more sad than I expected, also this movie really st… Piece always clears when it comes to the animation in its films & that’s what I really enjoyed about it, the an… of all I really enjoyed the animation & visuals of this movie, even though I was expecting a little bit more… thoughts on One Piece Film Z, a thread🔥😌💞 @Plum__Berries It’s ok Plum, take as much time as you need💞💞Sasuke was never controlled by nobody outside of Itachi he walked his own path the whole series y’all not reading fr
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @Mom0Usagi @HLONE303 Ooooh I’d be interested in the Sabo thread @heliosx42 I wish she wasn’t😭😭💀 @Mom0Usagi Sabo???😭😭😭The way I thought this was real for a moment😭😭 @softakes I’ve been asking the same question😭😭 @Chef_G__ @heyheedie Right, I can’t stop laughing fr🤣🤣I CANT STOP LAUGHINGG AT THIS
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBAWhy does my roommate curse so much, like is it really necessary😭😭💀 @HawkEyeYafi Yo!! @Vixaria44 Happy Birthday!!!🥳🥳 @sanjiscakee Happy Birthday Rosie!!!🥳🥳🥳💞💞 @hisoHisoOoo I’m sorry😭😭 & aww thank you🥺💞
“a curvy body and large breasts are absolutely not inherently sexual, people can just Look Like That” and “if you p…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @culpadamariana @leviKyojuro 😭😭😭😭 @leviKyojuro I’m sorry😭😭🤧 I’ll never leave tho!!🥺 @Moh_paiN It’s a long time since I done it too, I was dropping these kind of tweets every week😂😂😭I would like if oda would change his arcs structure post Wano. Something as fast paced as saboady-post marineford w…
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBASorry for stating the obvious
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBAThe right one
Retweeted by mugiwara no saki👑 // cw: JJBA @fennekoslaugh 😈😈😈 @MerciusJambe13 Yeah, I usually do, especially if I plan to rewatch it again @katsuki_zenin Lmao, it’s been awhile since I posted this kind of thing tbh😭😭 @badberry05 I would never just leave like this😭😭🤧 @culpadamariana LMAO😂😭💀 me & @badberry05 had the same plan😌 @Namiswive Like his scene not being canon is the only good thing😅 @Namiswive Fr, that’s the only good thing tbh