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leftist, working class, comrades only. no fash allowed.

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My Heart Will Go On
Retweeted by cristianthe final debate is tn AND this just dropped. my lord.
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Retweeted by cristian @reeluh2 i don’t like watching boring stuff so i skip through and double back if i have to it saves a lot of timemy ex in high school broke up w me cuz i did this and i’ll do it till the day i die @sssachibb always a classic tho always a classicwhat’s the non typical genre of youtube videos that you watch randomly? mine is solo bushcrafting/survival shelter… @beetagolsh galaxy tbh
Retweeted by cristianmany people are saying this
Retweeted by cristianbright side is the apt will only cost 1100 now instead of almost 2000turns out i accidentally put 3 FUCKING BED FRAMES on my ikea cart and that’s why it was so expensive i have zero attention to detailnow say it without crying
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Retweeted by cristianmy mom told me to delete this so im posting it here
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Retweeted by cristian💞"Unskilled labor" is ESSENTIAL LABOR. Janitors and sanitation workers and fast food employees are not your slaves,…
Retweeted by cristianMatthew Lillard at the scream premiere 1996 ✧
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Retweeted by cristian @PettyCaffeine i’m thinkin bout it
😧 wow. yes it is
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Retweeted by cristian @jillianplant_ yeah making us have a full window before retweeting isn’t gonna stop people from posting false infoalright i only need 1600 more dollars to furnish this apartment i’m almost theremy tax dollars bein spent for these mfs to be horny on main smh literal real twitter account for an army base is posting horny on main and I’m crying
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Retweeted by cristianAs you were saying Rudy
Retweeted by cristian @jillianplant_ it’s so we don’t spread false information or whatever jack thinksimagine you’re at the chiropractor, your card declines and he just
Retweeted by cristianme at 20:’t believe Borat caught Guiliani in 4KIf AOC followed me back I would simply DM her Fonky Monky Friday
Retweeted by cristianhey @BarackObama you wanna play among us?
Retweeted by cristianIt’s not really a dog whistle anymore as much as it is a dog trumpet
Retweeted by cristianthanks for the pic @AOC nice meeting you
Retweeted by cristianThese are the dumbest people to ever exist in human history
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Retweeted by cristianNew all time high record viewership playing with AOC today! 76,737 people.. thank you for tuning in!
Retweeted by cristianin fairness it isn’t all about AOC— grown adults who spend hours upon hours watching other adults play sports are b… @onlineryn you knew they were laundering big money cuz their wall art was fuckin trash but somehow cost like 100k @koufilms @piss_girI hands down best acc on twitter tho @piss_girI so this is what that was for @memetazaa THIS THE ONE when she Ilhan when she gets impostor gets impostor
Retweeted by cristian @22brolian @dagnasty666 @cale0ggs @CaucasianJames Kale better make like a tree and leaf @TakeForGrantd @piss_girI i’ve been hoping to god they’d get rae and corpse in lollast year corpse was the guy who told scary stories with his insanely unique voice and now he’s live streaming with…’m crying right now and rae on the AOC stream is making my fucking heart RACEShe’s sponsored by fashion nova and Gymshark im sponsored by a urinary tract health company we are not the same
Retweeted by cristiandude what the fuck is this ad and who @COPats @jaredpolis LMAOOO WHAT THE FUCKYes BUT it would reduce tourism to Colorado, so make sure to consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions
Retweeted by cristianwait what?
Retweeted by cristian"Chris Pratt has been nothing but kind and compassionate to me"
Retweeted by cristianI want to be 25 already so I can pursue my dream of becoming the second gamer girl elected to congress
Retweeted by cristian @piss_girI this one gonna go internationalRt if you would buy his froot
Retweeted by cristiani will be the only single bachelor in his early 20s to have a properly furnished and decorated apartment
anyone wanna donate $2,000 so i can furnish my apartment and not live like that one pictureTwo white males with not much to lose regardless of who wins.
Retweeted by cristianReporting Borat to the authorities
Retweeted by cristian @HDparx i already looked and they’re sold out sorry :/ @HDparx I JUST TOLD YOU OLL GO CHECK THE SPIRIT HERE DONT DO THATtw// death when i die i want my close moots to tweet ‘tl dead? so is she [insert image of me]’ i think that would be so funny
Retweeted by cristianwhy the fuck does he look like THAT @HDparx i can check the one here if they have one if you don’t get one in a few days @Thefooze @AnimusAcOrexis @nowthisnews @AOC that’s why i only ever see new videos and never streams damn i didn’t know thatthis is fucking America you can’t tell me not to jack off in the Taco Bell drive throughFound a new type of guy
Retweeted by cristianSuiting up.
Retweeted by cristian @pokimanelol this is HUUGEEEAHH FUCK @piss_girI absolutely @itzla__m and repordedthe day after i decide to stay at my current job and my old job calls me saying they want me to come back and will… feel like some of my friends only hangout with me to feel my biceps. They’re always asking me to flex so they can…
Retweeted by cristianWAIT BOOKMARKS ARE PUBLIC NOW???
Retweeted by cristian @DuhChuskies @MissOMara i really hope that’s what’s happening and that Denvers population can carry us through cuz… prison is meant to “rehabilitate” the inmates, and he’s been incarcerated for 5 years, doesn’t that mean the PRI…
Retweeted by cristianur telling me this isn’t a final fantasy character
Retweeted by cristianthis is the like 6th day in a row that some sort of trump rally/parade is happening in my town and i’m starting to… are girls REAL @SzMarsupial
Retweeted by cristian"you think being left wing is so great, but actually my family's ill-gotten gains were redistributed under socialis…
Retweeted by cristianit’s like the boomers were raised by racist murderersYou mean the same generation who grew up with the people who would lynch black people in public and kill them for d… up in my house like that and I’m gone bless you.
Retweeted by cristian @godwearingjeans @HDparx cock‘Young people have never had it easier’
Retweeted by cristian @peacum @notsoinn @JoshKibanoff @naviamerie @Anthonyisaweso8 @royaltyisfunny @DisguisedToast i was gonna say Charli… the loser in among us that tries way too hard
Retweeted by cristian3 am thoughts
Retweeted by cristianThis is actually so clutch
Retweeted by cristian @ncoleortega probably just like some sleep paralysis thing, still dreaming of stuff while you’re waking up. it happens to me sometimes took