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Stray From The Path @strayfromdapath Long Island, New York

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YES @nhl do your thing 😤 Stray From The Path - Fortune Teller @strayfromdapath Full Video
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So much love for my people from the @NHL this week. They shout out Knocked Loose. Play Stray at MSG during a ranger…
You want it? 🖊 RT to win this authentic All-Star jersey, signed by @artemiypanarin himself.
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@TravisReilly Idk if you’ve seen the hawks this year, but they are not shitty at all @Tweetin_cheeks @GrittyNHL I was going to bet the pens tonight; now after this video I can’t @thejudje14 Oh no looks like you can’t listen to them ever again and you HAVE to listen to us now. SorryJust added! Playing ⁦@aceofspadessac⁩ on tour with ⁦@amityaffliction⁩ ⁦@SWStheband⁩ ⁦@UNITYTX⁩ !
We recently had the pleasure of signing the band “Ways Away” With members of samiam, Knapsack, Racquet Club, Boyse…
Retweeted by Stray From The PathAlso on the TV. So fucking sick. So much NHL love for Stray this week and its the best @FrannieMarie184 Thank you!!!!!!Bucket list. Stray playing at a @NYRangers game at MSG. is correct. Time for retirement. HOLY CRAP
@TravisReilly LOL @TravisReilly $200 to win $580 @TravisReilly Pack @anti_flag’s new album 20/20 VISION is here just in time:
Retweeted by Stray From The Path @AlexGlennHorn @counterparts905 Our band name at gmail dot com @y0urworldonfire Let’s goooooo @AlexGlennHorn @counterparts905 Shoot us an emailJust got the new issue of @NewNoiseMags with @strayfromdapath and @counterparts905 on the cover. Let’s go
@RJDivine This rips
Share this far and wide. The future just contains what we put into it now. DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN.
Retweeted by Stray From The PathTickets for @amityaffliction and @SWStheband North American tour with @strayfromdapath and @UNITYTX are on sale now…
Retweeted by Stray From The PathNew @anti_flag record is out today!! #2020Vision @untildead2 Relax bud, obv HC is awesome. Just for fun @PollsScene Hollow crown, no brainer
Suffolk county 🤘😝 @SWStheband & @AmityAffliction w/ @StrayFromDaPath and @UnityTX on April 29th! Unlock the Live Nation Pr…
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@ChrisDos @anti_flag @knockedloose Vegas Golden Knights fire Galant and hire DeBoer. *turncoat by @anti_flag plays in background* @TaylarGlasgow ❤️🙌Any time I see Mayo Pete on the TV, I think of @JordanUhl and try to imagine what he’s thinking
@JordanUhl Karate kid @hayyyshayyy It’s like this game was booked by Vince McMahonOk, we did it. Time to break up @CrystaILake777 Hai @crushedsando @SWStheband @amityaffliction Legend @whatthefalk Yeah it kicks ass @snicklefritzdtd @ca1tys Let’s goooo @Mcdollarwhopper We’re going to be announcing side shows @mypurestform PossiblyUNITYTX @themaxclawson @ChasingNever Let’s goooo @realSpuddz Sorry we had commitments in Europe! Be back later in the year tho @eIlipses @mauriokart Let’s goooo @jordanleexoxx Hope you can make it
Hitting the road with @amityaffliction , @SWStheband and @UNITYTX this spring! Going to some cities we haven’t hit… & @KublaiKhanTX finishing their Australian tour tonight with a sold out show in Melbourne!
Retweeted by Stray From The Path @northlanejosh Crazy @northlanejosh Is the mild venom fatal?One thing that many people especially tourists are forgetting about atm is how many animals are being displaced in…
Retweeted by Stray From The PathAnyone willing to spot me a ticket or spot for @strayfromdapath and @KublaiKhanTX tonight? Both crushed it at Unify…
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@WeBleedBlueNYC @Tucc7 @TheGarden Which was the best? Mine had to be 2 because of the 9 announcement/pop25 tickets left for Melbourne! Get them here - @memory_misread @UNIFYgathering @theghostinside @JonathanVigil Yes you’re missing that day one was rained out besid… @memory_misread @UNIFYgathering @theghostinside @JonathanVigil This was for day one. Pay attention 😏stray from the path had the most INSANE crowd yesterday
Retweeted by Stray From The Path @kristinelouise_ Come to the show tomorrow @kristinelouise_ You’re with us now, all that matters..⁦⁦@UNIFYgathering⁩ was fucking sick. Tonight we’re in Adelaide at Enigma. Tickets available online and at the door… FROM THE PATH | UNIFY GATHERING 2020
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@JustNealWithIt @Canes Huge info!! Thank you @JustNealWithIt @Canes Yeah which I’m not near and can’t find it online and have been looking for months. Hope someone can help!Anyone follow Stray that is going to Whalers Night for @Canes ? I am seeking a whalers adidas Jersey and need help getting one! Thanks 😊🚨 GIVEAWAY 🚨 RT this tweet for a chance to win a signed Sebastian Aho Whalers jersey We'll select + contact one r…
Retweeted by Stray From The PathSame. Band is on a different level now gathering was fucking sick. Thank you so muchKublai Khan is on main stage at 2:40 at @UNIFYgathering hide your kids hide your wifeKublai Khan is on the main stage at 2:40pm now! Be there!
New stage times for @UNIFYgathering @Fatpathatmat We will one day @JonathanVigil @SpartaDTD Ross 💯Oh my god @banthatrackz @FurnaceFest Agreed. Band was ahead of their time @FurnaceFest I would piss my pants if Scarlett played @AdamYXE @Mike_Red_ Thank you bothDay off. Hitting @UNIFYgathering to see Architects, Northlane, Silverstein, and Make Them Suffer. Stoked for tomorrow!
@scene_facts We’re very fortunate @marxnalay @unfdcentral Awesome!!Sydney was fucking sickLove Kublai khan Tx on every level you can love a band. If for some reason you don’t listen yet, you need to @sandsh8rk Haha all good! @sandsh8rk 14% of your friends are geeks, let’s go @teethmosh @KublaiKhanTX @deadlightsau See you guys tonight @AnaVK @Skepta @CimmMusic Let’s go @minorpunk_ Lol it’s all good just fucking around @minorpunk_ Tried? Still doing it bud @milescochrane @MonicaStrut Let’s gooooSydney - @strayfromdapath are pulling up tonight to Crowbar with @KublaiKhanTX @deadlightsau & Teeth. Grab a tick…
Retweeted by Stray From The PathSYDNEY TONIGHT AT CROWBAR // 📸 ⁦@GabeThePigeon⁩
@aj_ranger DMing you @GabeThePigeon It’s ok. You took your chop.Sold out show in Brisbane last night. So much love for this beautiful city. Tonight we’re in Newcastle at the Hamil… @iambren10 @ash_hull95 @DC_Tareeband @_TBMofficial @AntagonistAD @KublaiKhanTX @knockedloose @PolarisAus @UNIFYgathering Fucking sickStray From The Path | Brisbane
Retweeted by Stray From The PathThe @strayfromdapath & @KublaiKhanTX tour continues tonight in Newcastle after a massive sold out show in Brisbane…
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First show of the @strayfromdapath & @KublaiKhanTX tour kicked off in pure class with a sold out Brisbane show! Tic…
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