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Twitter’s number 1 thank u next stan || @streamtun_2 my backup

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@luvishaze music @otttern I only got 1 as well @majin1creww @whoreforigor Man listens to like 5 artists😭 @youngluke36 Damnn that sucks @youngluke36 What happened in the middle there?💀 @PrettyMuchBlack Yes @PromKingBySaba @drakeslave Cool 🤝 @youngluke36 Google lastwave @youngluke36 How what? @essromani Lastwave @PromKingBySaba @drakeslave You talking to me? @mixalisworld Lastwave @DopeGolde @PrettyMuchBlack Acting as if an 8 isn’t a really positive score 🤨 @drakeslave LMFAOOOOOOOO WHAT A FUCKING NERD @jairusisaten The grey Weeknd chunk in December is killing me, he’s all I listened to😭 @tvriisXX It really is something specialThoughts? @TheRapAgenda Nahh it’s gonna be later than that @hotsexcboy ? @samsssspam @hotsexcboy ? @YMWASTED More than Future?? @OneForHipHop Kanye @lukelikesyeezus LMFAOOOOOOO @qvnna 😐😐 @OVOsintern_ True @_mementomari What?? @satellitesophia I would eat you @royalsbyIorde @JohnnyPastelle Wbu? @KM_hiphop Thriller @choice_rap @kendricklamar No @skinbyflume ^^^ @laidbackksam 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @RapYE5 Gorgeous, Power, DIAND @zla_toni Patiently Waiting, In Da Club, What Up Gangsta @laidbackksam Cinderella, Dang!, God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty @DakeKSG75 Perfect Circle / God Speed, Weekend, ROS @oel_art Walking in the snow, out of sight, a few words for the firing squad
@808s_and_Jay The first 3 songs tbh @funnnnelcake Porsche, Backseat, Track 10 Femmebot would be in the top 3 if mykki blanco didnt ruin it with that trash ass verse @laflamestepson Needed Me, Consideration, Never Ending @LeroySaneisgood 2009, Jet Fuel, Hurt Feelings @Moha97_AF NY State Of Mind, Life’s A Bitch, Memory Lane @lmaojayyy_ 20 min, Dark Queen, The Way Life Goes @luvishaze Imagine ghostin bloodline @YoungWithALot Jet Black, Make It Better, What Can We Do? @magnoliaszn Burn This Disco Out, Workin Day And Night, It’s The Falling In Love @fisherlarryman The Dreamer, Without You, The Season/Carry Me @JohnnyPastelle Palmolive, Giannis, Cataracts @cianoconnell21 LPFJ2, Electric Body, LSD @Tilemahos6 Vengeance, Clout Cobain, Mad I Got It @merlynismydad Runnin, No Opp Left Behind, Brand New Draco @CarsonGiberson 2009, Jet Fuel, Hurt Feelings @lukelikesyeezus New Slaves, Bound 2, Blood On The Leaves @likeslofi All Falls Down, Last Call, Spaceship @KAYVEE___ Over, New Neon, Metamorphosis @yest3rdaysgone Alone Again, After Hours, Blinding Lights @gavin_parished Groupies and Gone Gone / Thank You @YoungWithALot Lakers, Thuggin, Broken @YoungWithALot Jumpman* @YoungWithALot Digital Dash, Live From The Gutter, 30 for 30 or Jumpan @YoungWithALot Get Up 2 Come Down, Drinking Sessions, Confetti @CoolrapKing White America, Without Me, Till I Collapse @DIORSELFISH God is a woman, better off and REM @playboylovess How much a dollar cost, mortal man and u @datguypie0 90210, 3500 and Oh My Dis Side @DrizzySZN_ Andd WATTBA @DrizzySZN_ Lord Knows, Shot For Me, The Real Her @daniel_skrrrr 34+35, off the table, pov @thatguyjamari ghostin, bloodline, imagine @skeptastan k @Ivcastwt lol @FreudianIsA10 No she wouldnt @LCK116 @YeezyTaughtMe72 Exactly 😭 @RDUBZONLY Fuck that 💯 @PoopeFiasco There’s no point this test is gonna rail me no matter how much effort I put into preparing for itI’m bored, reply with an album and I’ll say my top 3 favorite songs on it! :) @TalksBh @moonlightwooo Ariana, Charli, Rihanna @CopingMAGA LMFAOOOOOOOO fuck you😭 @SelfCareByMac W @Tubziii I lost 60 @gavin_parished @wxirdfxshes How long have you had the app? @presh1600 lol @Tpabisa10 @wxirdfxshes @fuckitsanton this your backup account or some shit?😭 @wxirdfxshes Only 3 lol, Weeknd Kanye and Jay-Z @AnubisAC5x 60One of my best tweets @shockwave1314 How do you see how many likes you have? @glockonmypp 60 @AnubisAC5x I lost like 60 @ThisIsHipHop2 I think I lost around 60 @CareForZay Me too💀 @isaacwrId No @VibeHrs Damn :( @ThisIsHipHop2 Did you lose any?Why did everybody lose so many followers overnight? @SnipaToad Yeah I lost a lot too🤔 @liisaburke @_MyCrazyMind_ I know You down?