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@sonos too much time on the phone with your customer care today without any resolution.NYers, can anyone recommend a private driver who is a fast but also responsible?
"Cassette Culture with Stretch Armstrong: How The Latin Rascals Mastered the Megamix" by @StretchArmy via…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @KelShap @DanteRoss You look Scandinavian @nysdmv I need a help on a title issue. I just spent 20 mins on hold, finally got a helpful voice on the phone, who… @DanteRoss Mine asked the same question. She’s from Stockholm so it’s clearly a Scandinavian thing. 😂 @ethanvf @StretchandBob I wasn’t 😭
@CBP This is disgusting. @KINGS0L0M0N Why I remember this is a mystery to me. I never even played it. @KINGS0L0M0N Van full o’ PakistanNYC left of the dial reggae shows: 15% music 85% talk/infomercials/calls.This is me directing all tennis enthusiasts to one of the best tennis podcasts on earth: @URwithCS with my guy @Craigeshapiro
Late to the program but this ⁦@JonahHill⁩ interview with ⁦@StretchArmy⁩ and ⁦@koolboblove⁩ is just phenomenal…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongICYMI: Last night @Nas & @djkhaled stopped by Dolby Soho to celebrate the opening of the Wu-Tang “Wu-seum”, a limit…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongLove thread.
@AriMelber There’s a reason I never attempted to rhyme (in public) @URwithCS @tcote True story @deejaydiablo That would be something @Raekwon Right back at you ChefInstagram DM may not be the most effective way of communicating with a friend that has 1M followers. Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? 😂 @SkillzVa Someone should tape a shrimp to your door just for that
@StoneRokk Not even close 🥴Cory Booker discussing hip-hop is Such. A. Reach. Stop it. 🤣Yo @snips, grills would have rounded out your look perfectly. @AudreyBrashich Audrey!!!!! What. A. Surprise! Hiiiiiiii!Yo someone said we look like Coro’s backup dancers 😭😭😭 @koolboblove @StretchArmy
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @deejaydiablo Unhelpful 🤣Tweeple, I would love to hear about your positive and negative results from Lasix surgery. All good? Dry eyes? Glar… @YourOldDroog 📷 🧠 ✅Wondering if all the white women that voted for our orange Orangutan president are finally feeling remorse.How many no-shows does a person get before you cease putting them on guest lists? @DjMightyMi @Raekwon What NYer hasn’t walked in the middle of the ave against traffic to get to where they gotta go? @YourOldDroog What was he wearing?We need your support so we pressed up some interesting incentives for our patrons, ⁦@racqetmagazine⁩, feature episo…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongHoly moly @druha rapping at the Wu-Tang/Loud Records release party at Webster Hall. 🤣While on the subject of all things Wu, allow me to state this fact. The artist who has always always always kept it… who understand the slang “bus’ a sketch” have great taste in music. @lucanieri1 @ItsDJEclipse Those I’m getting taken down 🤡 @lucanieri1 Nah. Not my style @BigBlackBarry Quite
@Raekwon with @xzibit by his side smashing my bday in ‘99. This footage is bonkers. @ColumbiaRecords, @StretchArmy and @koolboblove are both still waiting for their Nas Illmatic plaques. You’re w…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @BigBlackBarry Stick to Game of Thrones @StretchArmy @WuTangClan @MassAppeal @Showtime that scene in Radio That Changed Lives when Raekwon describes hearin…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @StretchArmy Getting kicked out of @WKCRFM studios during the Stretch & Bob show to make room for the entire Wu Tan…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong🐝👐🏼 Tonight 5/15 I’m supplying the beats at the opening of the Wu Museum pop. 👐🏼🐝 @WuTangClan @MassAppeal @Showtime went through their storage absolute first time Wu-Tang was played on the radio, ever: December 17, 1992 (“Protect Ya Neck.”) from the docu…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongWatching this Wu-Tang doc...makes me feel 24 and AMPED. Suuuuuuuuuuu!
@catchdini @JubileeDJ And his head is like a shark’s fin. I think LL was into National Geographic @JubileeDJ You could DJ with it on your shoulder. That’s a look. @petebone76 Other compilations to check are ones that cover Joe Gibbs label, Channel One, Treasure Isle, and of cou… @petebone76 Additionally, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller, Sugar Minott, Max Romeo, Peter Tosh, Burning… @petebone76 If you’re starting out, get familiar with everything on the Studio One label. @DanteRoss cc: @koolboblove @lordsear 🤣
@DanteRoss @adrian__nunez__ @itsSeanC That was a very dignified tweet. Would be wrong to snap. @mrduane So true @Rosina_v Are you into INXS?Mr. Magic talking slick over Jimmy Bo Horne “Spank” is a serious vibe. @SkratchBastid @Raptors @PublicEnemyFTP @sixers 🤣🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼We all do it when we play out. But committing music you never heard before to memory like this creates an interesting dilemma.Falling in love with old Rock Steady and other Jamaican oldies from sound system recordings in which selectors regu… @DanteRoss Sunglasses?I’m not sure how to reconcile that this was a really good podcast overall with the fact that the narrator/journalis… peep Empire on Blood, the true crime podcast about a Bronx crack dealer accused and convicted of a homicide he didn’t commit?
@IvankaTrump Hey you’re f-in’ gross @deejaydiablo Did you enjoy the story about “The Bobbito Show?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Trump is now planning to host a 4th of July celebration around himself on public land in Washington DC Basically i…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @atrak @djsourmilk This reminds me of another empathic DJ, Paris Hilton, who so wisely told the world “stop being poor.” 🤡
@TennisTV I need help. 🙏🏼
What do you can a DJ from London that steals records from a record store in Brooklyn?
@StoneRokk Total bullshit.Peak Twitter was, is and will forever be #foodraps @KINGS0L0M0N @atrakU people who care about club space/community & whatnot should roll up to this tonight
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @russbengtson And the worst batter✌🏼to @thedjkellygreen @andrepower @Hot8BrassBand @Jamie_Strong @haycoxxx and all the lovely people who came out to… @adriennelives Maybe I gotta check myself. AARON NEVILLE CAN WEAR WHATEVER THE F HE FEELS!Not sure how I feel about seeing Aaron Neville sporting an Affliction shirt on this flight. @krudell The woman who didn’t know she was on speaker phone just looked at me funny after I laughed out loud at thi… @BigBlackBarry Go play your dungeons and dragons and hit me when you’re done @Dart_Adams Fair Play is such a gem. Can’t say enough good things about @JazzieB. @krudell (Also, David Friedman was the only kid in high school I got into a “fight” with. He was a great wrestler,… @krudell I thought the season premiere was the finale. 🤷🏻‍♂️Wait, this GOT shit is weekly? 😩Some of these parties my DJ/promoter friends throw make the worst music sound pretty good. 🤭Hi lady sitting next to me, broadcasting your conversations to me and everyone else because you have no clue your…
@deejayspider Acapulco
Who spit better?
“This Wu-Tang Clan, what exotic country do they come from?” - my motherThis tweet was really for you @eliesco
Just stumbled on a video of The Go Go’s debut in NYC at the Peppermint Lounge in 1981 and got smacked with a heavy… @eliesco @TheLotRadio @koolboblove Caption this hahahaha @StoneRokk @AppleSupport Didn’t have to go ham. Surprisingly. @StoneRokk @AppleSupport Happened to mine. They replaced it.
@DannyDaze G as in gas? 😷 @BullyRingo @marklutchman That clown is hate-watching The View. Imagine living like that. @adriennelives Delete this tweet @SkillzVa The Espies should give out an acting award @drewhuge Shut up and let us enjoy our petty club @samsanders