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@thehill I doubt the viewers noticed a difference
@JohnIsner @seanhannity Making tennis white, I mean great, again. @deejaydiablo @djindianajones @CosmoBaker @snipstweets @atrak @djacslater
@djdnice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Can I get two for one? @djdnice For example? @djindianajones @snipstweets @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater I looked. Gross. @djindianajones @CosmoBaker @snipstweets @atrak @djacslater I only say “riddim” in company I’m close to. Otherwise,… @thehill Your headlines are PURE TRASH. Garbagio. Basura! Drek!Weirdos @PrettyCantRap Flows? I’m talking DISCOI’m never at the Guggenheim when the protests jump off.128 beats per minute seemed ridiculously fast back in the day. I’m totally comfortable with it today. @nicklordNYC If you asked me yesterday, I’d have said it wasn’t. But today I learned that it is. @Okay_Ray @DanteRoss Nice one @Okay_Ray Yes, with Jules Gayton, @DanteRoss and Albee Ragusa. @thehill Thoughts and prayers @tekturbo Proving my point that just because it’s obscure, doesn’t mean it’s good or valuable, but don’t tell that to the collectors
Apparently in 1992 I played a record by the Coney Island Gankstas on WKCR. @DJClarkKent Noted. See you soon. 👇🏼 @snipstweets @khalilasmall @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater @DJClarkKent I do that to fix mixes when I see my DJ friends about to wreck @N_C_B Clearly you have never heard of the Grammys @khalilasmall @snipstweets @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater @DJClarkKent When I see any of you jokers approaching, I’ll be on internal @snipstweets @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater @DJClarkKent @DJClarkKent just out his hand on the wax. No rewind. No p… @CosmoBaker @snipstweets @atrak @djacslater I’m so not apathetic but this shit is the silliest bunch of malarkey everrrrrr @snipstweets @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater @DJClarkKent And I threw a micro tantrum! 😜 @CosmoBaker @snipstweets @atrak @djacslater At least we can be confident that twitter will fix the world! @CosmoBaker @snipstweets @atrak @djacslater No other dj has ever done that to me, but @DJClarkKent did once stop a… @eliesco 😭Checked twitter and my guys @CosmoBaker and @snipstweets have both written dissertations. Ok, time to put my monocle on. 🧐 @CosmoBaker @atrak @djacslater What’s the controversy? Is a wheel up considered cultural appropriation in some corn…
@Criag52284128 @lalaohsogood @thehill She obviously means that she can’t understand the mentality of a person that… @CosmoBaker @djtara 🤯 @KINGS0L0M0N Turn on Stretch, burn la with Tamika
@bryangreenberg They were all playing truth or dare before the Grammys @brokemogul I feel reunited.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Was looking forward to live Grammy commentary by @snipstweets @YourOldDroog @geenice Ali Vegas may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back
@DaveLabelsNyc 89 point what? @interrupt_d The chirping was the smpte track @AstralBlackLord No doubt. Some of the edits I did sounded 🏆 @tak4prez Started with Session 8 and then Pro Tools. @DJRizNyc used to call me “DJ Mouse” because I’d put together… that you @koolboblove ? years ago today, I would’ve been making radio edits of unreleased songs to play on Hot 97. I really hated doing that.
@zandywithaz 😭jay smooth gets it more than most people in DC do ⬇️
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @MrChuckD 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Ja Rule Iconn app? @brokemogul Could use some help on the music supervision
@djblord That’s the origin of the orange beanie. Makes sense. Hipster icon Bill. @KINGS0L0M0N Don’t talk about my people. Psssh @snipstweets If I wore one, I would look like a match stick adorned in fabric @snipstweets @StefTsitsipas Make Zoolander, but with tennis. You will star as Hansel. It would honestly be amazing. Maybe Djoko…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @djsoulnyc Everyone shopping at Gentleman’s Gazette?
@ScopicBeats In New York CityWhat’s with the fluorescent orange wool beanies? @thehill Who wore it better? @thehill Where is she planning on going in that Star Trek costume though? @minusbaby @AOC I’m eating my shoe. I deserve it.None of it
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @theemikeb There was an exhibition in Soho a number of years ago in which glass bottles were made available to thr… wow. The Amazon deal is now officially on the rocks. And that's 3 billion New York shouldn't ever spend on B…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong“Could you imagine?” #ShutEmDown @PeteRock @MrChuckD
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @MediaREDEF @robaeprice @businessinsider I wanna hit Mark’s face with a book @stypeones @PeteRock 😩 butter fingers plus 5 hours of sleep and mezcalThis one slaps too @AOC x @PeteRock Nas x @PeteRock blend I was telling’ you about from 12/16/92 on 89.9FM NYC: @DjMightyMi @MarkRonson @ontherecordlv The first time that song was ever played in Nevada.
I mean, who doesn’t have a photo of Tupac shirtless in their bedroom? @DEUS_DeSCRIPT @PabloTorre @HIGHNOONonESPN Adam Levine has a photograph of a shirtless Tupac in his bedroom. 🥴 @habbatsimsim I’m 💯 percent not clicking through
From WKCR 12/16/93 @John_B_Dawson 🤣🙌🏼Can I tell you how good Nas “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” acappella over Public Enemy “Shut ‘Em Down” Pete Rock remix sounds? @Craigeshapiro @Woodsy1069 Bodyguard on Netflix. Solid political thriller.
@DanteRoss @haulsofshame @B_Real @rogerwaters @DeLaSoulsDugout @PlugWonDeLaSoul @JungleBros4Life @IAMQUEENLATIFAH am outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center where prisoners are without heat. The banging noise is them prote…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @B_Real @rogerwaters I'd put this Halloween night at Hotel Amazon in '88 up at the top of the list @DeLaSoulsDugout
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @iamdjtreats I would like to point out the correlation between mixer width and quality of music.
@snipstweets @Kil889 With that line of reasoning, I would think that James Brown’s “Static” is better than to “Give…
Billionaires gonna billionaireI’ve tried to fully tell the story of the time @theemikeb and I spent the evening with @SHAQ at Newark Airport duri… @DjMightyMi @ontherecordlv My brother. That’s a hell of a compliment. See you soon.I only wear black and white 🤷🏻‍♂️ @jayemkayem Your feng shui must be off and Mercury retrograde is likely a co-factor plus ghost in the machine. Sorry! @atrak Did that party last year. Was DUMB FUN. The floor was bouncing up and down so hard that I literally scoped o… tip: only use Starbucks to relieve yourself.Raise your hand if you unfollow people because they follow certain people. 🖐🏼
@Dart_Adams 1. Def Jam 2. Cold Chillin’ 3. Tommy Boy (pre ‘90)
@N_C_B @HburgBoomBap Well you look a few years older than 20. Well done on that front! @N_C_B @HburgBoomBap And those that know know you (NCB) know the history but the Def Jam Twitter has had it’s share… @DCRIMEmusic71 @defjam No drama just pointing out something cool about Def Jam’s fascinating history 👌🏼Man...“It’s Yours” was actually the second release on the label, the first being Hose, which also has the Def Jam logo on…
Just gonna leave this here...
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@TennisTV @DjokerNole @AustralianOpen Grow up, bozoNadal is shook. @Texas Fair