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@The_Real_J_Walk @StretchandBob No this is all for my grandchildren. got a question, it’s serious as cancer. like this should be a bigger story
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongSometimes digitizing, labeling and taking photos of analog cassettes is totally exhausting, but sometimes, like tod… @StereoTheSecond @Dart_Adams This happened in 70s London and 80s NYC
“All eyes on my like I’m Tupac/mad at the Spade cause I’m hot and you not/what now? I make em duck down like Dru Ha… @CosmoBaker @djhomicide @DjMightyMi Only Sally I ever heard in a club was StetWe want to hear from YOU. Call the What’s Good voicemail (716) 980-5351 and tell us how the Beastie Boys impacted y…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @StretchandBob on The Beat with @AriMelber last night. hey! Ahead of our episode with the @BeastieBoys we want to hear from you! Call the What’s Good voicemail (716)…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @KaeKurd @snipstweets I don’t even know what this means
@CosmoBaker @djhomicide @DjMightyMi Dominoes is what I had in mind @racqetmagazine No more leather covers? @CosmoBaker @djhomicide @DjMightyMi As well as Deep Cover, Ill Street Blues, Talkin’ All That Jazz. Also, the best… @DjMightyMi Double X “Not Gonna Be Able to Do It” 🤨Hey hey! Ahead of our episode with the @BeastieBoys we want to hear from you! Call the What’s Good voicemail (716)… 10/15 it’s the Nader sandwich with @RalphNader @StretchArmy and @koolboblove on @TheBeatWithAriz Tune in to…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongI’m 85% tagine 10/15 on @TheBeatWithAri it’s a special @RalphNader sandwich #fallback with @StretchandBob. Tune in to MSNB… @snipstweets I’m around @snipstweets Welcome to New York!
A CHALLENGE TO @Uber and @lyft: Make all travel to voting places this #ElectionDay free. If one of you does it, the…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongYes please
Mama Mia! On the latest What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito, we sat with world-renowned chef @MassimoBottura who t… @brokemogul Better to go the book route @ritzy_p @koolboblove @koolboblove and I were in stitches Friday about these exact two things 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hey, on a positive note, I got to play @massimobottura The Junkyard Band “Sardines” just after he, @koolboblove and… @JubileeDJ Seriously that was gross and embarrassing. Unless your job counted on it...lose me with that garbage.All at once Trump has vilified, harnessed and corrupted the media, twisting it into a fun house mirror reflection o…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongIdeation. Ok. Oh kaaaaaaay.Trump talks to Jim Brown and Kanye like they’re 5th graders who just presented a science project. “He’s a smart cookie!”“All Lives Matter” - the new YeWho are Kanye’s friends? You are all failing.Alternate universe...ok don’t hurt ‘em.“She was very unfairly treated.”“There was a big solving.”Couldn’t resists the food-themed selections for @massimobottura in this week’s Impression Session on the latest… yo yo! @StretchandBob sat down with chef @massimobottura to talk about what it takes to have the #1 rated restau… @dildaydoc @julito77 @koolboblove What about the tennis ball? 🎾 @thehill This tweet’s wording is basura
@chrislhayes @SenMajLdr I wish @SenMajLdr with it’s 1600+ followers was really Mitch’s account. Sadly, it is not. @eliesco The timing is a key element. Not just losing interest, but when. 👏🏼 @joncaramanica Cash me outside?We've now heard from several people that Florida's online voter registration site is NOT letting people register to…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @ChuckModi1 @shaunking Plus the large wave of support and interest from everyone that was turned off by the NFL and…
Giants signing Kaepernick is no-brainer. Eli is done. Has been done. Kap and Saquon Barkley in the read option? OMG…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @eliesco You must know how much I appreciate this tweet
Have you been purged? #Georgia voters, look up your name NOW: The October 9 deadline to r…
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @marcorubio a mob of conservatives is a klan rally
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong
Speechless. Hopefully not for long.Our representatives make politics look bad and that’s saying a lot what humanity needed, car vending machines. Way to go VC bros! @KINGS0L0M0N Racist guidos that wished they were Black is a genre I’ll be eternally fascinated by. @KINGS0L0M0N We talking Black guidos now? @TDImuzik The joy in doing radio in the 90s was rooted in 2 things. 1. Playing music that in large part nobody else… this an intervention? to Dwayne Johnson, bald, tan and diesel guys in three-piece suits is its own genre of dude.You would quickly learn to hate me and I would be miserable. A win win! @koolboblove made me feel a certain way about my Spanish so this was my protest. a second I thought maybe I had been nominated for a Grammy and forgot. We did win “best college radio show” two… @koolboblove This clearly isn’t very effective. Maybe we gotta go back to paper flyers.Sooooo... yeah. My dad was definitely disappointed in my career choice. Because African parent. 😂😭😫And @StretchArmy
Retweeted by Stretch Armstrong @MarqueeBeat Seems like the magic all goes down at IHOP @michellemlanz Not going to do this again hahahahaKool Keith for Supreme CourtThat’s all before we even got to the hotel. @koolboblove - I don’t remember much else from that west coast excursio… of Kool Keith and my first trip to LA in the early 90s. Bobbito and I got picked up at LAX by Kool Keith a… 30th Critical Beatdown! Ultramagnetic MCs showed that you could be weird as long as the beats smacked. “Ego T…
Rosenstein wants to save his ass so he kisses Trump’s with a bogus FBI “investigation.” Watch how many of these boz… the tune! 🙌🏼 party tonight Le Bain with music by me, Stretch Armstrong + special guest Future Fambo. RSVP at…
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongHello
A small sense of relief that Lord Cheetoh’s emergency text message didn’t reach my phone.Friday night, 10/5, my guy @koolboblove and I (@StretchandBob) will be playing records at @OutputClubBK’s Panther R… @djtoddterry @atrak @laurensick Funny you should say that
@djtoddterry @atrak @laurensick Daily 😎Zandy - I met Justin when I was 3. Justin - Zandy is a friend from high school. 😊 @atrak @djtoddterry @laurensick and I think your dancing in this video is world class. 🕺🏽
Anyone in Brooklyn have a copy of Disk Warrior 5 I can use? Emergency data situation 🚨 🚨 🚨
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongAnyone in Brooklyn have a copy of Disk Warrior 5 I can use? Emergency data situation 🚨 🚨 🚨🤣 @PC46140 Foolio InglesiasCurious if any of you can share a video of a NYC based female singer in her 20s who can rock in both Spanish and English . . .
Retweeted by Stretch ArmstrongLove you CK. Word up. 🏆
2018 can’t tweet without spelling mistakes. Impossible. With this tweet’s exception. @Dart_Adams And it’s 89 not 88 (coming from the guy who tweeted about “hip-hip”) @Dart_Adams The $ was 🤢. But the B-side show (badly named) wasn’t an experiment or a test for us in prime time. Was… of the joys of being born on 9/30 is getting to wish happy bday to the M.I.M. in hip-hop ever, period, don’t @…’ve been singing the praises of that station for years. Really the best thing going in terms of radio. @laRadioNova been a secret that I’ve loved west coast rap. Who put the Tri-State up on Souls of Mischief, Snoop Dog, Pharc… you don’t stip @StatikSelekt
@atrak DJ AM’s genius was inversely proportionate to the average kbps of his filesIf Kava-naw’s FBI investigation leads to credible info that he committed one or more felonies as a teen, does the B… an FBI investigation, Kava-naw’s myriad of lies are low-hanging fruit. Someone needs to make a new beer and name it PERJURY. @newyorkperi @tedcruz Poster boy for mediocrity. How is this man ANY KIND of judge? We know the answer. Rotten. @BigBlackBarry Easy now dread. The truth will come out, and he will be sitting on the bench and have to face the mu… @newyorkperi @tedcruz Just peeped that. Bananas. @TedCruz What will Kava-naw say to his daughters when they see his high school yearbook? Devil's triangle: