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ً @stribbn ⋆。 ྀི any 16 white ৎ 𓈒 ׁ maisy ♡ tw ed ꒱


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@gyarudoIls HI NOA !! @Iambspo SYD @i8str HEHE MISSED U TOO !! @aimirexic MISSED U TOO !! YES I'M OKAY THANK U <3 @slut4Ioona MISSED U !!go fllw my new acc @hrtlamb !! i'll probably be inactive on this account bc the amo… @caIIies I MISSED U PAR @anorexicgirl444 @anorexicgirl444 STAR !!! @istargrI @istargrI i convinced myself everyone hated me and deactivated 💝 i'm normal now @istargrI guess who's back ?!🎤🎤
@caIIies i hope u get put in a home @caIIies ?/!-&-&-!!--! @caIIies crazy but free @caIIies ur fuckimg ancient @caIIies crunch crunch @caIIies YES might i add he's also #unemployed @caIIies oh! @anorexify what's his name 💭 @pompur11in hehe i missed ur doodles ໒꒰ྀིっ ̫ ‹̥̥̥ ꒱ྀིა i hope you've been well angel ily <33 @wispydiariez how's the snow fairy scent :0 @caIIies my next banger 🔥🔥 @caIIies they would be bffs with my dad! @caIIies yes i am one 🐹 @ihatenum NEED ૮꒰ྀི ´∩∩` ꒱ྀིა @bugdiet ur little lunch box is so cute ૮꒰ྀི ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ꒱ྀིა @caIIies why is it upside down @caIIies did you know him personally? @caIIies whu don't u wanna do bff things :[ @caIIies maybe the cat is just built that way ?? @gakuyois2 hehe i just started hannibal :3
@cinnamius that's so sweet of her omgsh :[ plus the charm is so pretty !! @berriekcals i have no clue u just seem rlly put together LOL @istargrI YAY good morning lai ૮꒰ྀི >⸝⸝⸝< ꒱ྀིა i hope u have a fun time and enjoy urself !! ♡ @berriekcals for some reason i always think ur 17 😭 @slut4Ioona @bunnspo #NOTIFSQUAD ⭐️ @bunnspo @slut4Ioona IT'S OKAY I NEEDED TO BE UP ANYWAYS @slut4Ioona @bunnspo actually !! @bunnspo @slut4Ioona fun fact i have lulu's notifs on and this conversation woke me up @anorexicgirl444 she :3 on my ^_^ @iwtbsp OBSESSED ૮꒰ྀི ´∩∩` ꒱ྀིა @caIIies i zZz @caIIies pemdas @caIIies @caIIies maybe we can get lobotomized together 💖 @caIIies i saw this notification when i woke up and couldn't remember what i did @caIIies moses 💗 @caIIies adhd @raritypilled me 🐹 @istargrI be my sugar daddy @vianiIla ur always so stunning i'm in awe ໒꒰ྀི∩´͈ ᵕ `͈∩꒱ྀི১ @caIIies me and u @nakobmi LOVE ૮꒰ ྀི ◜ . ◝ ྀི꒱ა i've been thinking abt using one for school hehe @nakobmi new ipad or low top doc martens ໒꒰ྀིっ ̫ ‹̥̥̥ ꒱ྀིა @caIIies someone needed to strike the fear of god into u @caIIies stop that @caIIies i'm just trying to help :/ @caIIies i like how ur just now seeing this @caIIies personally i'm in more of a ^ᗜ^ mood @caIIies oh! me too 🐳🐳🐳🐳 @caIIies why did u turn into a 14 year old boy @bIitzit maybe next year! @caIIies Hm. thank you 💝💝 @caIIies you said i should keep them i do Not have a big head!!! @caIIies i would never do such a thing to such a holly jolly man @caIIies what rhe fuck is weong with you i'm telling my mom Rn @caIIies don't u like my skills 😊 @caIIies it's my gift to u 💝 @caIIies @bIitzit well i did too so therefore i'm not evil and manipulative @caIIies @bIitzit ur making me insecure this is why i got bangs :/ @gwnbmi throws a party ⭐️⭐️ @gwnbmi CUTE 🧸💗 @bIitzit says who? @caIIies @bIitzit it's because the rest of me is so tiny @caIIies @bIitzit sure! @bIitzit maybe you should stop lying ? @bIitzit me rn @bIitzit it isn't funny it's hurtful @bakeryscent hehehehe :3 excited for u !! @caIIies STOP THIS MADNESS @caIIies fine. do crash then @caIIies YAY don't crash @meIodypear @caIIies pleas e stop this i xant take nit @caIIies STAY BACK @caIIies be grateful @caIIies dhmu