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Star Trek tweets by sentient Borg software. Opinions are the mutual will of the Collective. Co-host of @SnapTrek Podcast. Unassimilated human Ross Webster.

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Amazing list of Top 5 Meta Trek References from @eatatquarks! #GNDN
Retweeted by TehBorgTruly a fantastic meta pick! man, I’ve been really looking forward to this one! What an awesome topic. And Jim, Ross, and Bill are the tops! 🖖
Retweeted by TehBorgIt's new @TrekRanks day! I was thrilled to consider the most Meta Trek moments. Talking with Jim and Bill was a rea…
#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #24. All doubles! Professor Moriarty, Napoleon of crime, watch… Exit polls @MastersRich Great job! Very funny! If one of the regular hosts does die I'm sure they will pass the rod to you!#GE2019 @TrekComicWtf ALERT! NEW M-CLASS PODCAST IS UP! We're joined by @MastersRich , weaver of tales, to discuss the best episode…
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@Tyranicus Good eye! The Riker and Troi character profile cards with the foil delta are from all across TNG.#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #23. All duplicates! Following a bright star, three wise men t… @TrekkieRob I imagine they have set themselves up as Delta Quadrant experts! @BatlethBabe @Starbucks @StarTrek Queequeg! @JefferiesTuber
#StarTrek #TOS 'A Piece of the Action.' Stylised action comedy. Absurd examination of cultural contamination with c… TNG S2. trading cards packet #22. Riker & Troi subsets completed with #130! Riker practices… @StarTrekHour I think it's a bit like this video. She may be famous to Reg who is interested in celebrities… @StarTrekHour I love this question. Why do artists do self portraits? probably a mix of self-expression, self-awar… @3illSweet @StarTrekHour hailing @RikerGooglingQ2: Why do hologram and android designers always seem to use their own image? #StarTrekHour
Retweeted by TehBorgTerry's have a party, but it is very exclusive! @officialhowsei 2vix: Getting the man back together! @officialhowsei Neevok? @TeltheTrekkie ParallelsWhat's the likelihood Star Trek Picard deals with the ongoing misadventures of Arridor and Kol?'m betting in the Mirror Universe the Voyager journey through the Delta Quadrant is seven years bad luck! All the… @DrXtreme80 @StarTrek @IDWPublishing @JK_Woodward Demoted! Crewman Kim! @MastersRich I only avoid DS9 because I'm saving it for a grand rewatch! HD update is essential. @eatatquarks Absolute same! Space, time, thought are all connected!
@Captain_Revo @startrekcbs \ / (•_•)/ <) ) An / \ \ / \(•_•) ( (> dori / \ \ / (•_•) <) )> ans / \*Update* I watched: ENT Silent Enemy DSC Light & Shadows TNG The Pegasus TOS The Immunity Syndrome Christmas Carel'd love to see Stamets become some sort of weirding mushroom whisperer. A mystic wearing a cloak, who communes wit… TNG S2. trading cards packet #21. All duplicates! Wesley builds a snowman which miraculousl… @JoeSondow I hope you avoid the lurgy! This weekend we went to the Pantomime which both entertained and terrifed my children. win/win? @JoeSondow How you doing? @HaikuFlower A 49" TV. I can see the beads of sweat on Scotty's brow!
No, this is so sad. RIP to this legend.
Retweeted by TehBorg#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #20. First pack entirely of duplicates. Picard & Worf question… @AndorianSoup I've no ikeaStarship positions that it would be cool to see as regulars in Star Trek: Computer Programmer Stellar Cartographer Xeno-Archaeologist#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #19. Troi's character profile subset nears completion with #12
@karinchu Currently watching Discovery S2 'Light and Shadows' and it does look fantastic. This is one of Discovery's best. @BenCSRobinson @matt_paluch 'The Battle of the Binary Stars' is going to be something to behold on a big screen! @eatatquarks You know it! A double-bill is on my horizon! @WitneySeibold Weirdest Friends episode. @StarTrek The V'ger steps were so wonderfully bizarre and other-worldly but the ultimate reveal regarding V'ger's o… @harlander CorrectLoving all the suggestions! The Motion Picture would be my first choice but no Blu-Ray/DVD player set up yet.… finally own a TV! A big one! No more watching Star Trek on the iPad or my computer monitor. Any suggestions for t… @StarWarrior91 #StarTrekDiscovery S2 looks great. Characters are appealing. Often ties nicely in Trek lore. Plots n…
“I do not wish to acquire any scrubs. A scrub a is duotronic unit that shall not obtain any parallel processing f…
Retweeted by TehBorg @hitch_daniel No you're fine. Reciting Star Trek poetry is definitely unusual. Some consider it per-verse! @Spencetheghost Why buy one mug when you can buy two and do this?For me, this video has validated the existence of the internet.🖖🏼 @StarTrek fans, name your: Favorite Series: The Next Generation Favorite Episode: Parallels Favorite Character:…, Dec 10, at 1pm PT, 4pm ET the #StarTrekHour community on Twitter will discuss VOY S7E6 “Inside Man” Put disc…
Retweeted by TehBorgWhat Star Trek poetry would you write and post to twitter that you would also recite during sex?Q/Q #StarTrek #JamesBond TNG S2. trading cards packet #18. Completed 'Time Squared' with #172. An unexpected death p… @TrekComicWtf I've not been reading them too long myself. My first issue was 'Boldly Go' #1 but I have branched int… The encyclopedic #TrekComics knowledge on display by @TrekComicWtf is both awesome and Terry-fying! @TrekComicWtf This is outstanding work. You have taken this Star Trek / Bond wordplay into the realm of #Trekcomics
#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #17. Almost completed the Riker character profile subset with… @hitch_daniel See the Gorn's Callous demeanor You face his wrath In the arena You hear his call The boulders fall Y… @NCC89471 Yes! Essentially a Bond title already. @_steelymann Very good!GoldenOcularImplant The Man with the Varon-T Disruptor The Sentient Daylights Prime Directive to Kill @NCC_17fOrmula1 Just a response to the Bond trailer being released. Looking forward to Spyfall - I do love a bit of festive 'Who' @TrekRanks 'All Our Yesterdays' is perfect 👌 @Captain_Revo Yes. Totally fits the Bond obsession with 'day' words @hitch_daniel This is a great shout!Star Trek episode titles which could also be James Bond film titles. I'll start: 'For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky'. @TrekCore The next #StarTrekDiscovery captain is... Saru! Glorious Saru! Captain of the future! He's the one they w… #TOS 'The Gamesters of Triskelion' Gladiatorial combat & social justice. Difficult to mesh humour & roman…
Go listen to this, ya mooks!
Retweeted by TehBorg#StarTrek #TOS 'The Trouble with Tribbles' Out and out comedy. Plenty of slapstick. Absolutely hilarious. Klingons… #DCFontana thanks for #EncounterAtFarpoint. It changed my trajectory
Retweeted by TehBorg @TrekkieRob Star trek IV: The Voyage Home. It's funny, heartwarming and relevant as hell. @TrekCaptions I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick. TNG S2. trading cards packet #16. We complete 'Contagion' with #168. After one too many gla… Trek: Year Five #8 is out now. Here's my black and white art for the first few pages.
Retweeted by TehBorg @TrekCaptions This is the beginning of a beautiful franchise#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #15. We complete 'The Royale' with #171. Can Data win big at t…
Longtime #StarTrek writer David Gerrold has reported via Facebook that legendary Trek writer Dorothy "D.C." Fontana…
Retweeted by TehBorg#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #14. The first card in the series! For some reason it's #109?…
@ElleninAnger I'm team #Trorf @MastersRich They spent a romantic evening watching 'Lawnmower Man' on the Enterprise-D's big screen.#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #13. It's advent proper, therefore it's only fitting that the… @TrekOnTheTube Moral grey areas are some of Star Trek's best work. Garak is not a 'good' person but he is very inte… @Tyjos84 @Mirror_Ayako @StarTrek @fmfagan @zoidberg95 @Tyranicus @TTrekkie @DWSSG01 @trekfan4747 @AndorianSoup I'm…
#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #12 Filled in a few gaps today but the highlight is this foil… @ArtofTrek @Captain_Revo But of course the proof is in the pudding! I look forward to having all concerns allayed a… @ArtofTrek @Captain_Revo I agree with Revo that a Star Trek show can exist which is not about Starfleet - It can st… @Captain_Revo Thank you @Captain_Revo A perfect likeness! Where are these Doppelgängers coming from?
@anilkchander @StarTrek_DST Amazing!#StarTrekAdventCalendar TNG S2. trading cards packet #11 116 Borg 158 Klingons It's packet #3 & #6 again otherwise… debit card expired and all my #TrekComics subscriptions have been delayed! With details updated I'm eagerly awai… #StarTrek
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