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Senior editor, CNET News. I cover browsers, photography, lots of new tech. DMs open or email The squirming facts exceed the squamous mind.

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@KentGerman I decided that frequent flyer points are not worth my while given blackout dates etc. I always end up s…, New Mexico. @Elena_Arney Yes we found via @Hipcamp @danackerman Points for originality but wow, what a weird approach. Proabably better than riffing off Soylent Geeen. @pencoyd @what3words As a wilderness person I see the utility (trailheads alone are a difficult issue), but the bus… mobile phone network was essential for our getting help. But real humans were critical, too. We would have been… gained new appreciation for @what3words yesterday after our van radiator busted in 100°F Utah desert (washboard w… — Bust your ankle on a hike? Canadian & US emergency services now are using @what3words technology to pin…
@jetscott I've had a number of those too. Once in an airport, once in some crowded tourist destination, lots of people all jammed in...
@David4Kindness No water so that's a bit harsh by desert glamping standars. But cots and a portaloo @sogrady Yes! Me tooUnclear whether this counts as glamping. Near Hatch, Utah.
@rupertg YET @louisgray @fitbit I think about things like this every now and again when I accidentally have Google maps set to t… behind the scene footage of Bambi...🦌🎥
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland"Our code must reflect the people we serve." A @CNET exclusive from @stshank
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Twitter eng recently shared that we would be making the language in our code, docs, and configs more inclusive. I w…
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland"Any damage to the facility would be a major setback, said @fab_hinz , who called the fire 'very, very suspicious.'… @kateo Unclear @kateo We just canceled our road trip because of the pandemic. :(Exclusive: Twitter getting rid of problematic programming language like "slave" and "master," says @stshank tip…
Retweeted by Stephen ShanklandInteresting videos. Day 2 has a lot on progressive web apps (PWAs), the modern movement to promoting interactive we… the Apple Design Award: ASMR Edition
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland @dctrjack @indigoviolate YMMV My wisdom teeth (4) removal lasted more than an hour though it went smoothly. They p… engineers are trying to replace decades-old technology terms like "master," "slave," "blacklist" and "white… @VexTVOfficial @Serrels More butter. I actually like it with nutritional yeast flakes too. The only movie theater… Dnepr AN-124-100 RA-82081 from KSFB to KNUQ. Sitting at the Field 7 hrs before departure to KOAK. w/…
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland @VexTVOfficial @Serrels We started making a lot more popcorn at home to chow on during home TV/movie nights. It doe… @MichelFloyd Ironically, when I stay home for a long time as recommended, I'm more likely to forget my mask when I do go out. @jginfla They aren't as interesting to watch, but yes. I do see lots of mask noncompliance among people out and ab… shopping at Safeway today. Everybody was wearing a mask. Nobody melted down, blew a gasket, exploded in outrag… @stevenewing Is it real this time? @jonathansampson The number of post-installation hoops to jump through is ever increasing. I suspect many companies…
@jonathansampson Brave: "Install Brave?" Me: *clicks button* Brave: "SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO BRAVE REWARDS!" :)At long last my favorite synth-pop band has revealed the obscured words muttered at the beginning of their song Rec… @RaeHodge You OK, @ghaff? @KentGerman @stevenewing @Tim_Stevens Ironically, it might be CRM software sending that emailRaise your gaze! CNET has a space calendar so you know when to keep your eye out for rockets going up and meteor sh… @ghaff @Tim_Stevens Agree. And phone, music streaming, cloud storage... Here's @elonmusk on full self-driving subs… @ghaff @Tim_Stevens 10 years out, all bets are off. :( But I note that Tesla sells computer upgrades, raising the… @ghaff @Tim_Stevens Indeed, and carmakers need to pad their profit margins any way they can. But at least payment…, D.D. Danger — clearly all the best TV shows feature blue-haired girls.A subscription to pay for car features seems unpleasant. But I also worry a lot about cars whose computer never get… displays many of the social media patterns that researchers have concerns about, mainly through the creation…
Retweeted by Stephen ShanklandTIL that @Grimezsz did the opening music for this great TV show. I wish there were more episodes. Tide mice FTW. @sil But my question is whether the website is refusing to save the cookie or whether the browser is blocking the c… one of the consequences of anti-tracking technology that websites don't remember all the times I clicked "do not… times with hypercubes aka tesseracts aka 4-dimensional cubes — requires a browser with WebGL 2 graphics abiliti… Cubers coming to Netflix: @thsherif Sweet. I'd go a little slower to bask more in the mind-bendingness of it all. And maybe I'm holding it w… @RachelRayns @ben_nuttall Sorry, to be clear, which is imaginary — the cat, the vomit, or the app? @thsherif OK now seen on WebGL 2 browser. This is great! It would be even better if there were a way to set automa… @thsherif @philogb Remind me to try this a bit later today after I get off my iPad. @katiecollins @beccacaddy No no see that’s why they invented Twitter. Just take your tweeting skills and apply them… @caro @katiesmithadair @Hagan It me @Batteryhq Yugoslavia I think @lukemulks Shopping carts were so much less fraught before the coronavirus pandemic.
Carl Reiner once gave me a signed DVD of "The Man With Two Brains," but I lost it. He showed up at some Intel event… @jimbomorrison It's not a permanent change as I understand it, and certainly not sustainable. Cadillac Desert is wo…"Hi-Speed USB 2.0" is technically correct as branding guidelines go, but eww.Parched. I grew up next to this river, a little string of wet bisecting a pretty dry state. Albuquerque now is gett… @Serrels Actually. That is better not worse. @dhh I hesitate to ask, but what do you think about adding contacts, calendar...Custom domains is important. It's how you set your email as instead of Of course… National Policy Institute's website today after YouTube closed Richard Spencer's account on Monday.… now lets you plug your @googlesheets spreadsheet into big honking data stores reached via the cloud using Go… doing some hard work to try to make Android less vulnerable to attack: @garysimmons @AnyListApp I avoid it for various reasons, too, also including the fact that I want to avoid being tr… @suka_hiroaki @AnyListApp Seems pretty Machiavellian for Apple, particularly since it would cause lots of collatera… authentication people, it's worth reading every word of this post on why @anylistapp won't add Sign in by Apple… @hughhowey Often these links lead to stories that are as bad as you'd expect. Part of the point is that advertisers…👀 @PoliticoRyan You can sidestep some of this using web apps, but Apple isn't as enthusiastic about web apps today as… @PoliticoRyan I don't expect people to buy 2 phones, but there's genuine competition in the mobile market at the ph… rights orgs - the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP & Color of Change - called on others to "hit pause on hat…
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland @PoliticoRyan Not taking a stand here, but of course it depends on how you define the market. I have both Android p… what technology miniaturization has enabled since the era of the mainframe. @jonobennett Yeah, pretty clear case of user error. I need to check how it works and how obvious the settings are.… @rfavali BAM! That's exactly what happened. Now to move them over to the correct account... Thanks, and good call. @jonobennett I'm using the Google Contacts app so one would hope it would be pretty direct. (I hate how iOS and Goo… is it that Google contacts added on my Android phone are not appearing on the web or on my other phone? Anybody… @stroughtonsmith Windows Hello works really well on higher-end machines in my experience. Has trouble with backlighting. Still, I like it.
Cleaning up and found this flashback to WWDC 2019, a very different experience than this year. hackers extorted $1.14m from University of California, San Francisco
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Doggy TV
@mims And what pray tell were *you* planning on doing with these collard greens? #DoubleStandards
@jetscott @lesatnews Who owns rights to that? And when are they going to move into the 21st century? @lesatnews @jetscott Exact same thing happened with me and the movie Selma, but that was a bit more predictable giv… @David4Kindness Yes, retail experiences can be good if you live near one. I like them for being able to get a physi… @reillystyley @Cloudflare It's not too late to delete that tweet and rethink your life choices."We couldn't be happier," @cloudflare CTO John Graham Cumming says of Apple's approach to encrypted DNS.This is an extraordinary essay on race and legacy.
Retweeted by Stephen ShanklandEvery time I whip out Apple TextEdit to take notes, autocorrect bites me in the butt. It just changed anti-racist (… is joining the encrypted DNS camp to boost privacy, with work in iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur that will let Safar… @jezell Oh, I see. I'm skeptical the purpose of WSL is to rebuild Windows on a Linux kernel, or that doing so would… @jezell wait, Linux version of what?Microsoft’s Palo Alto store, very close to an Apple store in the same mall, was almost empty every time I walked by… wonder if the new Ford F-150's onboard generator that's built into the bed will be able to charge the upcoming el…
Retweeted by Stephen Shankland @nomadgoods I think you need to get your objects flatter and get your camera orthogonal to the surface. If you look… iPad keyboard lifestyle has improved now that I’ve internalized Cmd-[ as a replacement for a hardware escape key…