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designer at @agencyatn, ddr, itg, piu, 3s, idols, hardcore and smash. other things too, probably. he/him/they/them

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@rogerclark @nitroburr @theWillDobeast yeah it's kinda gay to call someone a homosexual @7Ten @TaroNuke @oshisaure haha! yeah, close enough :POverhead in the office of the product manager of my smart meter display unit: "Yep, that's perfect. Ship it" /cc…
Retweeted by foy @paulbensonsucks they do be :(ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEEEEEEE
Retweeted by foy @TaroNuke @7Ten shit this one is a classic. the lass is off her nut. it think her uncle died of COVID and all. @paulbensonsucks Can't even get a fucking preorder in over here, nightmare
Retweeted by foyMade a few tweaks to the BBC1 Christmas Day schedule
Retweeted by foy @_laynaw Stayed up til 1 this morning fixing a freelancer's screw up, i know how it feels... @honeyparast so small, so wonderful, what a friendly face!me with a dark web sourced dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine minutes before booking a flight back to Japan @shoebillcore79 YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GIVEN. Maybe one of my fave breakcore tracks of all a time. It was pla… this isn't accurate as it doesn't seem to track albums very well)and my top albums still don't use spotify, so here's my top artists from @fonix232 Wow, y'all get all the funWhat a headline @nakedmallrat Oh hold on, talking shit there. Try purge your cache and see what happens @nakedmallrat Frame rate mismatch between video and project?I'm standing here having noclipped through the boundaries.
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@theWillDobeast Gordon Ramsay
Retweeted by foy @besthouseintown I actually stole it from Facebook, haha
some lucky bastard is gonna be the first person to take a backwards long jump selfie on those bottom left stairs an…
Retweeted by foyFurther proof cats get the good chairs in this house. @BlitzThose I think that's a trademark of Arby's
Retweeted by foy @lewlew2003 I think your disk drive is trying to print or scan somethingTories going all in on stopping Scottish independence. @juwubeat @emuonyurshoe wow, this tweet fuckin' sucksHe was a punk, she did ballet
Retweeted by foyThere are angry ladies all over Yankee Candle’s site reporting that none of the candles they just got had any smell…
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I think a lot of us are this dog.
Retweeted by foy @bigracoonenergy i dunno, this is pretty manly @theWillDobeast @7Ten @juwubeat weebDangerous. What if a paedophile got hold of one of these machines?
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Retweeted by foy @breesophiebree @7Ten Packing straps ARE important business @cublexfox @gleed729 perfect tweethuh
Retweeted by foyHmm I don’t see this ending well
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@nakedmallrat Yeah, although the second I leave the room he's up on my GAMER CHAIR making holes in it. Wee bastard.Completed Streets of Rage 4 with @7Ten (and Baboonie, The Gamer Cat)! Not a huge fan of side scrolling fighters, bu…, they're sleeping @7Ten @AmetDj @ColonelFalcon @kingmonkey25 @emuonyurshoe @piuspain @ArcadeDreamsDoc @arcadebelgium @arcadeattackUK've been using my DDR mat as center square for VR, but Desmond won't stop sleeping on it end of last month vs the end of this month :'( could have theoretically experienced both the London Blitz Blackout (1940) and Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It (2008)
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@TheTerraceTV sorry (not sorry) @scDotDave maybe some radio jingles thrown in there, to show it was originally ripped from the radio, perfectionhe tried this again, but not before checking to see if I could shoot him in the face if he used the guns to cover it (I could)environmental storytelling, have this
Retweeted by foyYou, a gamer: "The Master System version of Home Alone is the best one because it combines tight arcade-style gamep…
Retweeted by foy @KingDingDan @_laynaw 8GB of Ram(ming force) @Stalast ughhh, why do PCs suck. but yeah, makes sense to wait, I've made it this far with the CPU, it can go a wee… @UKRaveComments @JAKAZiD @technicatemusic @indexmusic_ it's finally happened!i've been full time in the industry since 2015 and this is almost a daily occurrence for me's the burger called, wrong answers only @Stalast Should I wait for the Ryzen 5XXX series? Looking at a 3700X at the moment to upgrade from my 5820k.
Jeremy Corbyn: Perhaps we could live with some dignity? England: No thanks, we're doing Logan's Run now.
Retweeted by foy @jessindia Maybe one day it'll let me get a bit closer to it for a proper photoshoot...When a pirate is about to cum.
Retweeted by foyACTIVATED @aliina_apine Ironically - Unironically - Gears Up for Another Double-XP Weekend
Retweeted by foyAbsolutely spectacular night for Labour and the Lib Dems, surprise gains for the SNP and a total wipe out for the T…
Retweeted by foydeeply enjoying the emergence of google search snippets like these
Retweeted by foy @mashcore4mums (to be fair, it must be much harder to concentrate when she's playing Mario… from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Retweeted by foyedgy facebook commenter van thread♯全日本失敗写真協会 めっちゃかっこいい猫のポーズ撮れたと思って確認したら手が届かなかった事に抗議する目でこっちをガン見してきてた
Retweeted by foy @KamSage Perhaps, but would they be as entertaining? @besthouseintown i saw them on the roof of the DDR hut before, so they must like it enough here!Her third column in three days complaining she’s been silenced.
Retweeted by foy @twiitar [untranscribable noises]hey everyone, look at this low resolution photo of a fox I saw in my back garden they say the baby shoes thing is the saddest six word story
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we built a neural net out of the consciousness of every sunburned guy ordering a full English on the Costa Del Sol…
Retweeted by foy @mashcore4mums oh my god, that's so bad @7Ten wtf, spookyNO
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Retweeted by foyThe only reason I realized was because they kept sending me Tomato Sauce through the post. It was weird.Had a vivid dream last night where I transferred £8000 to Heinz (yeah, the beans people) by accident. It was a very… @_laynaw just do it √very excited about the leaked update to sandwiches @Primeius In a way I regret getting my 2070s, buy on the other hand, fuck shit like this!