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Person, Human, Earth dweller. Product Person/Agile Coach. All thoughts are my own, except quotes. They are quotes.

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@fazalkhan You 'heard'...Look, I'm just going to clap all day, every day from here on out. If you need the boost, take as many claps as you need, okay? @jonodrew The weirdest Bank Holidays ever. My other half is working on the Monday because why not? @JonnyBones Certainly not in a straight line anyway
Retweeted by Stuart Hollands @Dyslexic_aDve @MMortemm Winner 👆👆👆 @stamanfar Yeah, Hubspot is the closest to 'good' that I have seen on my travels. @Haikatrine @pleddy @linecook *back to baking @Haikatrine @pleddy @linecook Apparently it's not just everybody going bake to baking. The logistics of the supply… @JustCrosby Be ause its your voice, but only at certain points. @JustCrosby *You're* wonderful. P.S. Listening to your brother on Radio X freaks me out. @dominiccampbell @Boro Replace both of them and the world would be a better place... @Writerer Have you not seen? He was basically in cahoots with Jimmy Saville.Finally made it up on the North Downs for sunrise. @mattbee @urbanautomaton
@Coldwar_Steve Cilla should definitely get a fine. Should be at home. @jayracemedia Nice! I'll take a look.Me: "It'll be great! We'll have loads of time to exercise and more time to cook healthy foods. We'll be ripped by t… the F*#& were press photographers at that 13 year old kids funeral??? @tomwm @iknowthewords I will listen again. I have always felt none of the Beatles albums hold together as a 'great… @jayracemedia What was used and where can I watch Jay? @iknowthewords The Beatles *ducks*
@LongpigsBand @MildManneredMax @crispinhunt @RichardHawley @Tim_Burgess Yeeeeeeeessssss. In my top 5 of all time. Do it. @dominiccampbell To be honest, I think people are looking at the usual death rates per day (which, let's be honest,… @Flavourly Hi there, I have just had an order delivered, but only half of it has turned up!
Now socialism has been co-opted by the Tories to bail out big business and football clubs, we can probably say we a… @thebodycoach Jack is ready! #fancydressfriday
@tomwm That is what another friend of mine is saying right now on another chat. We'll never know that I guess. Alth… is fascinating to me. I see people who are saying "stop spreading the governments propaganda" but there is an… @marcusjdl All this can be proved with data. If death rates for this year are *not* significantly increased, will y… @johnthelutheran @Psephizo What if you are a herbivore?
@DollyGarland @thommeread 2020 couldn't look more like a Zombie film at this point. @UKSFO @val_pearce "Never install software" actually reads terribly. Honest feedback. People need clear guidance. @emmaisawake Doesn't look like you in the photo. 🤔 @il_moniker @natbalancenutri @theawayfans Lengths
@Steven_Swinford Winter? I can't be coupled up at home for that long. @Dave90324770 @SadButMadLad @PoliceWarr Well I'm glad you're alright Jack (Dave). @Dave90324770 @SadButMadLad @PoliceWarr No, you. You are asking for liberty to be stripped. They are exercising liberty. @JamesSharp87 It gets people talking about the signs rather than the ineffective faces above it. @Dave90324770 @SadButMadLad @PoliceWarr Look, people are observing it impeccably considering how big of a change ha…
@danawhite She's okay @britpoprevival I can only echo those sentiments. Tattva wasn't even the best Kula Shaker song. And Kula Shaker were shit. @TheJamieDub1 @JohnSmi49341296 @brightstarling @OwenJones84 I hope you remember this stance when the governments cu… @ChadAllenHudson @PickardJE He is plenty self-aware, it's deliberate.My annoyance levels at seeing the words 'Tiger' and 'King' together on Twitter are seemingly matched only by my lev… @gordon_struth @ClarkeMicah Oh, I quite agree that it should be the scientists and medical professionals whose opin… @Rich__Potter @ZingiberChris @CPFCLJT @Cliveeck9 @routeonephoto Annnnnnd... we've lost the thread. I'm aware there… @ZingiberChris @Rich__Potter @CPFCLJT @Cliveeck9 @routeonephoto Okay, I hear you. But this is not really comparing… @gordon_struth @ClarkeMicah Except he didn't say that at all did he? I assume the sheep next to your name is ironic? @Rich__Potter @CPFCLJT @Cliveeck9 @routeonephoto You realise they still pay tax on dividends don't you?Octopus #MakeaBondFilmLessInterestingMy dad was chopping up firewood and was stopped in his tracks by the face of an Ostrich. It's not Jesus in some por… ex-supreme court judge lambasts 'disgraceful' policing
Retweeted by Stuart HollandsI'm not sure what is more frightening: the stripping of civil liberties and freedoms currently in action, or the wi… @Dave90324770 @SadButMadLad @PoliceWarr I think the deeper question is whether we want to live in such a police state. @Dave90324770 @SadButMadLad @PoliceWarr Okay bot @ChrisFormaggia @BorisJohnson This is why I can't take any of this seriously. They MUST be doing this kind of thing… @karlhoods YES! Who are these people? Scheduling hour long vid cons at 5.15 because "we all have more time"
@celebreedy 54% Fatima Whitbread, 46% Joaquin Phoenix
@davidschneider And people *still* don't question why the rest of us have to panic like the world is ending. @johnrodercomm This is the follow up to "we'll delay IR35 roll out". That was never the main show in town. This is…
@lizcitron is a great person to learn from. I truly wouldn't be where I am today without her. If you are looking fo… I didn't do today: - Commute - Get properly dressed - Take a full lunch break - Exercise - Go outside - Sna…
@JoelGSamuel Also, edit please. @JoelGSamuel This is the tweet 8ve been waiting to see. It's like people have thought "oh, that email I was going t… who knew about this madness years ago... Definitely Sheryl Crow in "All I Wanna Do" "And a happy couple e…
The @thebodycoach workout is really good fun when you sit down scoffing McCoy's and watching the children do it.
@TammyWallace2 Next year? Our notice of intention runs out this year. I'm not answering all those questions on Moll…
@fazalkhan Fuck that. I've been stuck with the kids for just one weekend. The last thing it's made me think is "I want more" @stamanfar Yes. But before all this madness. About 5pm now.How to cancel your wedding... #COVIDー19 #covid19UK #laughsforQuarantine
@rufous There's a lot of love for that post and loads of other that are very similar that have appeared in the past… @symroe @laurenlaverne I though she had been ever since 'Punka'
@thommeread I'm not accepting that. I need you to properly email me...
@NickBrightDJ @jordannorth1 "Use the sausage as a breakwater"I know footballers are known for wanting everything bigger and better than normal humans, but these Partick Thistle… wonder if this can become the most retweeted tweet ever, for no reason.
Retweeted by Stuart Hollands @natbalancenutri To be fair, the virus will probably fuck off if it hears it.
@JoCArthur Nope, no doughnuts. Nobody likes doughnuts. I hate doughnuts. *realises he doesn't have to slim so fast… @JoCArthur That is bad. How exactly did that happen? We are in the same boat cancellation-wise we think. Maybe we s… @tomwm Hopefully I can now...Controversial opinion: as a ticket holder for #Glastonbury this year and having seen the line-up so far, the best p… @DN35GTFC @OfficeOfWilson It's the weirdest spelling of "Wanker" I've ever seen. @mattjameswright Yep, absolutely. I feel like some people think it means they don't have to worry about tax rules at all.The figure to the left is our current joint bank balance. The white void to the right is probably us, for the rest… sure why Tilda Swinton is trending, but her range of rice's is probably the best in the world.My ad-hoc reminder to contractors that the #IR35Delay simply means that YOU are fully responsible for your status r…
@Dyslexic_aDve Mad Max: Turdy RoadThe one where Helen Whately turns into Cartman every time she says 'school'. I think I might try to date a politic… Take extra care over hygiene. Commuters in London: most worrying thing about that statement to me was "not an absolute ban on public gatherings, but don't expect…"Prime Minister, as it is now Christmas 2020, don't you think now is the time for decisive action on COVID-19?" recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home.
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@TicketmasterCS No worries, thanks! I wouldn't fancy your job right now! @TicketmasterUK how do I get a refund on my UFC London tickets?
@simoneverest @tomwm @thombeckett @tomwm Finally! Our mates seem to know a trick to get them every year. It will happen I reckon. If not, they better… @scottcolfer My exes boat used to be moored there! Unmistakable. I hope you're well mate. @tomwm The latter. Can't stand my soon to be wife. 😉 You have a point. I need to listen to Caribou as they were one…