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Two pints of Peroni and half of Lemo

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@MikeLUHGv3 Nice. @ChowFor @YoungyLFC1892 He cheated on his wife with his daughters best friend whilst his wife was going through illness.These cunts definitely are the devils club. Shite again tonight & 70% of the season, yet 2 keeper mistakes and Gome…
Retweeted by Stuart @johncrossmirror Why's the top few rows empty.? Any reason @miffythegamer Miffy you are a danger.. Please stay away from playgrounds.. @nna_amadi @TheFinalGed @GaryLineker Mankind Is a danger to washing Lines @DaveKirby01 @SimonBrundish 👍🏼
@DaveKirby01 @SimonBrundish You got any poems penned ready dave?I knew Alisson was the best goalkeeper in the world. I just didn't realise how absurd some of his stats are.
Retweeted by Stuart @IanDoyleSport Click click click click. BaitAny jobs going Rts appreciated 👍🏼
Retweeted by StuartPlease try to RT, share as much as possible. Really interesting to get feedback on this pilot show with…
Retweeted by Stuart @StAus_Police Bacon @StAus_Police
Retweeted by StuartWow! @Tyson_Fury
Retweeted by StuartThis was great post fight analysis on my way back from Vegas. Nice one Tris.
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@martine_marty @Tyson_Fury I'm having fun looking back on my Facebook memories reminding people who have jumped on the bandwagon.. @aftgomes @Everton Mate, you sprained your ankle.. I cut my toenail too short last week..Knew Tyson Fury would be the greatest heavyweight of this era when this dropped tbh
Retweeted by StuartFuck @Jord_watts @Jordan_Smith_2 Not bad tits them.. @davediamondo @Tyson_Fury Or maybe not.𝙊𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙚𝙛𝙩... A few moments before he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 on away soil. 𝙊𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩... A few…
Retweeted by Stuart @Sam_Edwards81 @TheFinalGed I'm gonna have to say I'm not sure if this has a cock or cunt.. @NilWil1972 Be nice at Anfield with the champs next season he will @LauraNirider @SDrizin Most definitely will.. 👍🏼 @goal Tyson Fury @martine_marty What a man.. ❤️Since John Fury absolutely nailed the prediction for #FuryWilder It’s probably worth looking back at his prediction…
Retweeted by StuartIn case you forgot, this was genuinely Cristiano Ronaldo's last ever touch for Real Madrid. It's still funny to thi…
Retweeted by StuartJust discovered Gillian McKeith's Canadian TV show and it's as iconic as you'd expect
Retweeted by Stuart"Tyson smashes him to pieces and makes him quit and cry!" 😳 John Fury called it. Tyson Fury didn't let his dad dow…
Retweeted by StuartIt's quite simply the greatest story in boxing history 👑 #TheGypsyKing
Retweeted by Stuart @RoyalANfield @miss_offensive @Daman @oneworld75 @arielhelwani HaThis is amazing. They show Wilder, already with hands wrapped, stretching on the floor in his locker room. Cut to F…
Retweeted by Stuart @greesyduck @MailOnline GrassTHE GYPSY KING 👑 The moment @Tyson_Fury was crowned as the best heavyweight on the planet. 📽️: @ESPN
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@GuillemBalague @sport @LaLigaEN @premierleague @LaLiga Predictions for Second leg Liv V Atleti😭😭😭 for pizza with Rach last night. I'm fairly certain her eating hers like this means she's a psychopath, but she…
Retweeted by Stuart @LauraNirider @SDrizin Is this the podcast hosted by Jason Flom? Or is this a different one..Yer got terrored there Stan 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Stuart @CitySection PredatorThis is the best thing i will ever hear.
Retweeted by StuartTyson fury sent deontay wilder this video 3 years ago when he was over 25 stone and on the brink of suicide and ton…
Retweeted by StuartIn Zanzibar coach Mani Gamera of Miembeni has been suspended for 6 months and fined circa $200 after his celebratio…
Retweeted by StuartI'm backing the Gypsy King 👑Hi @GreggsOfficial, is it company policy to reward people have a history of homophobic slurs? Do you condone him ca…
Retweeted by Stuart @Loira_do_sul_ @villaggio24Liverpool folk: Get yourself down to the oldest and best Chinese restaurant in the city and help them resist this x…
Retweeted by StuartGet ready for the biggest #LFCWorld event in India as @aBOSSNight with @JamieWebster94 takes the stage😍 He’s joine…
Retweeted by Stuart🤣🤣 Sound on 🔊 Come on @Tyson_Fury! #WilderFury2
Retweeted by Stuart @speedomick go on mick.. 👊🏼🍾 @martine_marty Oh yeah @metpoliceuk 😂😂😂😂 The fuck is she.. @martine_marty Never been so nervously excited for a fight since Ricky V Manny..
@speedomick National treasure.. We love you mate.. Absolute credit to yourself and all your family and loved ones.. ❤️ @Buffyblonde10 Oh jeez.. @piersmorgan your fighter
Retweeted by Stuart @martine_marty @Tyson_Fury Can't wait.. What a lad he is.. ❤️Rape gang review kept secret as Home Office claims releasing findings ‘not in public interest’
Retweeted by Stuart @st_1878 @6Xs13 The only one knocking out wanks is your Ma for spice spliffs.Here we go!!! 🔥 Watch the #WilderFury2 live weigh-in show with Lennox Lewis and David Haye now 👇
Retweeted by Stuart @mehdirhasan Remember when you called white people cattle.. @talkSPORT ChampThe fourth oldest club in football is in danger of going out of existence as it needs £30,000 to survive.
Retweeted by StuartThat skill from Pep Lijnders 👌⚽️
Retweeted by StuartRight guys retweet this tweet and will pick someone for a free sub courtesy of @Photography_9 who donated £30 to b…
Retweeted by Stuart @AlexMathieson95 @JoeBev97 @josbuttler @whoismoira @SteBonesJones @RobGutmann @Knox_Harrington Massive fan of Richard RamirezHe’s really out here with a strait face blaming the ball for us being shite sksksksksksksksks 😂😂😂 #OleOut
Retweeted by Stuart𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙋𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚’𝙨 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙢𝙥𝙞𝙤𝙣 This was absolutely epic 🙌 @Tyson_Fury #WilderFury2
Retweeted by Stuart @piersmorgan this ❤️
Retweeted by Stuart @digispikex @mr_asiwaju @BillyDib @WorldwideAFC @TH14Stuff Stay away from children. @NilWil1972 I did. @NilWil1972 He's a ringer if it's not, I'd bet all my weeks wages it is.. @NilWil1972 Oh ffs.. 😂😂😂😂National Treasure men at work are rude to me about being scouse i know it translates to “my bird went to Liverpool on a night ou…
Retweeted by StuartLet’s remember this too. Another one who hates that fucking rag.
Retweeted by Stuart @JoeBev97 😂😂😂 think Alex has blocked me. @utdcarlos Nonce @virgochild74 @DuncanBannatyne Bollocks. If you've got cock n balls you're a man.. Simple biology @RunReissRun Incredible 😂😂😂😂Remember these Reds laughing at the Everton trophy cabinet at a wedding in Goodison, it’s got a toy car and a piece…
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@thewhitmore Old nonceBest of all time
Retweeted by StuartWe’re going to be busy in May 👀 Here’s something a bit different, a BOSS Special w/ @DUALIPA 🙌🏽 - 29/05…
Retweeted by Stuart @MikeyTHFC Stay away from children @ftblroy @_sharuf @ManUtdTrophies Technically you need to stay away from children. @lfcwiII Here's a reminder you should stay away from children.Well son, you left us to go live in San Francisco. You are dead to us.
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@GuillemBalague How is that good for football.. Ridiculous precedent to set. @thedsggroup It's Devon Malcolm..👀 @KingKennyStand Was at the game the other day and they had massive banner with the commentary upto that goal.. Made me smile a bit. 😂