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An amateur photo enhancer: repairing & enhancing early colour photography. I don't colourise them (they were already taken in colour). This is just a hobby.

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Logging in to see everyone's support has amazed me. Thank you all for caring. I'm afraid I'm far from being well ye…
You may not hear from me for a few days. I've been quite unwell and feverish to be honest. And yes, I've booked a t…
@johnfreeman_DTT You may like this (?) @mrdavidjwilson I find that hard to believe [sic]It is Friday 27th April 1917: I have Babelised this autochrome of Hario Garcia in Segovia, Spain. He was born in th… @DialConfession I basically loved the totally stripped down ones - Blink, Midnight, Heaven Sent... and abhor the ne… @DialConfession And it has the *best* music 💕 @DialConfession It is my Desert Island episode - the one I'd save from a burning archive. Love it to bits! @thebrainofspock @hellothisisivan He who Dares wins. @DialConfession It demonstrates his captivity is a mental construct. Not a real place. He is confined by his though… @ZodinsBrother Indeed. I'm also wondering whether he is wearing a polo neck because he's literally just been playin… @somersetchris @MisterWilliams There are some beautiful rare moments of high humour that do not require fact-checki… @MondsJenny @koka7 Indeed!
@DanaStill1 Relieved someone did their research before tweeting @DanaStill1 Thank you for sharing your knowledge @Rogue_Teabag For a wax cylinder. @phoelscher1 @patrick161616 No wonder he wanted to show it off in the photo rather than having it tucked under his sleeve. @martinblanc All I know is that the autochrome is from 1907 and called "Man in Red Sweater". Beyond that, I have no idea. @THFCtid_v2 Hilarious, since you've gone off in a thin-skinned huff! @THFCtid_v2 Well, moan elsewhere thanks. @THFCtid_v2 Wow, some folks don't know what to moan about! @musicguitarhero You're just an Edwardian beau. @forestmat That is really kindhearted and generous of you Matthew. And greatly appreciated. Thank you @joeyheroin ...yes way!... 😀 @koka7 The polo neck and wristwatch certainly don't scream "Edwardian" at me! @mabuzzer Yes! I can see that! @forestmat Thank you MatthewThis is a good one to try to guess the year, as the fashion transcends the decades. Unfortunately, Google's reverse… 20th March 1916. This is an autochrome of French soldiers stationed during the Great War at Medenine in sout…
@MsMartha_writer 💕 Thank you @CrazyCaptionWho @WhovianLeap MorbiusToday I offer you a restoration of a really fantastic colour autochrome from the beginning of The Great War, showin…
Retweeted by BabelColour 🎞 @admgb It is greatly appreciated Antony. Thank you very much for your kindness. @RandomRailways Thank you very much for your support and kindness ♥️ @fred_cm1b How lovely. Thank you! @maxschramp Can you now do this to American History? @jdutton69 If I'd have drunk it all I'd never sleep again! @ChrisChapman81 Lovely find. And interesting to see that my dad wasn't the only one to hollow-out an old book in which to store things. @josh_snares Maybe I should ask him to record a surprise appearance in the epilogue of the Timeless Doctors.... @CooperHillier @SinisaCatic Stop following me then. If you don't like what I do fuck off and follow someone else @syedjamalkazmi 💕 Thank you Jamal @Helenpea_007 @iambrfr This is the torn version I have repaired a torn and damaged autochrome, depicting the hustle & bustle of the Mayday market in Ireland…
@CharlieCharlcom @stumeech No, an autochrome @madamjojoe Thank you @limeytim Thank you x @petek_78 Brilliant. So was my great-uncle. @redsandisland @Rainmaker1973 I remember him. He lost concentration one day and ended up getting the sack. @MarkBourrie @frasermatthew @limeytim If it's for your private use, go ahead and print them. I really don't mind, but it's kind of you to ask.… @mark_rice_ Yes it is @elkarrde @MulveyTerry It's an autochrome. @MartyGraw6 What makes you think I colourise? @MulveyTerry I think it is to do with the *direction* of the movement. The cars are treating away from the camera w… 98 years ago - this is the Quai d'Orsay, on the left bank of the Seine, photographed in colour back in 1923.… @LucyLas97115374 Thank you Lucy ♥️ @gareth71 @TheArchini To be fair, I *don't* do a lot of fantastic colourisation work at all. I actually explain in… @Boros10 That is very kind and thoughtful and generous of you Leon. Thank you very much indeed. @matthew5242 Thank you
@TheMichaelMoran Slapdash and Lacklustre @AzuraeLyonheart @primevideouk I suppose that's a matter of opinion. @hwrth_ It was. @GoonerGoggz @mikkiboy23 @mikkiboy23 I enhance early colour photography. I don't tweet colourisations. You'd be better off asking someone like Marina Amaral @ClaireTemagami6 It is an amazingly modern-looking shirt. @sinny181 It pretty cool now - but amazing for 95 years ago! @Zeppelinlover1 It's a man, surely.Tonight I have Babelised this rather striking portrait, recorded by the National Geographic has having been taken i… @GrumpyPompey ?? @markthehutch Thank you 😊 @Chilly_in_the That is extremely kind of you John. Thank you very much indeed 💕 @dannydarko25 Thank you @BettyStovesEyes ❤️ @c_dan4th @ZachWeiner It sounds feasible. I've done similar in the past. It all depends on the nature of the image… @Snap_Ambush711 @imarealploy @primevideouk They flogged the idea to within an inch of its life. @Eircraft Thank you very much Adrian 😊 @primevideouk The Matrix should *never* have had sequels. It was a fantastic stand-alone movie diminished immeasura… @dvsoest That is very kind and thoughtful of you Dick. Thank you very much indeed @Hevtyston 💕 What a lovely thing to tweet!! Thank you Hev @mikepeat Thank you Mike 😊 @mackman_gma 💕 Thank you KevinThank you so much to all the kindhearted people who supported me on ko-fi over the last 3 weeks. Your support & gen… @Andydrewz Relative time or real-time?
@pctech1com @countcol 💕 Thank you @Miauczyslava Thank you @SimbaSteph Thank you @GaySharkBlue The even layer of noise and dirt makes everything look equally flat. @Mark_Hatten I was approached by the British Museum 8 years ago to colourise photographs for their Tutankhamen exhi… followers have asked me to include more 'Before & After' comparisons, so here's an autochrome from the Albert…
Retweeted by BabelColour 🎞 @HumanOceans @mbicks66 I see what you mean. It is a hard one, because the red dyes fade most and quickest. I have t… @HumanOceans @mbicks66 Why? I don't endeavour to "restore" them to any past state, I enhance them into something completely new and modern. @TradocDCG Thank you - I'm glad you enjoy them! @mbicks66 I very much doubt it looked anything like this when first taken.Here's a restoration comparison for you - it is a 103-year-old autochrome from The Great War, showing non-commissio…
Retweeted by BabelColour 🎞I've been asked a few times this week whether I would tweet a "before & after" comparison of my colour-restoration…
Retweeted by BabelColour 🎞 @brightonianmiss Thank you so much for your kindness and support. @bradleygardner Part of the original, due to movement.A fantastic window into another time period - this bustling photograph of merchants and camels at a Khan's court in…