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Even so..even a Catholic boy and let it go. New book here…

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You know what else would stimulate the economy AND provide homes AND create jobs? Building social housing at scale.
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“People are in shock” Coming up @BBCNews at 10, my report from stricken Wigan Athletic as the EFL vows to investiga…
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Hopefully the next time MPs want a pay rise, we can all clap instead 👏
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieCovid-19 has shown how important it is to be able to get outdoors and connect with nature, but access to nature is…
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Just let this sink in.
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieEnnio Morricone playing ping pong. R.I.P. Ennio Morricone (1928-2020)
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieI see David Starkey is apologising for using “one offensive word” but here’s a thread full of his garbage from that…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieAt last some good news ! Can’t wait @mark_bonnar“The only people who complain about the Nanny State are people who’ve had nannies”. Stimulating polemic by…
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@ivft @KhalSir Brian Walden. Weekend World. Brilliant. Long gone by Gulf war though @blacksheep_111 @GaryLineker @JasonManford Stop talking on behalf of the working class mate. Delaney...Finney...Ben… saying whether you fancy me playing cool brazilian tropicalia,, Greg Foat, Morricone, Can, Swell Maps etc on… the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieYes of course #OnionRingo it is Starr has never eaten an onion. I'm launching a campaign to get him to eat an onion live online or TV on Tues… @dandewey1974 @markking Think I did that interview at your place, Mark @markking Morning Mark! Quick q that just came up on show. Did/do you have your thumb insured like star footballers…
Exciting announcement coming soon
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @markking I’ll be there ! I’ll bring nibbles @markking @TheGarlicFarm @Royalhoteliow I'm there!Morning
Fair warning: my cat Elmo interrupts my drawalong.
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieSpotify has 124 million premium subscribers. Imagine if they stepped in to assist the live music industry (their pl…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieWhat has been allowed to happen to @LaticsOfficial is disgraceful. Our club deserves so much better than this
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieSo much wrong in an eight letter headline. - cars didn't mount the pavements, drivers took that decision. - it's…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieYou had me at the word "complex".... via @scroll_in
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieI hope the message is, "If you build your fortune on human misery, you won't be able to sanitize your place in hist…
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@quantick @SamiraAhmedUK @scottygb What a miserable way of concluding itJohn Pienar on Times radio just described David Gower as ‘mythical’. Pretty sure he existed but will check Wisden.Tomorrow, Thursday 2nd July, 3.00 pm, R4, it's Open Country when you can hear a piece about Warley Woods. Lots of…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieSomething pathetic about dozens of middle-aged not very bright men and women (Tory MPs) tweeting cut and paste joy…
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @RevRichardColes Wasn’t it sweetsWhack A Mole. Gosh this is all a super wizard wheeze isn’t it ?This is absolutely lovely. RIP Carl Reiner.
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This is how everyone at the BBC starts their day.
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie29 June 1871. The Trade Union Act was passed. It gave trade unions legal status for the first time. Under its terms…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieI think that cars in town centres will turn out to be like smoking in pubs and restaurants: many fought angrily to…
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @WarleyWoods1 @BBCSounds It was last week but still at @BBCSounds x. ⁦@WarleyWoods1⁩ getting a lot of radio love at mo. It’s where I recorded the Freak Zone al fresco special (availa…
You aren't forced to. Just don't listen to or watch it. No prob. Don't pay. You're going to miss my good loving tho… @Teatlemania Yes!Kids! Don't switch off the Freak Zone on @BBC6Music for The People's Songs on @BBCRadio2. You can catch up with tha… who work in pen and ink. Tell me your preferred type of pen, ink and paper. Just for fun. #penchat
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @ClareusAdams Featured album on FZ in a couple of weeksSell out!
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieHi, Prime Minister Expert here. I know the 'push up' looks cute, but they actually only do that when they're distre…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieFor Cameron-type Tories, identity politics is the new Big Society. Sounds cool & liberal. But allows them to retain…
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“Every person there bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real working man had walked…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieIt’s not the quarter final of the FA cup. It’s the sixth round. So angry
Ta Nick. Some of my fave Brazilian tunes here... a quick reminder that you can’t be both ‘proud’ and ‘humbled’ at the same timeAll that clapping. All those NHS badges. Performative nonsense.
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie5 years before Stonewall the gay rights equality movement began from a Miner's Cottage in Wigan⚒️🏳️‍🌈 Proud to ann…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieWell, the caption competition entries are coming in in their ones and... ones. Still, my ruse to get people reading…
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.@SGHLpool lights up red for @LFC premier league win 🛑
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieOh would love to be on the waterfront now. @quantick @curranradio @ErvineLinda Giving it rice in Lancashire tooActual lols
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@NEWTSAREABAND Hey the CD's gone west and 'pigs' doesn't seem to be on bandcamp. Is it?A mutiny began in the U.S. Army #OTD 1943 in Bamber Bridge, Lancs after U.S. Military Police attempted to arrest bl…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieThis from @tonylivesey is absolutely brilliant
So just to check: sitting in a room with people is not safe until there’s a card reader
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieBBC News - Blind campaigner asks people to remove overhanging trees
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieI’m just catching up with all your emails about the Al Fresco Equinox Freak Zone. I!m so so touched and chuffed wit…
PS be like Baz. Most of the My Generation quizzes still available at @BBCSoundsWell Barry Cryer just called to say he enjoyed My Generation, my quiz on @BBCRadio4 just now so I’ll just bring for… Alison. It's all available at @BBCSounds. We're very proud of it. fave bit of Freak Zone ‘fan mail’ said ‘you played some stuff last week that was almost unlistenable. Keep up th…’s about time Channel 5 adapted William Empson’s landmark work of new critical approaches to poetry for telly
Ah. Hope some more of you are listening outside....#FreakZoneAlFresco weather permits where you are, can I suggest a bottle of something you like outside to enjoy the long gloaming w… have an amazing Longest Evening Freak Zone tonight recorded in woodland and featuring Eno, Debussy, Rautavaara,…🚨 FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION — OUR NEW SHORT FILM: “DONALD’S MILLION” 🎞 🎥 🍿 🪑 Please watch and share. See you at the…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieQuick reminder that the govt closed almost 800 public libraries from 2010. These complaints that removing statues…
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @jamesjamesbrown @Reverend_Makers @dannykellywords @Detroit67Book @erikgeddes @PaulHeatonSolo @iestyngeorge @KCMANC @PaulHeatonSolo @TedKessler1 @Reverend_Makers I knew James was Leeds and Danny Spurs and KevMate City...That was about it. @PaulHeatonSolo @KCMANC @TedKessler1 @Reverend_Makers To stop teasing for a mo, a few of us at NME liked football b… other travel correspondent in Britain must really hate Simon Calder @PaulHeatonSolo well, we've got em all going here, haven't we? 😉 @jamesjamesbrown I'm know xxPeople asking Google questions about Bob Dylan with mounting indignation.
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieLet’s help @RevRichardColes get his bike back
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieHappy Father’s Day!
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @paulross I take Paul's point though x @paulross Also, tbh Stuart CosgroveTrue
This is my bike, stolen from Wellingborough Railway Station between 6am and 4pm today, Saturday 21st June. It is a…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieTropicalia, Bossa, Samba, Sergio Mendes...all coming up in next half hour @BBC6Music
Note to @BBCr4today & other broadcasters. Please stop referring to the failed “NHS Track & Trace App”. The NHS ha…
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieHurrah!! The Incomplete Framley Examiner by @gralefrit @JasonHazeley @asjmorris & Robin Halstead has been funded a…
@ConHome @darrengrimes_ This is a joke right ?Imagine Darren's little face when he finds out who closed all the mines
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Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie"This is going to cost the taxpayer £100m+" Making sure millions of kids don't go hungry is exactly where I want my taxes to go.
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie‘From Bukowski to Kerouac’ - not very wide-ranging is it 🤔
Retweeted by Stuart MaconieTo be honest, ever thought about putting a sock in it. PS. How’s the Amstrad emailer doing?
I made this time lapse last night to show just how magical Shetland is. Check it out Simmer Dim, Isle of Yell Shet…
Retweeted by Stuart Maconie @PaulHeatonSolo @MHristo I’m notTell you what I really wish there were more new records by men where one of them talks quite deliberately and sarca…