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I love this thread... “dream bigger than your last dream.”
Just to add to this some more 'hope'... I can't say enough about what a cool place Igalia is tbh
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter @devongovett Do you have design specs or anything you could share? I'm primarily looking for use-cases for select t… @devongovett I heard yours was good! That you and paypal had spent more time than most on a11y? Am I remembering correctly? @evertp @robdel12 yeah, I want to know everything folks can't do with native selects and which libs are the most po… @zachcodes @mjackson @JedWatson oh wow, did not realize all those great projects were done by one person! 👏🏻 @robdel12 Even with proper aria roles etc? (keep in mind I work on Chromium, so I'm asking in the context of improving input elements) @TanjieTheCoder Same... in 2016. But the ones that stay are the good ones.If you don't mind retweeting for reach, I'd be grateful. I'd like to get out of my own bubble. ;) @fardarter why? @bradwestfall @rouzbeh84 Let's not get started on the number of times I've built tabs... AHHHHHH @evangoer lol ;) @mauriz lots of folks are mentioning downshift @rob_dodson filament group is so 🤩"you mean someone's just going to TELL me what to WEAR?????? and how to ACT???? in PUBLIC?????? and if i don't they…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matterit truly is wild to watch the anti-mask backlash escalate and realize that conservative white men are totally unfam…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterThis. I'm so worried about us losing this and being stuck with w3schoolzzzz is your favorite npm package for custom select elements? Or do you hand-roll your own?it makes me like Biden better that Kamala went hard for him in the primary and didn't pull any of her punches about…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterThis. a reply 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter @GregWildSmith I just checked... it went up to 155k! Something has gone awry. It’s been pretty steady for a few years @nitin Frankly, I think they A/B test us for 24 hours then run with whatever worked best. @floede @GregWildSmith Thanks for asking, sometimes my writing isn’t as clear as I’d like. @GregWildSmith I have auto blockers set up. I think I’m near 9k accounts blocked! @GregWildSmith @floede So if someone has a history of opposing police violence and advocating for police reform, le… @GregWildSmith @floede Thank you @GregWildSmith 💜 @GregWildSmith @floede The kkk is a bad thing. Republicans will say anything to win an argument. Including things t… @arguedpolitics @DrEricDing @jljcolorado Why not both? Masks, distance, and stay outside8) Dr. Lednicky: “We can grow the virus from air — I think that should be the important take-home lesson” And inde…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter7) the 6 feet guideline was based on the notion that “large ballistic cannonball-type droplets” were the only vehic…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter6) ““We know that indoors, those distance rules don’t matter anymore,” Dr. Schofield said. It takes about 5 minutes…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterMy rule for the next 89 days: only engage with folks who criticize Harris and Biden if I believe they genuinely car… feel like Black women should just call in Black for the next 84 days because it’s about to be some bullshit
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterPrepare yourselves for the misogynoir that will be masked as criticism of Kamala Harris.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterMoz 😢I’m pleased that @joebiden chose a woman to be his VP who did not let him off easy during the debates. It speaks to…
At a pulse oxygen reading of 88 or 89, Medicare will reimburse for oxygen at home, but at 90 it won’t. This means p…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter @briankardell @matthewcp Also, like it or not, my ideas usually get better with other folks input. ;) @briankardell @matthewcp It's somewhat the nature of collaborative work that nobody's whole pure idea makes it thro…
@__apf__ It worked! He’s watching PJMasks in Spanish and has totally forgotten that he claimed he doesn’t speak Spanish anymore!(10) You are the cavalry.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter(9) Nobody is coming to save you.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter @__apf__ He’ll watch in whatever language, so the default wins @__apf__ My issue has been that I’ll switch pokoyo into Spanish on Netflix and then it goes back to English on the… @__apf__ Did you switch the whole tablet to Spanish? @mattetti I’d love a link to your kid’s TK teacher @mattetti Sadly, we didn’t get into the public language immersion school. :(
@erikarn Yes, but how to validate they are kid friendly when I don’t understand Spanish?People used to think he was Latinx. I feel so bad that I wasn’t able to help him retain it during covid.My formerly bilingual child has stopped speaking Spanish since he’s been stuck at home with me (bilingual French an… @macshonle @polotek @dalmaer this is what we need for the web, this charm... ✨One thing I've learned to accept is that things like quality have never come from the company as a whole. Almost al…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter
Egregious. all the female devs coming up now: I’m sorry. We tried so hard to fix stuff like this and I’m afraid we might ac… @mateosfo Horsepower used for... <checks notes>... getting a good space in the Target parking lot.It’s almost time. ;) @anildash It's hard watching reaction videos to truly loved songs... I'm like PLEASE LET THEM NOT BE MAKING FUN OF IT! :) @anildash That song... 😍oh my goodness, I love this. "they drop a beat 3 minutes into the song!" wish I remember why I put that map on my Christmas list... it was pre-internet so how did I even know to ask for it?As a kid, I got a map with the proper sizes for Christmas... and was blown away by how I'd been taught the wrong th… @killerswan @Ivuoma I’m sorta hoping he chooses any one of these amazing competent women and she actually runs the country. @Ivuoma And why are only women expected not to want to job they are trying to get?
@elizposadas @zkat__ Butter is like cheese. More is better. @briankardell @MiriSuzanne @rankings_the yay! @kpk @briankardell Or something like web shared libraries so each fw community can have their own... but honestly,… @kpk @briankardell I really think the platform should ship high level components that knock this out of the part. I… @kpk @briankardell And the worst? The interactions between different pieces of product experiences. Mix scrolling,… @kpk @briankardell Some, you open the image and it's just the tiny image stretched, (hello blurry yarn stores I am… @kpk @briankardell But wow, it is very poorly implemented across a lot of sites. Some don't have zoom. Some do but… @kpk @briankardell Well, as things go online more and more (thank u covid) people need a way of telling if what the… @briankardell @kpk Lately I've been considering starting with a simpler use-case. The product image carousel or pro… @briankardell CSS: container queries. Would spark the next revolution in web design. I'd be so excited to see what… @kpk @briankardell we so tried. <sob /> @briankardell @MiriSuzanne @rankings_the That happens to us soooo much! I need to write more external facing stuff… @AdamRackis Men's access to quality care, outcomes, and plain likelihood of being believed are higher. It makes sen…! 💪🏻 @briankardell @MiriSuzanne @rankings_the But what *is* a browser? I'd argue that these days facebook, pinterest, ma… this historic gem from @stubbornella on the OOCSS Github wiki in 2010: "I’m also testing in Google Chrome jus…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterThanks for listening. 🙏🏻I think if we start by improving access, treatment, and outcomes for women of color, a lot of the rest will solve itself. Let's do that?If Gwenyth Paltrow listens and believes me, and doctor after doctor gives up after their first diagnosis doesn't pa… of that is improving women's access to care, health outcomes, and making it so women don't have to get health… make most family's health decisions. These numbers should worry us. As a culture we need to be thinking about… just discovered journalism in 2020
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives MatterListen , I’m gonna be honest I use Queer instead of lgbt because I’m lazy and it feels like a good umbrella term.…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan - Black Lives Matter
@troutgirl Leo has incredible markings, so pretty! @EnswellJones Thinking of you. 😆 @ruhee_ @kateatherley I just googled <random thing> + knitting and WOW the quality of tutorials on the internet varies A LOT @ruhee_ @kateatherley Like the Chris Coyier of knitting, nice! @kateatherley @ruhee_ Thank you, I did every single thing you said not to. Oops! @hofo @ruhee_ I joined after the change and was personally unaffected by any a11y issues. So I don’t have strong opinions.I should also have practiced joins *before doing it on a sweater* like @ruhee_ suggested. Oops! @SaraSoueidan 💔 @SaraSoueidan Oh honey, of course you are. Sending big hugs. This might sound like a silly question given the exten… @kateatherley thanks for your fantastic class on yarn substitutions. Have you ever talked about methods of joining… @dieuthicao @testobsessed Need an option for “always hated them, now I miss them” @dieuthicao @testobsessed Yes, or the random lunch. Or, oh hey we’re both getting coffee at the same time. @juliaferraioli @Geek_Manager Maybe it’ll get more research $$$