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Quarantine day 17.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @JashSayani Both. They should stay inside and when they go out for groceries, wear a mask to protect others, and ke… your own mask! Even a double layer of cotton blend tshirt material is a huge improvement! @hdjirdeh Wishing you two the happiest and most blessed life together. 💕Front-end frameworks are about to get even cooler, says Google frameworks lead @stubbornella
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@seaotta @BryanAKA I wasn’t dreaming of bourbon before that! @seaotta @BryanAKA It’s your video that started it all! @karenmcgrane @polotek ooof, sorry. I think that's normal given... everything. @vick08 Yeah, it was quite a bizarre dream! @polotek Yep, I’ve also started grinding my teeth at night. Hadn’t done that in years! @BryanAKA I’m sadly sooo bad at mixing cocktails... :’(I wrote this in 2010 (from 'Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class)
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanThe mammoth US unemployment claims in their historical context.
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanFrom "unskilled labor" to "essential worker" in one pandemic.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @BryanAKA Oooh, I haven’t, I will!But I was struck by the enormity of there being multiple timelines and tried to tell people, but they couldn’t hear… had a dream where my current timeline was becoming aware of other timelines. I looked at my phone and saw a live… Thinking about it I feel like I can almost taste their amazing bourbon... can. Not. Wait. 🍹 @JashSayani What if we bailed out people with mortgages, small businesses, and put in place proper social protectio… fuck, a grown adult. I wish he’d been doing this in February, but here we are: let’s save NY first, then ever… I’m focused on the important things. @Ikyotochan I’m thinking of starting to sew... I think I still remember how?? @Ikyotochan Do you have a pattern you follow? @mjackson @micahgodbolt @jhooks I’d like to see a little people bailout this time. Don’t save banks, pay mortgages… @mjackson @micahgodbolt @jhooks I started a consulting business in 2008... I had an “if savings gets below x, move…
@Ikyotochan I understood that cotton blends work better? @KayInMD Did not know it was possible to refinish a clawfoot tub! Did it come out good?Maybe this will get us to make changes to American society that it already needed. @colinmegill Brrr! @colinmegill Maybe I should let go of things like clothing. Let him get back to nature. :) @KayInMD It’s like a craftsman, cottage, and Victorian had a baby house. Timeline wise it fell in between. Thanks!… @bedwardstiek He does love scissors @AdamRackis 6 more years. 😭😂😭 @tgandee Lol, yeah, the contraption in the dining room is for zapping people 😳 @stormsweeper Thanks for telling me that... but also I cleaned for 1.5 hours today. He makes mess faster than I clean.4yo: Imma take off all my clothes and streak through your meeting! Wheee!People who aren’t solo mamas giving advice about how to work a full time job w a bored kid at home: don’t worry if… @ShaeSun @itamarok @seldo Send me your pattern?
@itamarok @seldo The material you choose matters: @itamarok @seldo I mean at home. If you think of it as protecting others, even a home sewn mask can make a differen… is by @poemsandpeonies. So beautiful 😍 @poemsandpeonies It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read since all this started. Thank you! 😍 @rod11 @poemsandpeonies @poemsandpeonies is it ok to share w attribution? @rod11 @poemsandpeonies Thanks for sharing the source! @GregChase @seldo It shall be my bedtime reading!I think someone found a monkey’s paw and said “I wish I had time to learn to bake bread.”
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanContinue to stay the fuck at home, San Francisco. We are successfully bending the curve, and NYC is what it looks l…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @seldo We can make them, like they did in Czech Republic? @GregChase @seldo Are we? Links please. I could use some good news. @seldo My new 14 mo old cutie pie Luna. Miscalculation getting a white dog. She’s been purple, aqua, and red so far. @seaotta I love this, thank you!😭❤️, yay, can't wait to try it. phone data reveals which California counties are not socially distancing - SFGate
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanYep.
@paulosince @gregwhitworth @tombyrer @rossipedia @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer oh gosh, I hear you. I've started grindi… domain that shit... you gotta be kidding me. @bluesmoon Hmm, I’d hope they aggregate @ryanlsmith I thought the same thing but I was more concerned with getting as far away from his child as I could @MylesBorins Farm fresh are struggling to keep up w demand. :( 1/3 or my order came on Sunday. The rest hasn’t come… @paulosince @gregwhitworth @tombyrer @rossipedia @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer I hear you. At the same time, we think q… @tobie Thanks Tobie, it really was. :( @The_Brown_Shoe Dunno if you saw the whole thread? @The_Brown_Shoe Yeah except he took my heath into his own hands @slicknet Yeah, me too. No one can tell I’m in pain all the time. On some level I assumed everyone’s body constantl… @GinaGroom Agreed. @1Trevorr @benjaminokeefe @chasestrangio You are solving a theoretical problem that doesn’t actually exist in a way… @1Trevorr @benjaminokeefe @chasestrangio Stop using defending women as an excuse for your transphobia @slicknet You hid it so well.This is actually #pandemicChic she makes it seem like a fashion statement. #pandemicChic @rsg I’m doing the same. Found a source of face shields so I bought them and sent them to a local hospital. One I k… @hdjirdeh Yay!!!! Congratulations! 🎉 @exuberantfool Thank you 🙏🏻 @ryanflorence I was too. @ryanflorence Oh I’m so sorry. So many families are going to lose someone. :( hopefully everyone stays home.✊🏻 solidarity @elseloop I was so taken aback @bluesmoon It’s for sure selecting for ppl who would buy that device... idk 🤷🏼‍♀️ what were you thinking?Cloud connected thermometers might be indicating that shelter in place is starting to work 🤞🏻 obvs it’s still going… like Whole Foods will join #AmazonStrike and #InstacartStrike and sick out tomorrow. Don't cross the line!
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @nathansmith His son should have been home in bed. I feel bad for him too.FWIW, I’ve only recently started being honest about being immunocompromised. I used to use all kinds of euphemisms,… @brian_d_vaughn @berkeleyside Thanks, very much appreciated. 🙏🏻 @bedwardstiek @berkeleyside Thank you. 🙏🏻 I will take you up on that. Upside is that I got a second freezer/refrige… @Natbat Ow! Tables are hard! @scottjenson @berkeleyside Thank you 🙏🏻 @briankardell Wow, you have that Disney hero chin! Where you been hiding that?!? @briankardell Ooooh, Adrian Brody, he’s so 😍 @saradannerdukic People are still doing that. Even in Berkeley. I’m always shocked at folks ability to twist realit… was incredibly scary and I’m not leaving home again unless I have to. I wish supermarkets like Berkeley Bowl wer… people have been amazing. But this made me wonder if this is the one guy I’ve encountered so far who fell for the “hoax” line?He kept coming near me while I shopped, so finally I said, hey, I’m immunocompromised, can you please give me 6’ of… was in Berkeley Bowl yesterday and a man said to his son when he saw my mask, “Some people are so paranoid!” I re… @int_ijk That was a clever designIs it just me or does @briankardell look like Kevin Richardson???
All of these demands are quite reasonable. @amazon, please do the right thing and pay these people what they’re wor…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @lawnsea It’s supposed to be, but he’s broken down a lot of normsThis is what scares me about the fallout from all this... how far is it before the Cheeto declares that we can’t ha…