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Product Manager @ Google Chrome don’t speak for my employer. OOCSS, CSSLint, Smush It, Dr Frankenstyle, typeOmatic. CSSConf founder, author, speaker. 🌈 she/her

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I took advantage of pandemic shut in life to grow my hair back out #NewProfilePic @Torwegia We watched waaaay too much tv. Like all day every day by ourselves in the summer. So. many. game shows. Not better, I think? @helenhousandi Fun! We’re still on drawings of tubes of water, very occasionally gears. How did he start learning about 3D printing? @toomuchpete Cutting cardboard is hard.I’m so grateful to everyone for getting vaccinated. My baby really REALLY needed to go back to school.He still loves computers. He asked me to teach him Java. He also cried when I “wouldn’t” install Xcode on his pixel… he earns computer time in 5 minute increments for things like doing something the first time he’s asked. But he… and we designed a toy box with holes for the tiny toys and legos to fall through into drawers below so we could…’s still a hacker but we’re channeling that into building hydraulic arms. Creating mazes. Cardboard structures. A… bought a set of encyclopedias so we could learn together without pulling out screens. Old school!After a couple weeks his brain went back to normal. He calmed down and started to play like a kid again. His teache… thought I’d give an update... it’s been a while! My son went back to in-person school, so I could get rid of the… @betaorbust Want a glimpse into where this kind of mind can go to? 🤦🏼‍♀️ @buildsghost Wat?! I hadn’t even seen that part @stormsweeper Somehow just seeing this reply now... that seems like a huge blessing! @betaorbust I got mine this at that age. Worst decision. Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board @chefDilo @XaviercMiller This ^^ @antimytheme That sounds so wonderful! @sophiebits “Would you do that if someone took away your access to phone, calendar, and email?” <— a better questio… $3.50 per hour @kpk It’s not *unhelpful* they just hid the good results in a mix of mediocre results. 🤦🏼‍♀️How many sketches, diagrams and visual explanations don’t get drawn because we store code in plaintext files and so…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @betaorbust Omg, we have the same child! @kpk The Google told me words that *almost* rhyme with robot. Very odd default. @qkate Really glad to hear that. 😂Bravo @shubhie and team! This really is quite an accomplishment. @helenhousandi It’s like puppies, a lot of the motion is just practicing life. Grrr, pounce! Dogs are like, I’m con…
@jacobdcastro This is Luna. She’s helping me raise a tiny human on my own. You’ve got this. @elizposadas Ah, it looked pozole colored, thanks for the correction! @elizposadas WHO BITES A TACO THAT WAY?!? And the pazole. 😭😂 and this is a man who claims to have a favorite taco spot. So no one told him! @brennx0r @jefflembeck Well, I’m relieved 😅And now you will too. Muhahahaha.Ok ok, so I admit it, I actually sing “you down with OTP?” 🙈 @helenhousandi @rowasc Maybe get both and do your eyeshadow to match they keyboard of the day? One smokey eye. One…, remember this when they claim they can’t pay their 🤬 fair share of taxes. your tech team is only good at hiring and developing white and Asian men, but my team is good at hiring and deve…
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanAnother thing that made me laugh until teary. What is wrong (right?) with me tonight? spent today giggling and snort laughing about so many things... ridiculous shit really. Everything seemed funny.When receiving an OTP text. No? Just me, ok. a magical photo... thanks Twitter algo, that was random! 💐
@tabatkins @Foone omg tab... laughing so hard. @KYWeise It'll be so nice when we can just say her name. She's certainly making her own mark on the world."an urgent ocular matter" idk why this sounded so funny to me. @editingemily Everyone else does 🤷🏼‍♀️ /me showing up to be the bad-idea-fairy @ErynnBrook Hobbies are where I let my ADHD brain run happily through the daisies. I do whatever I feel like: hype… @Hollowgolem @Harker_J @randomr50912907 @BriannaWu @cenkuygur There are no red states, there are voter suppression states. @cdeblock @BriannaWu @Arngrim I kinda want philosophyly to be a word tho @jaredlipof @BriannaWu You have to libertarian HARDER. You were insufficiently libertarian and that is why it failed.The internet's peaked. We can all quit our jobs now. No one will ever manage to make a better thing on the web.
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan
@Una @JeromeHardaway I can’t even hear the train from my house. Apparently it’s really noisy! @ded Ohhh, THAT festival @ded Uh oh... I hadn’t heard. /me reluctantly googles @__apf__ @cramforce I want Juneteenth off! I can hear the party from my officeTo Zion.... dang I love this whole album. @scottjenson In a PM role, I think I tend to under specify the desired outcome because so many times I’ve seen the… @scottjenson Mmmm, that is very good advice. Thank you. May I ask how you’d approach learning about design? I’ve be… I admit I really like Ja Rule? Especially remixes of JLo songs. 🙈90s hip hop vibes going this morning... @IAMQUEENLATIFAH @TheSaltNPepa 🤩 @maryjblige is just as🔥🔥🔥today as she alwa… wish there were a book on managing designers for non-designers. Clearly it’s an anti pattern to have that reporti… problem with the working on the weekends discourse is everybody's talking about it like your only choices are b…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @qkate Maybe I misunderstood the intention behind that advice? I don’t advocate unsustainable work at all, but earl… @qkate Most people early in their career are kind of useless (I was) but hard work meant I started pulling my weigh… @qkate And employers won’t hire them for skills they don’t have. Particularly if they don’t have proven adjacent sk… @qkate A lot of the “never work on the weekend” discourse fails to acknowledge the privilege of being able to hold… @tabatkins How many months do you reckon you’ve been walking around it? @tabatkins Lol 😂
@RochesterIrish @InquisitiveUrsa @iamLarge @nytimes All this it-was-in-the-handbook nonsense is just more racism. I… @qkate @markgoho I’d assumed but should verify @qkate @markgoho Probably RN can get at them though?For real, competence is so attractive. @rickhanlonii @rachelnabors @sethwebster Just gonna throw this out there, we’re all super lucky you joined the team… @helenhousandi @sophiebits I probably wouldn’t get a vanilla react native app working in that time... I’m so bad at… @helenhousandi @sophiebits I think I should do a taste test: 2 days of Xcode, 2 days of Expo. Then decide. @darinwf I’ve always been curious about the developer experience around swift too... I wish the web had something… @rachelnabors @ctjlewis @dan_abramov Well, and that’s kinda what the “react” part implies 🙃 @marlenac It’s partially a fitness thing, but fitness for folks with disorders like mine (long-covid constellation… @pennig I was going to @ mention you specifically bc you have such deep expertise in this area. Thank you! (That was my thought too)So how would you decide Xcode etc vs react native?React itself is delightfully modular... but that means so many bits and bobs to set up when I just want to do feature work.Xcode looks pretty cool... and web tech can be so fiddly. Like, how long will it take to get a functioning react na… a passion project related to my disability I want to make a phone app... at the risk of kicking up a storm, how…
It’s like newspapers don’t even read their own headlines. “Most unequal society” but it’s women using an emoji that… @NicolleARomero Omg, how do they survive to adulthood? @_saagarjha @engineering_bae My info is for sure out of date... I fled suburbia in 2008-9. @engineering_bae To acknowledge (one of) my biases though... I hate living in the suburbs and really prefer somethi… @engineering_bae I commute to the South Bay ~2x per month and otherwise work from San Francisco. It’s a pretty good… @sil @stephenrwalli @editingemily Trouble is, for women the comments get even worse when commenters feel anonymous.…
The browser dev tools are improving fast! 🚀 We took inspiration from chromium icon based selects for the alignment…
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanHas anyone been experimenting with the overlap of Container Queries and Shadow DOM? Should queries inside the Shad…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @engineering_bae I haven’t found anywhere in the Bay Area that’s walkable, diverse and artsy except Oakland/Berkele… @engineering_bae Part of Cupertino is kind of wild and mountainous, if that’s your thing. But it’s really white. An… @MrPeachAV @jaboonday My parents let me stay up to watch one more tv show as long as I was brushing my teeth, so I… @MrPeachAV @jaboonday Should we just let them fall rotting from their heads? @anildash @ded @fmanjoo Clearly he’s totally unprofessional. But that merits a quick firing, not an on-air apology.… @ded @anildash @fmanjoo Also, the interviewer had an opportunity to ask tough questions about consent and instead c… @ded @anildash @fmanjoo That’s exactly it. Porn stars (hopefully) consented to be viewed on screen for sexual grati… @jaboonday I really hate the person I have to be 😭
@patmeenan Patrick omg. 😭 I thought it was maybe a year out, like 6yo are getting ready by themselves in the morning. @ericlaw Bribery makes him super angry. It’s very annoying. @fmanjoo My question would be: he thought his video was off, but what was he looking at? If the answer is his coworkers 🙅🏼‍♀️