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Frameworks PM, Google Chrome. OOCSS, CSSLint, Smush It, Dr Frankenstyle, typeOmatic. CSSConf founder, author, speaker. Probably laughing @joshuawalters she/her

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@gregwhitworth Your half effort at work is everyone else on our very best days. Don’t stress. Your family comes fir… the last decade, half of all donations to Super PACs came from just 25 people. If this isn’t the mark of a kl…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @ScottKellum I usually think of sanders and warren as very similar policy-wise. I’m surprised they can be so far ap…
It gives you a chart of each candidate and where they fall on the issues vs you @Vortmax Same! Sounds like we are opposite ends of the dem spectrum. What do you wish they’d asked about?I got Warren > Sanders > Steyer > Yang > Buttigiege. A good reminder that many of the current candidates share my v…
Oh yes. Nailed it. @phloe_ I mean that when flipping through a product image set horizontally, the page shouldn’t keep scrolling vertically. @simevidas @jvanderlan The x scroll is on the product image carousel. The y scroll is on the page. I wonder how you’d connect them?
Zomg, the web needs a horizontal scroll that freezes vertical scroll. Why is this so much better on native?😂 @IAmReneWhyte @jefflembeck It's getting a little better! The aquaphor is working!the most upsetting thing about Warren and Bernie not shaking hands yesterday is that trump's fixer in ukraine was p…
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanI love this not take the bait from CNN. You know what I'm talking about. Don't take it. Focus on Parnas. Focus on impeach…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan
@jefflembeck Gonna try that. Chapstick isn’t cutting it! @hirsebirse Forced hot air heating season 😭 even in CaliforniaMy lips are peeling off. Man, I’m so done with winter!We landed quite a few pull-requests for gathering real-user metrics to your analytics service (for example Google A…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan.@atcastle and @shubhie did tons of research into achieving the most optimal chunking strategy for Next.js applicat…
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanReally proud of the work by both my team and the Google Chrome team that's working on Next.js 🤩 next-css was one o…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @BobbyDotTv @britticisms Do you actually think anyone could be more in Putin’s pocket than DT? It’s hard to picture... @BobbyDotTv @britticisms It isn’t talking points... it’s lived experience. You can tell when accounts are fake if y… @BobbyDotTv @britticisms Fwiw they also impersonate left wing folks... or right or whomever they need to in order t… @BobbyDotTv @britticisms They want Bernie supporters fighting Warren supporters and the left to be too divided to p… @BobbyDotTv @britticisms They want to stoke racial and gender tensions generally so they can weaken the country and… y’all please not repeat 2016 and just RECOGNIZE Russian bot interference when they get dumb shit like…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @midmaine1 @newscentermaine Your feed is full of weird racist hate and memes. No thanks. @midmaine1 @newscentermaine How do you explain George W and Trump losing the popular vote if only 24% of the countr… @stokel @meyerweb @IncrementMag Sure. @GarbageApe That’s what you got out of that?i watched warren and sanders post debate interaction and thought “wow they’re annoyed at each other and probably al…
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @HenryLeeIII @jduffyrice Did you even read their thread? @marlenac What is it all? @jef_poskanzer @doctorow @tabatkins LOL 😂 @doctorow @tabatkins I need to use the words “buckle up chucklefuck” more often. @TimBarcz @Psiberknetic @nicolibrarian My guess
@ilunatech A famous web developerI don’t think I’m capable of cringing any harder. @squareleaf @andresg747 That’s what I mean when I say, tax billionaires @evangoer Yep, but you have to pay a teenager. Make no mistake, they are really disrupting the labor market. @mikeloukides Yaaaas. Harder to come by out here. (But not impossible!) @the_spkr Hahaha 😆 @andresg747 And if they weren’t just placing premade crusts in the front of it. How does this stuff get funded?? @sukatra @MinaMarkham Cuties 😍Also, do we really think every frozen pizza was made by hand? What does the AI do? Cheer it on? #disruptingPizza 🙄Hehe, @SenWarren dancing is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. @acdlite Oof, just read about all that @acdlite What happened today?Tax billionaires billionaires @brennx0r It’s mostly pretty happy despite my neglect! Apparently it doesn’t actually want much water. @sukatra @MinaMarkham How much of that pile is actually cats tho @richdemuro A human can absolutely assemble pizzas faster than that. What this actually is a perpetual low-wage machine. Very Cool.
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanThey could have done 600 pizzas if the machine distributed ingredients in both directions. Zomg, it’s making me twi… @bgalbs Lol. Shocking given they started with dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. 😂 @MB02215140 @HelenAnnSmith0 MB02215140 your account is an obvious fake. See lots of real accounts that tweet the sa… rubber plant about to touch the ceiling is me for a good 30% of my purchases on the internet. (Some too small, some enormous)🙏🏻 🌧 in NSW
@jazstar Yeah, I think it might be the same. I'm playing with squarespace but the UI is really not intuitive, and I… @stubbornella This is how the results break down (roughly).
Retweeted by Nicole Sullivan @SwissWebMiss @mayank @clarabellum @NetlifyCMS @gatsbyjs @elemntor @bluehost @GoDaddy @webflow @semplicelabs I am t…
@igrigorik heya, is square space fast/possible to make fast? Mainly audio and video content. @buhakmeh @Netlify Thanks @SwissWebMiss @NetlifyCMS @gatsbyjs Would it be possible for a *completely non technical* person to maintain? @hollowaynz Does she change the content herself? Is she non technical? (My partner doesn’t code at all) @buhakmeh Oh interesting... I don’t think he could maintain it though. He’s pretty non technical.I had a recent conversation with a close friend who asked what are important things to make sure her son (a brillia…
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanWhat’s the state of the art CMS for an artist’s website? Content will be videos, podcasts, and occasional writing a…"You can't achieve your way out of your childhood wounds." I mean, it would have been easier to @ me.
Retweeted by Nicole SullivanSeems to me that novels take years to write because you are hard at work becoming the person who can write the book…
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@ignchz Not me. ;)Imagine being able to think in that many dimensions at once? intellectuals... How far down the facism hole have we gone now?
@edburmila @PatBlanchfield Nope. Bad take.
@edporras I can't even imagine how you make that work!Great article on Breadwinning Women (like me!) written by my coworker at Google @bethaniebaynes. Practical advice f… @zahnster We made it by 10am yesterday... 9:35 today... we’ll be back on schedule in... February? 😂
@deanleigh How did you get a gif of my kid??? Lol @jefflembeck “And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again... it’s beginning to look a lot like Christ… @kstewart Noooooo 😭😭😭 @melaniersumner @ksylor Haha. No complaints from his teachers so far! But I didn’t get him to school until late. He… @sergeyche So another decade and a half... ooof. @edporras Sob. 😂😭😂😭Omg, is getting kids back to school after a long break always this hellish??? @dev_hjc @timneutkens @Janicklas @_developit @atcastle @shubhie @_prateekbh @devknoll @hdjirdeh Yes, please!Wanna melt your heart? @dev_hjc @timneutkens @Janicklas @_developit @atcastle @shubhie @_prateekbh @devknoll @hdjirdeh Nice! What site/app?
@hagmic @timneutkens @Janicklas @_developit @atcastle @shubhie @_prateekbh @devknoll @hdjirdeh Oooh, thanks for the bug report! @ArlanWasHere @ewarren @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @AndrewYang @PeteButtigieg @JulianCastro @staceyabrams Ok, thanks f…❤️ this sooo much. Less risk is 💯's been such an honor to work with @timneutkens and his team. I feel so lucky! @ArlanWasHere @ewarren @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @AndrewYang @PeteButtigieg @JulianCastro @staceyabrams I struggle t… @NatashaBertrand Exactly. He must know it won't happen.America or the @GOP ?
@brian_d_vaughn Sounds fun! Yes please. I’m an incredible lightweight since I became a mom, so I’ll have to have micro sips :) @hrobertking How does paying relate? @jgmiller31 Employed private security guards exceeded employed teachers a few years back... we’re already well on our way.About to watch The Funkonauts at Peri’s in Fairfax. They sound good even just warming up!