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Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex London, UK and Mykonos, Greece

I write, act, sing and cook. Occasionally, even for money. Literary agents: Acting representation:

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@localnotail @ianhowes1970 @timothygmitch Twitter Brain. @LancePaters1 @DavidPBMaddox It wasn’t. They’ve changed it. @inthesedeserts @raaleh @Henry_Langston What do you think it means? Are racists now just opponents of progress?I love that the Express didn’t notice they were using a satirical photo of a blue passport. God bless you,… @inthesedeserts @raaleh @Henry_Langston And you’re all falling over yourselves to defend him. WTF has happened to the left in this country? @inthesedeserts @raaleh @Henry_Langston Go back to the original exchange. A migrant calls out someone saying they’d… @SteampunkKanye @raaleh @Henry_Langston Take it however makes you feel superior, sweetheart. It’s been a winning electoral strategy so far. @SteampunkKanye @raaleh @Henry_Langston Aww. Fanks.
What threat awaits the Roma child in a Nazi world...? Thrilled to announce MOUSIE will run at @DublinFilmFest on 2…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @raaleh @Henry_Langston PARK LIFE @raaleh @Henry_Langston My plan for what?Republican senators accusing Democrats of failing to meet the standard of proof required, while simultaneously voti… many years now we’ve been told this sort of thing is “legitimate economic anxiety” rather than racism.'It takes more than being near politics to connect people to it' - Electoral Reform Society savages the Lords-in-th…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @IrvineWelsh That’s pretty amazing.They have it. You’re taking it away.
Retweeted by Alex AndreouI for one am amazed that a known liar who lied about dying in a ditch if we didn’t Brexit and about a border in the…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @Scientits 😱
Where is the Russia report, @10DowningStreet? @braunerandcake1 Similarly small islands, but cheaper: Paxoi, Folegandros, Sikinos, Anafi, Simi, Leros, Astipalea. @braunerandcake1 Hydra is a beautiful island and no cars are allowed. @Daniel_Bohan Take a day off, Mahatma. @panmisthropist Not that simple an installation. It was not a free standing one. @JK1440 😂 @mattmatt1968 I diagnosed the issue and looked at parts - it was too expensive to fix. @Richard20483007 Obvs. @Tom___Scott What a great idea. @resplendentKid At least one, but usually two massive blocks of it. @MrsFmusic Also, when I say “carried” it was more of a controlled tumble. @MrsFmusic The skip was in the street outside my building. @EuropeanIsrael Babe, if I argued against Brexit, all day for the next hundred years, I couldn’t convince as many p…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @EuropeanIsrael Babe, if I argued against Brexit, all day for the next hundred years, I couldn’t convince as many p… @TimWThornton Took it to the skip separately.Bloody foreign fascists, coming here, taking our fascists’ jobs. short, I took apart a washing machine and took out the concrete, so I could carry it to the skip; got new one up… reckons he has built “the most equal economy in the world”. Hear that, Finland, Norway and Belgium, with your 27 GINI coefficient? @MFox10 Chinese hoax.“I’m a big believer in the environment”, Trump, just now. Oh good. At least, we now all agree the environment exists.
Over the weekend, we released our latest episode of Ask Remainiacs exclusively to Patreon backers. Want to know wha…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @Stahlyyy @Eastmad There’s an old Bill Hicks bit: “Well, lookey here, y’all. We’ve got ourselves a READER.” @triplesilk Brexitiasis? @Eastmad Come on, David. Be fair. They were in a publication she disapproves of, even though they weren’t.Stick with it to the end. The punchline you couldn’t make up. @Elizabe04142551 It’s not in the Guardian. 😂 @Elizabe04142551 I didn’t even tell you, you can’t celebrate. I said you can’t pretend your celebration is a moment… @Elizabe04142551 No? Nothing? So I have “twisted” no data you can point to and never argued what you say I argued. Good effort. @Elizabe04142551 Where did I argue that?“Indigenous” quite literally means “born in that place”. 100% of children born in the UK are indigenous to it. You… @Elizabe04142551 @KevinTurveyRIP So, the success of your project depends on how optimistic those who disagree feel… @Elizabe04142551 That sentence made no sense. Want to try again? @Elizabe04142551 What data did I “twist”? @stuartctaylor @simonbrew @ingridoliver100 It is hugely enjoyable BECAUSE it is completely awful. Future generation… @simonbrew @ingridoliver100 Yes, it is. YES. IT. IS. @simonbrew @ingridoliver100 And it's not even NEARLY his worst film. "Machine Gun Preacher", anyone? "Law Abiding Citizen"? @simonbrew @ingridoliver100 My potted review to Ingrid was: He is meant to sound like a genius scientist. He sounds… @ingridoliver100 @simonbrew Before, after, AND during.
@CltJack @richiecarey35 @talkRADIO @alexisconran What compromise was offered which I failed to accept? @richiecarey35 @talkRADIO @alexisconran You misunderstand “losers’ consent”. It does not describe a process where i…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @richiecarey35 @talkRADIO @alexisconran You misunderstand “losers’ consent”. It does not describe a process where i… @ChoiceHobsons @talkRADIO @alexisconran @sturdyAlex I've never known a winning side be so incredibly angry.
Retweeted by Alex AndreouIs this what national unity and closure looks like? Never have the responses to something I said proved it so concl…’s the most we can expect? Why not aim for that? @haroldbarrett @Heyz86 @talkRADIO @alexisconran I didn’t. It’s a ludicrous interpretation of what I said. I gave ot… @richiecarey35 @talkRADIO @alexisconran You misunderstood my point . Also, *is *tooOh yes. It will be a moment of national healing. here we have again the notion that I should be somehow grateful that you are allowing me to reapply for rights… @garrystrathern @talkRADIO @alexisconran The most Remain constituency (with exception of Gibraltar) was estimated t… @maximus2016 @talkRADIO @alexisconran I never said you couldn’t or even shouldn’t. I just said you can’t dress it u… podcast host Alex Andreou says Brexit Day celebrations will not be a great moment of national healing: "…
Retweeted by Alex AndreouJust had a chat with @HenrySmithUK on @alexisconran’s show on @talkRADIO. He seemed to me to be trying to squirm ou… @allisonpearson It gets hyphenated: Suss ex-Royal.
Retweeted by Alex AndreouOn @talkRADIO from 10am, for two hours, talking through the week's news and Sunday papers with @alexisconran and… @freethinker_and BBC is tax funded. @danthegersman Okey, doke.
@danthegersman A ludicrous suggestion. We all choose what to focus on. @SPK10001 @waltersnoot @Keir_Starmer It is a two-step process. Policies have very limited influence, unless we’re i… @FurryCanary It’s depressing. @NeilGibson8 I don’t expect a backbencher to have fully baked foreign and domestic policy on every issue at this st… Comrades I haven’t decided whom I support for Labour leader, but have decided not to be negative about any of… @miriksmit @Keir_Starmer Grow up. @SPK10001 @waltersnoot @Keir_Starmer Haven’t decided whom I support yet, but have decided not to be negative about… @miriksmit @Keir_Starmer I don't understand your point. Starmer has served in the Corbyn shadow cabinet throughout… @robertreed10 @thefabians @ingridoliver100 @wesstreeting Lovely to meet you, Robert.Keir Starmer closing the #FEPSFAB20 conference. He really is bloody good, you know. @Keir_Starmer @MEG43453095 @LaszloAndorEU @FEPS_Europe Omg. I went to school with Brian 43453095. Related?“You know how we told you business would notice no change during transition? We were lying. And it’s too late for y…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou“If, through the leader we elect, [Labour] effectively send the message to the electorate that ‘WE don’t need to ch… @MlleKitty @RemainiacsCast @labour4europe Remember to register.Very ambitious London Green New Deal outlined by mayor @SadiqKhan at #FEPSFAB20, promising to make London carbon ne… deeper meaning of Brexit is not just that the UK is leaving the EU architecture, but that it does so, blaming t… next, indeed. #Fepsfab20
@paulmannion_uk @janedavisauthor So, that’d be a “no”.Excellent read and a perfect summary
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @JPF1130 <mark francois gif> @JPF1130 I don't think you meant to say "the true intellect", but thank you. It's kind.Brexit, in summary., emozionale e appassionato pezzo, scritto da chi subisce la violenza delle trionfalistiche e assurde celeb…
Retweeted by Alex Andreou @RJCBosman I’m alright, Jack. @JPF1130 Yes, of course. It’s my mistake that you have the attention span and intellectual curiosity of a guppy.To be followed by a "Festival of Brexit" largely held in the cities that voted Remain.
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