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@JacoPastorTacos The photo almost looks fake @dynastic Only the tip top quality for an experimental dawGOOD BOY GRAPHICS IS DEAD. I AM NOW THE GRAPHIXSLAYER! 💀
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @dynastic oh what I def thought it had exporting dang @lalavin666 You have found the key to enlightenment
@dynastic @ColugoMusic or actually I think it’s pwyw @dynastic @ColugoMusic patreon! 5 bucks will get you a current build
@QuestingTurtle My rice maker does that 😌 @dynastic Oh also the plugin Kick 2 is very cool @dynastic use @ColugoMusic’s alpha daw
@_Euglossine_ I think that would be a good producer name too @lalavin666 @_Euglossine_ Tough Qa remix but it's just the drums a half beat earlyWHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 12 ON OCTOBER 31ST ALL GOOD THINGS WILL COME TO AN END AND THE NEW MORNING STAR SHALL RISE! ⏰
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @yseulde_ oh.. yeah that only works at home @yseulde_ try drinking coffee 3 times a day for more high points
& I turned it down! bc design for marketing is boring and I would lose all the momentum I have with my learning pro… Amano
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @abbyprecure lmaojust got a pseudo job offer to do design and light marketing for a Tractor Company that rhymes with Pawn Beerany hyperpop artists need mv extras? i would love to play a sparkle in a hannah diamond video :)
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @DaleNorth the dream!getting kinda stoned and trying to solve a code problem for your own project is actually really f u nhm.. my Fans Also Like section is populated with fake artists with music for playlists
2020 really love this oneI can’t believe in school they teach us that America was justified in dropping two nukes on civilians in Japan man…
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @HonyockIsaBand @Fender mtv unplugged, sponsored by fender acoustasonic @DeveloperDamien ahh okay. totally unfamiliar @FLOOR_BABA unfortunately I went through that several times before I released anything of value, but settled on jus… @DeveloperDamien What are you makin' in? @DeveloperDamien could you not just manually set MP to zero that one time? @dynastic egg, green onions @howiehowe @shakespeareanLK @Lubchansky chill, markLiterally blowing out his speakers tonight with Shanice’s I Love Your Smile. Thank you sirThe best incentive to walk my dog a little farther then usual is I get to pass the dad who always blasts R&B out of… @Fixtha_Fernback sorry about your weed and your salamander pipe @Bruisedwayne69 @mattreevesLA how does this picture illustrate "most beautiful Batman movie"smh guess I gotta start doing this { } instead of this { } @FLOOR_BABA I thought they took dat awayevery indie comic creator couple
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @tommiephoenix looks like Lincoln Urgent Care is the closest we got -- they're the only one that has the fancy new… @tommiephoenix you mean like get your results same day? or like walk-ins
@makebeliefmusic (\_/) ( •_•) / >😔 @makebeliefmusic twitter please place “bomb” in bunny hands to me, rendered by nico niquo is a perfect song @makebeliefmusic bombwhen you’re feeling sad and that one change in a @niconiquo track hits you like a ton of bricks and you burst into tears for a few secs @baseballgregg coronavirus 2 @knittedsweater @Mike_Eagle I really, really thought he had an anime called Trauma & Divorcefondly revisiting my virtual residency with @dublab & ween should form a helloween cover band
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@dynastic 4 audio 5 is my favorite instrumenthey imagine I posted that cut-up pope photo but he's holding the same pic and it's like nested infinitely. I couldn…
Retweeted by styles muns☌nwhAT equal loudness on the dry/wet... amazing personal all time go-to tune for sitting & chilling @_Euglossine_ ☀️🦋🌿🌸🏞
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @_Euglossine_ @girl_respecter @GoodWillsmith ..and photoshop on my end @hjkl_8901 I'd like to put one out to clear my archivesare there beat tapes for house music? just a collection of nice 1-2 min lil dance groovesMY NEW PROJECT 'MY AGENDA' IS OUT NOW WORLDWIDE
Retweeted by styles muns☌nTHOSE DAMN NUMBSKULLS #HadesGame
Retweeted by styles muns☌nTrading Card No.1 • Fire Sword
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@micro_chop when i finish all of my errands:
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @makebeliefmusic @EvaRoethler I see your boxes and raise you one big ol tray of carrot cake tops @TristanSelva @armandocajide @youngwhitetrash @de_guthi @ALICEGLASS L M A O @PermanentInkMP @Rokashi womp womp
@MountMazama @cableknitjumper @MammalFish The Crab Cycle There is only one step. And it *is* crab.
Retweeted by styles muns☌nbye
Retweeted by styles muns☌ninstead of writing in-class essays for AP World I would turn in these weird stream of consciousness things, it was…
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @zachlieberman serious eerie music vid shit hereBody lines #openframeworks
Retweeted by styles muns☌nlooool
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @bren3669 @johnnypemberton the bachelor/ette but there are no cast members @GoodBoyGraphics this is what hyperpop snares sound like.......... @GoodBoyGraphics you WOULDn'T!✨🥁🎶
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@cheekfaceREAL pixies version of @blink155pod @b_rye_crush BuzzFeed's Top 10 Homophobias ListSardaukar #dune #dunetober #moltobenegesserit
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @friendlyfather what brand🖤🐍
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @GoodBoyGraphics to see if Scrabble's tile counts will work for a suitable randomly generated letter grid where you can actual…
@madamwazzel : " ) awaiting my discogs shop inventory to destroy itselfmy dragon count has reached zeroa thing I've noticed is new game devs on forums always like to give irrelevant information when asking a question @FLOOR_BABA I had coffee in a park I've never been to today. Yesterday we walked our dog around an arboretum in a n… @jibhaddan plenty of things out there in the world to put in @sunraykin those are nice tongs
deconstruction 🏗 #madewithunity
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @diamonngurr @cynasnack @Robinson_Music what @Robinson_Music @makebeliefmusicchomp.wav
Retweeted by styles muns☌n @StageCurtain wa??? @baseballgregg read an audio book