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Subhadip Nandy @SubhadipNandy Mumbai, Maharashtra

Quantitative Derivatives Trader. Tweets not a recco to buy or sell, use your judgement

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HDFCBANK fut: A blend of quantitative and classical TA. Probably about to go ballistic on the upside. SL is 1196 by… @Er_AryanSinha @Mitesh_Engr @markminervini @kach0289 @Rishikesh_ADX A divergence is like a weather forecast that it… @AnilGhelani Did this biscuit fall into the chai and another biscuit went to rescue it? 😀 @CRuleszz @HazNne I have learnt it the hard way to steer clear of events, trading post event when one side gets trapped is much easier 😄 @CRuleszz @HazNne Expected @sundarkambam Arey this is good news, no surprises😃Modiji coming at 6pm, not keeping any overnight positionssQOFF THE TRADE AT 24380-90, TAKING TOO LONG TO WORK OUT TRADE CLOSEDTRADE TRIGGEREDBNF : BREAKOUT > 24410, SL 24350 BREAKDOWN < 24260, SL 24310 @wtfcuk 🤣Trailing Sl triggered, trade closed. Will take a break now, had enough for the day. Will be back after 2 pm cleared. If Sl holds, expecting a high speed move up anytime. If SL goes, then will re-enter > 24450 to 24400 being spent here to adsorb yesterday's trapped longs. Once BNF breaks out of this zone, expect it to move fast BNF crosses 24450 now, expect sharp upmove to targets. Then stops will be tightened to 24400 @wasteyevvaralu no idea. I am bullish now and trading longs, price reverses and I will go shortFirst target at 24520, 2nd target 24650 Booked profits in 50% positions , rest 50% runs with entry price as stoplo… MFI breakout came before price breakout :) to 24345 @jainshreyash8 yup, do this initially. I do sometimes use discretion to buy at closing of the bar and not wait for… @jainshreyash8 this is how I am seeing this now @jainshreyash8 right, but do keep your eyes open for the opposite side trendline also. Keep observing, you will bec… @jainshreyash8 this is what you are seeing, by mistake my MFI was set at 14, hence the difference @jainshreyash8 just MFI breakdown is not a trade ! Did your price breakdown ? No, so no trade. Rather price broke on the upsides @jainshreyash8 running this trade @jainshreyash8 see my chart, already traded this. You are focussed on the red line, I was also looking at the blue… @pvani please improve your english reading skillsBNF to breakout above 24350, SL 24245Trailing SL triggered on last 20% at 73, total trade closed now @sarvagya_sharma 20%, SL at 73Red arrows are where I bought yesterday and added today. The red dotted line was my buying price. Blue arrow marks… the moral of the story is, wait till 9.30 for a decision. Do not panic at opening. Do not add on a losing positi… @Nifty_bees 80% outAs planned earlier, added to positions after the overnight hold started showing profits. Day's job done, now out o… is now much more, started booking. This is what I saw as MTM in the morning position was in Nifty 11900CE longs :) and we are out of the woods :) @Bijay_reborn this is the 4th large positional trade over the past few weeks, 2 gave good profits and one was scratchThis is the plan : 1. If position at loss, check SL after 9.30. Will not exit before 9.30 2. At 9.30, if position a… @Bijay_reborn yup, and with it comes the morning tensions 🤣I am in a pretty large long position, will obviously see negative MTM at opening.😀 Will stick to my stops and reassess after first 15 minsWhen the US markets sells off, our Nifty/stocks also generally gap down in the morning. The effect is discounted in… @arvindwadkar @vanqishx Not in 2020 @vanqishx read Martin Pring's On Momentum @Sivamuruganks ContextThe Dow selloff last night was perfect timing. Now if BNF closes above yesterday's high, game on. SL yesterday's l… @aurosho @cashravanswarup Obviously. The trick is to lose less in losing trades and win more in winning trades :)
@cashravanswarup true, unless there are both sides a trade won't take place. Hence any view has a 50% chance of be… @SatyenTolia Not necessary that all divergence trades will be correct, that's why we have stops. And give proper ef… @Tushar_gupta__ absolutely ! @by_toutatis @by_toutatis One advice, please remember this : NEVER AVERAGE LOSING TRADES. If a stock falls after you buy it f… @manishsharma089 BNF does rally, it should be lead by ICICIBANK. Already at highest close since 13th March 20. Now if it starts t… @KamilyaSougat gets difficult to classically check volumes on BNF as options volume is not reflected here, but major volumes are in options @ThePhoe70055686 this comment is interesting 👍 @_SabMohMayaHe_ You should have noticed that I would give a clean trade with a stop when sure, this was just a view @_SabMohMayaHe_ I see this mistake made by many. A view is not written in stone, I will change my view in a second as market changes :)ITC : 1.Spinning top at critical 165 level, today's candle can be taken as reversal 2. Massive OI in system, a sha… is what I am seeing on BNF, how you trade this is your responsibility 1. Cup and handle on BNF #Positive : Bre… @saleemgaur No @jainshreyash8 Not getting a positional sell trigger yet @fincas9 yes, out of all shortsITC seems to have made a short term bottom around 165, out of shorts. Will again short only on a close below 165 @Hunch0303 Yeah, navratriPuja special songs, mantras and dhaks playing at Kolkata. This is the time since childhood which signified the onco…
Yesssss! @prakhar75651426 Intraday @abhitrek Why don't you check the TV website for the answer? @Rahul814596881 @daz_mah Start focussing on just the price first @daz_mah @Rahul814596881 Already done this earlier 😀 @larissafernand Had a good laugh. Personally was extremely lucky my mom never ever did this @rashmicshastry @saketreddy @NIPUNN Happens to all of us, I blew up on a single fut trade with mad leverage. What m… @Twitt2Saikat Nah, this is a simple high low filter @GauravS84280823 Let's analyse what Gaurav is upto. He joins twitter mid July 20. Attacks PR Sundar and Vivek Bajaj… @VohiCapital Rakhi toh, but sometimes this had to be pointed out. @GauravS84280823 This " I am the saviour" is an complex. If someone trades and is a trader, he has enough stress wi… someone is continuously tweeting to pull other people / someone down, he is starting with the acknowledgement th… @nitesh_gupta85 You need to buy it from any vendor like @TrueData2 @rahulguptab2 No @nitesh_gupta85 In Amibroker, you can @geek_option How is this complicated? Can anyone progress in any field without deliberate practice? @Rahul814596881 Both are equally important. You must see price action, but what to see you need to learn from book.… @DesaiHarshal Probably, I have a paid version @saidevprasad Study why I said that, look at dataAll the systems and indicators I have devised started this way, by observing price action. The final product like… you ask, why less than 5% of retail traders are profitable daytrading? 😄 The last 2% who continue, I can bet a… 100 people read this thread, 50 will at least do this once to check. After sometime, majority will get bored ( n… not happen in a day or a week. This exercise has to be done for months, there is no fixed timeline . You will… is one of the exercises I do rigorously every weekend. Sometimes I replay the days action in the evenings when… : initially on your chart, just watch the raw price. Without any systems or indicators. Try to understand how… 2 : the huge move on expiry day in BankNifty. How and why? What did prices say? What do the options say? Wh… 1 : the INFY selloff post results. Go back to that day and check how prices moved from opening, what the in… like Amibroker or Tradingview have a feature called Bar Replay. It simply removes data from the point cho… do you improve as a trader? How do you pinpoint your mistakes and misses? How do you understand how VIX moves a…
@harikrish16 @DattanandRaykar @VohiCapital For any kind of SL order including SL-M. While the order is placed, the… @harikrish16 @DattanandRaykar @VohiCapital A SL order once placed is at exchange, not at broker @TrendzWbenefits @airtelindia 😀 ami initially eta joke bhebechhilam @bhalomanush I don't, I am generally on my own trip 😃