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@connorjaiye guys this is him @NecroVisuals @byn8y dude that is heat @glowayyyy bro dms @florscnt @txntu @SadBoyBle1d @mehzyVAL K check ur paypal @florscnt @txntu @SadBoyBle1d @mehzyVAL Why do u need if you havent played in 2 months @florscnt @txntu @SadBoyBle1d @mehzyVAL U asked me to pay you 100 dollars to buy a gaming monitor @yukowii @itscaseytwitch @bernarsz @11aimers Ok @itscaseytwitch @yukowii @bernarsz @11aimers ok bro you can leave the thread now @yukowii @itscaseytwitch @bernarsz @11aimers Nvm @yukowii @itscaseytwitch @bernarsz @11aimers @bernarsz does this dude go to our school @bernarsz yeah u Lol @bernarsz @itscaseytwitch @yukowii @11aimers ok benson i might need to go on an unfollow spree @bernarsz @itscaseytwitch @yukowii @11aimers LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @yukowii @itscaseytwitch @sh0pguy This @itscaseytwitch @sh0pguy Yeah add a couple m,ore zeroesat the end then well talk @itscaseytwitch @sh0pguy Throw a number @yukowii @kiwiramune @bernarsz @11aimers No i am an 11 aimer now @itscaseytwitch @sh0pguy paypal me @itscaseytwitch no @bernarsz @yukowii @11aimers Why are the 11aimer droids following me @aftersworld @bernarsz @yukowii @11aimers Yeah U Thought 😹 @akusenasu @yukowii @bernarsz @11aimers valorant psychology 101 secretly edater --> tries to be ironic to hide the… @akusenasu @yukowii @bernarsz @11aimers ive spoken to you twice man @akusenasu @bernarsz @yukowii @11aimers @bernarsz @yukowii @11aimers shop guy help @yukowii @bernarsz @11aimers ok @bernarsz no @cycotic @KDS_val u got owned @hvnniez @careertwitch wants to say hi @ValorLeaks k @SoaRDusa rest easy ❤️❤️
@wavyval @coolvenosaur yea ion know u why would i follow you @coolvenosaur We Do Not Care @PhoozeGG what about c4d text or sum @1endie next week @CasperrFPS @sh0pguy ur next @sh0pguy @Eridani808 i’m playin @sh0pguy @Eridani808 ye dw that’s already been done @skillfever @sh0pguy ion think that’s famous i think famous is more like 500k+ @Eridani808 @sh0pguy no ima just mute yo ahhh no point 😭 @sh0pguy i’m not that famous bro chill 😭😭 @RodlinOT @medbobslime @glowaylmao @keawhy LMAOOO tell him i said wssup @keawhy what LOL @pvanguin . @pvanguin . @pvanguin do u even get paid @glowayyyy single Btw .. @ilyVal_ @glowaylmao @ilyVal_ No @atlasxzx shut up i have tier 3 exp + top 16 gonzo gaming cup @glowayyyy ok i see now wtf wrong with these fn ppl @glowayyyy Gah Dam @glowayyyy WHAT IS HAPPENIGN LFNAOAOAO @glowayyyy whats happening with him now
@sh0pguy get this to 100 likes then we’ll talk @txntu LATER @txntu Mhm @cocochocouto @txntu i already tweeted out the winner calm down @txntu What happened to quit Game @cuhrisVAL r they adding stacking back @Grusome_val @cupid_xo @txntu impressions literally do nothing ppl care about them way too much @Eclipzyy @YoWaybes @ilyells @glowayyyy . @ilyells @Eclipzyy @glowayyyy LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @glowayyyy @ilyells like and rt or unfollowed @ilyells @glowayyyy DOESNT HE BUY U FFOOD AND BOBA HWENEVER U ASK @glowaylmao @txntu he aint in the fort comm bro @txntu YHREARHAERHAAHvalorant twitter is like 8th grade snapchat, “respond and I’ll give my honest opinion on you!”
Retweeted by SoaR subi @glowaylmao @florscnt he knows were close so he thought i was talking about you in the post but im talking about @causticCSGO @txntu 🇨🇦🇨🇦Going down to LA with one of my closest online friends, hyped asf @phamilys @glowaylmao @medbobslime CURLY HAIR @cuhrisVAL @Shalini31335440 Ye My B @BaruaAaryan @eyohoodie forgot to post @Febeaulo @Krishiv051 @opsqt W
@TakenedTV @OvertimeGG Care @cuhrisVAL my bad @cuhrisVAL AWP IN RETAKE @MeeZoid nobody Lol . @OneTwentyEdits @riisk @58NEX No @riisk @58NEX Yes Please Nex Everyone wants to join Assault @58NEX @SoaRDylan . @careertwitch No Excitement Deprived of Emotion @causticCSGO k @vvinta_ that’s disgusting @glowaylmao @p_wincessa What U thinkin @florscnt @riotgames @PlayVALORANT k @careertwitch @MindBodyEsports @Hiko @1flyuh @nrbil what r u doing at 5 am arman @MindBodyEsports @Hiko @1flyuh @nrbil @careertwitch MINDBOYESPORT POV @yungcalc Bruh I ain’t even sleep yet @ebankslolss @BigShotWRLD @faxuty @Cented7 @StableRonaldo 💀 💀💀💀 @MeeZoid TALI TAKING OVER VALORANT @FuzzFN what a weirdo
@74Exotic @glowaylmao @cricketslmao @byn8y BRO WHY U PERMIN YO HAIR @cuhrisVAL @jacobVIII yea take alvin there he can find the abg of his dreams @cuhrisVAL @jacobVIII anything but sj man 😭