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Sue Lubi @subiliminal Deal, England

Self confessed high end product junkie. Interests include interior and garden design. New obsession is beautifully coloured gem stones 💞💎💍💎👑💞 Love MUSE

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@Kazeeas @superdrug 🤔🤔 @SpillerOfTea Secretly? @BBCHolbyCity @BBCOne I am really looking forward to tonight's episode @QUncovered Gorgeous 😍 @madcow42 Cover it with a layer of salt. Add water. Boil. X
@piersmorgan 🥱🥱🥱 tedious @oasis1_ @piersmorgan @MattHancock @FT Fuckinghell @TheMontyDon Gorgeous. I miss my old garden that was starting to get somewhere. I cant seem to get started on thi… @poornabell No different to any other time. Not interested. Not happening. @WritersFrock Pretty much exactly the same except 40 odd. When you are seeing your own life as if it's a film, depe… @DazzaField @RealDonMancini Very well put. XTwitter experts are a whole new level. The world has gone mad and twitter stages it as competition. When will this nightmare end? @ThatTimWalker Whereas you are a delightI will NO longer watch DIPSHIT @GMB until @piersmorgan #Dipshit is removed #BoycottPiersMorganAtGMB
Retweeted by Sue Lubi @oosvinyl This will make the best thing you can find yourself to get the most comfortable with your local councils… @Frecklechops Scientific research suggests that is the utter bolloxs of the danger that is horrible and that it was… @yespaulineeyre @JamwiseGamgee Wow yeah brilliant well done @yespaulineeyre @lucystonenow Wow clever @chrisshipitv 🥱🥱🥱🥱 @DazzaField RandomOh how much I luv yoo, nip, Yoo send me on a kwazy twip. Filled wif so much tastyness, Yoo bwing me so much happyn…
Retweeted by Sue Lubi @alimay101234 @piersmorgan @leopardthinks1 🤣🤣🤣 @CoppellRob @piersmorgan Hilarious @Rob_Mallard Same! Again!!
@KellawaySue @carolecadwalla Fuckinghell they should all resign. Ridiculous @NicolaWoodham @NHSMillion I feel exactly the same.this is dangerous @billy_racist @lollililei @acidlullaby @BBCRadioSolent @TheFabledAesop Fuckinghell @Keir_Starmer Stop showing up in my newsfeed. Droaning on @Lord_Sugar Scary. It feels like were in a disaster horror film. Hard to keep positive @susannareid100 @GMB Thanks for the warning! 📴 @FartyCheddarCat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩💩💩
@ChrisLangWriter 🙄🥱 @krishgm Oh wow how witty @Rugbylad37 £100 @masato_jones It's easy. If you think it's too soon, stay at home. No one is forcing anyone to go out. If people ch… @Lord_Sugar @piersmorgan 😴😴😴😴😴 @HeylandWhittle They look great. @justin_ng Sad @fos100 @SeabrookCrisps Ocado @Lord_Sugar @piersmorgan Your tweets make me chuckle. I'm not sure why you lower yourself a lot of times though. B… @HighFarndale No different to any other request for charitable donations. Individual choice of who you personally w… @doonhamer2009 @BrianONazareth @Number10cat I know that.
Why has Twitter not closed Trumps account? It seems like they are endorsing his lunacy. I feel so sad for America. 😭😭😭 @lgdianne @PeterStefanovi2 Exactly! Focus should go where it matters the most @lgdianne @BorisJohnson Lol and the rest. Its virtually been written in the "road map" if folk can not see that, it will be happening @PeterStefanovi2 @lgdianne Imagine if as much effort was put into controlling the virus. Amazing! @lgdianne @BorisJohnson The public will be blamed for it too @BrianONazareth @Number10cat No. He said sorry he was late. @justin_ng @Number10cat He is judging you by your food choices!! @SeabrookCrisps Ohh!! Lush!!Freebie Friday! We've got a box of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce flavour crisps to giveaway. #RT and Follow fo…
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@piersmorgan @BorisJohnson Fgs @JolyonMaugham 😴😴😴😴 @DavidVidecette Move on @PippaCrerar *wow*Jersey royals dripping in butter. Simple pleasures! @carole2833 @QUncovered I do not think many are interested is MM now. It is such a shame. @QUncovered Of course . I know you do have insider knowledge and lots of people would be stating what they think of…
@susannareid100 @maitlis Its happened. Deal with it. This is beyond tedious now @FartyCheddarCat Thank you for making today a bit better Cheddar. You are a real sweetheart xxxWormwood be a funny name Cuz it not worms or wood. It has silber leefs so soft And smells so bery good. Wif my tun…
Retweeted by Sue Lubi @QUncovered Lol you said that about the last one but my skin is very happy with all the products 🙃 @KatyFBrand I am pleased you posted this as I really needed to know. Thank goodness @jackbern23 Sick fuck @silentnightbeds I've not used a duvet for around 3 years @QUncovered Thank you x @alreadytaken74 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @QUncovered Hello . Do you know if there will be an offer on dyson fan? Or have I missed one? Thanks. XHave people decided to move on now or still dripping on? @MitchBenn Why are people still dripping on about this? Worse than my mother @thomasdolphin @NHSMillion If I'm honest, I dont know what "lockdown " currently is. There's too much nonsense muddying the waters! @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock Brilliant. Its become very hard to watch all the nonsense.This interview clearly interrupted a game of feline hide and seek
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@MarinaHyde @KathyBurke Oh dear @HannahAlOthman Good for you @piersmorgan Fgs move on @piersmorgan @KayBurley Pathetic @Douglas4Moray Oh dear nevermind @piersmorgan @Douglas4Moray Oh dear nevermind @chrisshipitv Drive off a cliff maybeIt is embarrassing to see the extend of how thick the general public are. And when I say general public, I mean Twitter twats! @luckyma_man @MattHancock Fuck me aren't you funny @JosephLucas @MattHancock Go wherever you like @MattHancock Breaking news. 2nd wave of deaths to peak 3 weeks later. Bravo!! @KathyBurke Get a grip @Lord_Sugar It's been embarrassing
@Number10cat Oh dear LarryWait for it @Lord_Sugar Its embarrassing @man_thinking @Number10cat It's like this would make you feel better
Wonder how long folk are going to obsess, rant & generally lose it over dominic Cummings. I mean fgs get a grip. I… @Lord_Sugar @piersmorgan Gaga on a scale of Trump @HeylandWhittle @HeylandWhittle @Ocado I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! Oh, I have to! Lol this is the best thing ever for me ! @VEdgeBaron @Ocado They will still be selling other products lol @becksbissel @Ocado When it was announced they said m&s developing equivalent products to match what ocado currentl… @FartyCheddarCat Is it a bird? Is it a plane? OMC!! It's Cheddar, faster than the speed of light 🥰🥰 @mrjamesob @KathyBurke Business as usual really
@RickyHughes16 @asda Try morrisons and Iceland. They have slots available on every postcode I'm regularly checking.Who cares what is trending? Why is trending - or not trending, a bigger story than the story? People have too much time on their hands! 🙄😕🥱