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Lifelong Labour voter 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Hate the tories with a vengeance Love my family They are my world. NO private messages please as I won't respond

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@happyjack1981 There is justice out thereWho wants takeaway on us today? 💸 RT, tag #VibePayTakeaway and share a Vibeme £20 link! We'll be paying throughou…
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @VibePay #VibePayTakeaway @JesusStabby @AndyTangled How lucky was that It wasnt his time xxx @Michael96303310 Vikings @joolsbb @marie_kate2 Shes so beautiful 😍 @Richard90850020 Worse by farWhat the fuck is this and why was the page deleted? You utterly fake arsehole @Keir_Starmer
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @soopagaz @RobertGEdge ❤️❤️ @rodjgrimmer Nope @mrmitchell78 @DanielCaie Something you would never, ever get over or forget ❤️ @glowingcanary Robert Horton We all were crazy over him at school, until someone got a coloured picture of him and…
@willshome @wrenasaurus But who could that be Shes obviously not fussy to even think of going with that scruffy wankpuffinThe NHS is being sold off bit by bit. I've seen and experienced a lot of it which is making it slower and way less…
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @happyjack1981 Ha ha @wrenasaurus Or the baby Complete mystery @EmRoid8 @leonardi_damian Best wishes for him xxx @nw_nicholas Lord Nelson @DrewLawDesign How lovely ❤️ @NisaLocally Nutty pralineTomorrow is World Chocolate Day and what better way to celebrate than with an extra chocolate-y #NisaMonday! RT+FOL…
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @Monty_Dodge @DanielFooksArt My old dad spat on his hands all the time. He was a Stevedore on the boats, and always… @Bbmorg Stay seated @Stop_Trump20 Truth @Marie__Axel Message in a Bottle @wrenasaurus Fucking stupid @afclhoratio @DarrenDonovan7 @celtjules66 Snap thats what i said @DarrenDonovan7 Hemlock @pulte I like receiving it
@PoetryRebellion @Eleanor83388692 Pissed as a fart @happyjack1981 Bit harsh @carmel_prescott Sorrow @happyjack1981 When you lick it, or someone else @DrewLawDesign Bridge Over Troubled WaterPlease list in the comments the things the government have got undoubtedly right during the Coronavirus crisis. I…
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @ArtCrunchy Love that song Mine was God Only Knows by Beach Boys Still gives me goosebumps now
@greggwatson90 Happy Anniversary to you both Have a lovely day today Love me xxx @TheReal_JesusC Amen @michael45982804 Fucking selfish prats @happyjack1981 Yes @LeftWingKim @PaulClay710 Brainless @KayleighG1995 I dont support him either He was a terrible choice @TuckerClemens Selfish idiots @liamgallagher Not yet Be too bloody hectic. Be full of pissheads today
🗳️Weekend poll🗳️ Who do you trust, @BorisJohnson, @jeremycorbyn or @Keir_Starmer? Please RT after voting
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @DrKarenLonsdale Didos Lament @Getthebagcoach @jacqui703 Lack of love @wigmore_welsh 🤚🤚🤚
@happyjack1981 Ha ha deal with it My son calls me the old dufflebag 🤣🤣 @AndyPeacock999 Syphilis @rodjgrimmer Wonderful news. Congratulations x @JonBell61123722 @DanielCaie All good one Then White Lines i loved and The Sinner @DanielCaie Oh and White Lines @JonBell61123722 @DanielCaie Ozark comes close Better Call Saul Money Heist @MattHancock Lies lies and mote lies yet again @RevJoeHaward Happy Birthday to you Have a great day today Love me XXXXXX 🎂🎁🍺🎂🎉 @logical4ever @cool_grandad Scotland
@lainedaisey @happyjack1981 No drink more @OilerScots Yay @happyjack1981 We both listen to 60s Radio all the time Even the grandchildren love the 60s groups @liamgallagher Well but bored of sheilding. But im safe xMichael Gove doesn’t like this article - I believe we should make a point of reading and retweeing it. Michael Gove…
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour.@michaelgove Do you remember what you said Mr Gove? We certainly do.
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @edwardpoole1975 Thanks i didnt know that I just cancelled my direct debitRetweet if you think Johnson is unfit for office.
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @DPJHodges Do take your nose out his ass please. Clear and precise, you are joking He looks and sounds, about as i…
@VibePay ❤️ @ladyermintrude Right @barryoleary77 @CommunityUnity4 You stay safe and well Barry 👍👍 @morrispexmouth @TuckerClemens I hope i can, as i feel adrift at the moment, after voting Labour all my voting life @LeedsTransLad Good Look after yourself. @rodjgrimmer Ha ha i know the feeling @planetdebra @BettinaSRoss1 Far too simple a solution 🤣🤣 @l_areid Happy Anniversary to you both Have a lovely day today ♥️♥️♥️ @reece_dinsdale That's exactly what my hubby says. He says the soul, and the fun, has gone out of football now. Its… @rodjgrimmer Ooh made my morning. Thank you . @chelleryn99 Gove. unfortunately @Muqadaam Me @rodjgrimmer What pretty girls 👭👭 @LauraSavino747 Trains frighten me.
@rose_marie Mine did @LauraSavino747 All the grandchildren new clothes and shoes @Captn_Hurricane Its never worried me Both my hubby and my son leave the seat up @See4Entertain So sorry to hear that 😔😔 @NisaLocally My hubby of 48 year's , who i love to bits, and he's also my best friend. We'd love to share a bottle 🍷🍷🍷 @YvonneBurdett3 What a stateRetweet if you agree that there shouldn’t even be a ‘right wing’ of the Labour Party.
Retweeted by Sue Vincent #VoteLabour @BlackCloud1966 @cool_grandad How sad 😪😪 @mariamuser Owen Wilson @BenCoyl64788991 @bobbybobbyrees Following 🌹 @longhornfan1969 Spoon @PlatinumMouse Following 👍 @dontbeblinkered Following @Knickeratti @ThatCorbynista Following 🌹🌹 @Steveeejg I do ironing @Flymetovenus1 @jeremycorbyn Following, 🌹🌹 @SarahsPrayers Following 👍 @realJavedBashir Tha Government @YvonneBurdett3 I knoe the feeling. Im sheilding and got the same problems, i also find im becoming insular.