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@DockHikary @_SJPeace_ Except this isn’t just one incident. This happens on and off video often enough to warrant some serious change.WHO IS THE VICTIM? WHO ARE THESE TERRORISTS?! ITS NOT A FEW BAD APPLES! IT'S THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. IT'S ALL OF THE…
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Retweeted by SamLooks like Philly PD smashed the windows of a passing vehicle that was trying to turn around, then dragged the pare…
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Retweeted by SamThe average time it takes for an elderly woman to get her ringing phone out of her handbag is 11 days.
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On a scale of 1-Ric Flair how excited are you @Tommytoughstuff @Pork_Chop_Hair Ric Flair from the back the first day of early voting in Red Hook, @NYPD76Pct officers confronted community activists handing out PPE in…
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relax i’m a ducktor
Retweeted by SamA life of neglect in a desolate pit is the only life Bosco has ever known 😔
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@tsm560 Never too lateThey’re called spoilers because they ruin the end of your car.
Retweeted by Sam @IamEveryDayPpl Same. Lol.
child jeff bezos: when i grow up i want a bajillion kajillion dollars billy: that's not even a real number child…
Retweeted by SamToday, we did a banner drop in front of @Chase tower, downtown Chicago in solidarity with @Native_Mvmt & its fight…
Retweeted by Samgentle reminder that mitch mcconnell is still one of the worst human beings ever shat upon this earth
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DR Congo man :-(
Retweeted by Sam @kyry5 @FrTomPringle lies. When I’m depressed I forget that I’ve ever been truly happy. I feel like I’ve spent my entire exis…
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@Prof_Hinkley rude little girl's energy is very very dark.
Retweeted by Samomg only 15 days left until nothing changes
Retweeted by SamRecognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal.
Retweeted by SamIt’s ok if we disagree on climate change, water over the bridge.
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plants rlly be like ‘I do not vibe with this dirt’ and die
Retweeted by SamA lot of people describe our press as “free & open” because it is not owned by the state. They ignore that it is ow…
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Man this is horrible
Retweeted by SamThis lives rent free in my head.
Retweeted by Samcan’t believe this app is free
Retweeted by SamStill 😭
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Imagine living in a country where this is necessary...
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@jackiembouvier @Hammyinmiami Jack(ie)pot
Normalize not telling your boss what your day off is for.
Retweeted by Samthat “GIRL” is named MARIAM MOHAMED & she did not lose her life she was HARASSED, DRAGGED, and MURDERED on CONCRETE…
Retweeted by SamIf I tell you I’m hungry, it’s already too late
Retweeted by SamWalking around my house like "who the fuck closed last night?!"
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Just gonna try to keep visualizing this image today
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Republican Party admits to committing election fraud, announces intention to continuing to commit election fraud
Retweeted by Sam @molly7anne Hello yes I would also like to apply to be her future daughter-in-law, minus the husband; you can keep him.please can we just have health care
Retweeted by Sam @Prof_Hinkley Lol. Lol.the american education system had us knowing the names of the three boats columbus came on better than the tribes whose land we live on
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@Eightinchgoat Foul ball
Fired and charged. A porcupine.
Retweeted by SamWhat I say: Be ready, we are leaving in five minutes. What the child hears: Get undressed. Start finger painting. Lose at least one shoe.
Retweeted by SamSo defunding the police was just too radical, but defunding education is no problem?
Retweeted by SamTaking a picture of somebody sandwich with no attempt to hide it is hilarious
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They never have a problem defunding the education system do they?
Retweeted by Samdamn book aint playing!
Retweeted by Sam @NurseMurderer it started how it’s going
Retweeted by SamDISGUSTING! Alvin Cole’s grieving mother, Tracy, screamed in pain with an injured arm and a bleeding head as office…
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Retweeted by Sam @realomoboy @UziSuzy Oh so now it is disrespectful to wear skin on your titties instead of cloth @space_vest @theIaIaIand @interestedin_ Kate & Mark
Retweeted by Sam @lindadjones702 Happiest Birthday to you, Justus! 🎉❤️asked my therapist who their therapist was and went to see them. asked them the same thing until i got to the final…
Retweeted by SamKamala Harris the reason ya uncle doing 20 years in prison for weed
Retweeted by Sam @Nico2207509317 @MichaelChorney6 It is actually a thing, though. Many studies about twins separated and never knowi… @AnnaCinWV @HenpeckedHal Yes 😂 Hope he knows not to put foil or anything in the microwaveMy 20 year old cousin got his own apartment and it's going pretty well
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I used to work at a Haunted House and I pitched a room that was a long black hallway leading to a door that said "e…
Retweeted by SamKenny Walker cried out in agony. He didn’t know why cops raided his home and killed his girlfriend Bre. Then they i…
Retweeted by SamDate someone who knows you’re just kidding on social media
Retweeted by SamI honestly believe American schools don’t teach us about other countries as much because half of our education is a…
Retweeted by Sam @LumpyLouish @rralueboj Right?! Any search should absolutely be recordedWhole Foods announced that a Prius left their lights on in the parking lot and now I have the store all to myself.
Retweeted by Sam @RiotGrlErin Wow. He had a lot to unpack there @CdyRnkn
this is how people look, these aren’t imperfections?? calling them imperfections reinforces the idea that it’s abno…
Retweeted by Sam @pricklepeach 🙌🏼And it's still just as true today. Working class Americans are bearing the brunt of this crisis. THAT is who needs…
Retweeted by SamRod Rosenstein, then the deputy attorney general, went even further, telling prosecutors that it did not matter how…
Retweeted by SamBreaking NYT: Jeff Sessions and top Justice Dept. officials pushed hard for migrant family separations in 2018, a w…
Retweeted by SamThis country is so accustomed to its monstrous health care system that when a 2-year-old child with a genetic condi…
Retweeted by SamPlease stop saying "parents can't work" because of child care/school closure problems and say, instead, "parents ca…
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@leftarmisme I love your owl ☺️ @tsm560 @sweetg35 released autopsy report finds that #DijonKizzee was shot 16 TIMES, four causing "rapidly fatal injuries." It…
Retweeted by SamThis man was killed by a Wolfe City (TX) officer yesterday. He saw someone getting assaulted & went to help. Cops w…
Retweeted by Samif i spent three days in the hospital i would be in debt for the rest of my life
Retweeted by Sam @VisuallySt This doesn’t sit right with me 😩When you think of all that went into the sacred ceremonial/burial proce…
Retweeted by Sam @jackiembouvier @BenjaminPDixon Now it says content not available lmao @memetazaa @DesiJed Me after eating too muchA vote for me is a vote FOR ✅ Decriminalizing homelessness ✅ Science ✅ Clean campaign finance ✅ Abolishing ICE ✅ Cr…
Retweeted by SamMedical tip for the day: Steroids can make a patient feel so good that he can walk himself to the morgue.
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Just in—Trump’s EPA strips tribal land sovereignty of all 38 Oklahoma Native American tribes for environmental matt…
Retweeted by SamI’m a mortician and in my professional opinion that is a dead man’s hand.
Retweeted by Sam @lilbarbxers 🥳 🙌🏼 @NurseMurderer What if we got them and then @NurseMurderer Hear me outObsessed with how openly horny the person who named Fuddruckers is for Paul Rudd
Retweeted by Sam @kyry5 Underrated tweet @davidkim2020 🙌🏼I know you feel nothing could get worse tonight, so I just have to throw this at you...
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