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@Abhishekcpandey @sagarikaghose @mvmeet Did he sing vande mataram? Why didn't he sing? Does he believe in the Constitution?Kunal Kamra, the unofficial leader of the opposition… @kunalkamra88
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@ShivamT97615037 @Vishj05 Degree ka kagaz dikhao..... entire Political Science 🤣🤣 @joBeeGeorgeous I am coming over
@fayedsouza @PiyushGoyal Minister is telling you something you may know about
@madhukishwar @AamAadmiParty @HRDMinistry @AmitShahOffice Bhakt ke lady version hai, following Fekus footstepsJust one look at his physique & you know this man is capable of extraordinary athletic feats. Now either…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelWho is Papu now ❓❓❓❓
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@vivekagnihotri Did you go to pick up the bones @rohini_sgh Happy with your tweets. No time. Retweet if JESUS is your ❤️ VALENTINE ❤️ .
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @rahulkanwal @HarvardHBS Get me nominated to HarvardThings that remained a mystery - Death of Judge Loya - Encounter of Sohrabuddin - Hiren Pandya's murder - Modi's D…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @Ontisalaga4 @ArunDehingia @fredhamilton @Kunal_Sanghi @PiyushSingh083 @RD_BANA @narendramodi @eysopen @MarkGrote Love of Jesus be with you and your family 🙏, even though I don't know you tears are running down my eyes. @SadhguruJV can make it in politics. Umar cannot. Azad can say what Sharjeel cannot. Rahul Gandhi can insult Modi. Sch…
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@MinhazMerchant MM what are you smoking? @SuganthW115 @MinhazMerchant @kunalkamra88 @dhruv_rathee @fayedsouza @Nehr_who @Pun_Starr @t_d_h_nair
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @ndtv Say Jai Shree KAAM @kunalkamra88 @dhruv_rathee @fayedsouza @Nehr_who @fredhamilton @Pun_Starr @Shehla_Rashid | "Hindus in danger", "Will you sell your country for Rs 200 worth of electricity?": AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj d…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @sardesairajdeep @MinhazMerchant Rajdeep, Minhaz is worst than thali ka baigan..... One should not engage with him.… @brprakash @DivyaSoti @ajay43 You should be happy @fredhamilton @thesuniljain @sardesairajdeep @aroonpurie @narendramodi Is it's fear of Modi what are we trying to instill… @SadhguruJV That's why you killed your wife
@TajinderBagga Bug...where the fuck were you when the Girls were in college were attacked. Shove your concern for g… @ShekharGupta It's still an issue and EC is a bigger issue. Now do you have to say anything more. @SarabjitChadha @Kunal_Sanghi @ArunDehingia @fredhamilton @PiyushSingh083 @RD_BANA @narendramodi @eysopen @IndiaToday @PradeepGuptaAMI @sardesairajdeep Rajdeep you are rubbing salt on Tadipar and Feku be careful there cou… @AMISHDEVGAN Thodi maaryada raakhye.....Say Kejriwalji..... Go lick your emperor's bootsLook, who is saying this? Same guy who was Modi's campaign strategist in 2014 to kiIl the soul of India!
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelSelf exposing video of illiterate liar shameless @narendramodi where the ECHOnomist PM contradicted his own stateme…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @Kunal_Sanghi @SarabjitChadha @ArunDehingia @PiyushSingh083 @RD_BANA @eysopen @RichaChadha @amitbehere @SuganthW115
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelIndia won
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @ArunDehingia @fredhamilton @Kunal_Sanghi @PiyushSingh083 @RD_BANA @narendramodi @eysopen @SarabjitChadha is out there to destroy this
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelA month and 10 days since this happened. ZERO arrests by the @DelhiPolice . Shame!
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@BJP4Karnataka Who killed Mahatma Gandhi? Or for your easy understanding Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. @RanaAyyub 61-62 @meera_ganapathi @thatdoggonelady Where are you Meera? @smittal_ips @pbhushan1 Sir your action is desperately needed here. What action to be taken is also mentioned by PM… @GauravPandhi Money is speakingMayhem happened at #GargiCollege today and literally no one is talking about it. Our girls were assaulted by drunk…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @av_anuasha What next?Is EVM replacement in the works?
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@fayedsouza I got one more BJPs gutter mouthpiece to heckle in the flight @kunalkamra88 @joBeeGeorgeous @Pun_Starr
@i_theindian @fredhamilton Beef Biryani khilao....How on earth do you have childhood memories of voting? You get that right only at 18. Did you also, long ago, tou…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelOf all the BJP handles on Twitter, is this the most hateful one? And of course the most cowardly as they tend to de…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel"We should see Kunal Kamra’s act as an act of resistance." The time for politeness is over, Swara Bhasker thundere…
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You people won’t even spare a six year old, saying the child criticised the PM and HM... and you are speaking about…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelIf you are Indian and not sanghie, I mean mentally balanced, you must watch this and for the country’s benefit you…
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It is lengthy one but worth thinking. If someone understood this message, he hates lotus flower through out his li…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelElection speech. Press meet
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @lovyRkd @BhaiHindustani2 @PChidambaram_IN Who killed Amma? @knightwatchman_ @Pun_Starr Next elections Gunjan will get BJP ticket.... Chronology ko samjo @TajinderBagga @SaketGokhale @fredhamilton @amitmalviya It's beef briyani, it's yummy @SaketGokhale @fredhamilton @kunalkamra88 @PiyushGoyal the passenger trains stink like a gaushala is it by default or by choice to appease the BJP narrative.… Kapoor, followed by PM #Modi on social media, wore a burqa & created a commotion at #ShaheenBagh! Even a cri…
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My speech in the Lok Sabha today #TheGreatBetrayal
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @AudaciousQuest People will choose a bigger liar.....and live in Illusion
@ReallySwara Beef khilao. STAY STRONG “KEEP PRAYING" -- Retweet if you Believe -- .
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel. “Bible Verse of the Day” GIVE THANKS whatever happens, That is what GOD wants…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @anubhutikrishna @thatdoggonelady Privileged @t_d_h_nair Is Karnataka the UP of South @RuchiraC @KilaFateh Feed him Beef
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
@Shehla_Rashid Pakistan is home @Prakash4192 @MinhazMerchant @kunalkamra88 @seanhannity You know I don't compromise in quality. Please send me rice… @MinhazMerchant @kunalkamra88 @seanhannity MM dog what about the attacker on JNU students @Memeghnad @MyFellowIndians Be watchful Arnab will be BJP's representative to rewrite the text books and history.
So the Indigo pilot who flew Kunal Kamra on THAT flight says what happened on board did not warrant a flight ban on…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelRT if you think @ianuragthakur should be arrested for inciting violence.
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @inquestioner Only hate, negativity, hate & sorrow sells. BJP & RSS has mastered this from the days of GodseSorry for not being sorry...
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelHas Kejriwal or any other leader come out openly in support of Kunal Kamra? Rahul Gandhi did, despite Kamra lampoon…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @MinhazMerchant @ArvindKejriwal Has your emperor visited?
@fayedsouza Spiritual service is Asharam Bapu, Nityanand or like Bhist....aap Chronology ko samahjye
@SreenivasanJain It did not take long 2 go from election slogan ‘Acche Din Aanewala Hai’ 2 election slogan ‘Goli Ma…
So Kerala just formed a 620 km human chain of 70 lakh people against the draconian CAA/NRC. This has been the large…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel1. His father attacked India in Indo-Pak war - Received Padma Shri 2. He faught for India in Kargil War - Sent to D…
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Tomorrow, on Republic Day, 7 million Malayalis will create a 620 km long Human Chain across Kerala against the regr…
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@Vishj05 Sadhvi Pragya?
@Sunil4uSan @kunalkamra88 Nice 👌 one small correction. Instead of Prime Ministerial candidate it should be Our Prime Minister.
@TVMohandasPai The rest are blind bhakts
@TVMohandasPai You are a problem for last 60 yrsGOOD NEWS: Gujarat HC held that the PAN cannot be declared inoperative due to non-linking of Aadhaar or Aadhaar Num…
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What stopped BJP Govt to settle KP's in 6 yrs? What stopped BJP Govt to section relief package for KP's ? What stop…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelA friend sent me this link. A group called Trance Effect from Nagaland. I wonder if the rest of India—and also the…
Retweeted by Suganth SamuelJust to clarify: Jeff Bezos doesn't tell Washington Post journalists what to write. Independent journalism is not a…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @naukarshah @myogiadityanath @Uppolice Hey Kanna, just because you are educated & popular we know what's happening… @irenaakbar @fredhamilton Name?
@samjawed65 RSS & BJP wale ka astitwa hi nahi hai....they disown their foot soldier.... apologykar hai... I underst… @alisha_coach @WbcccT God will restore all things just believe & pray for ur Husband and all the people with whom u… @MinhazMerchant Multiple tweets 2 Rs credit from BJPs accountSo, apparently the BJP reached out to MS Dhoni during Jharkhand elections wanting him to join & contest but he refu…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @aayeff1 Only Jio is doing favor
#Hindia* in danger. Details: 1) Jet Airways closed 2) Air India almost Killed 3) BSNL 55000 jobs in danger 4) HA-No…
Retweeted by Suganth Samuel @thatdoggonelady Thanks