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“Looks fab !!!”

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So I haven’t filmed a Q and A since when I first started my Channel going to do another so fire away with those questions ! 😊💕
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @dbuzz6589 i have a few questions😂 > would you ever get another tattoo > how do you deal with more personal things… @dbuzz6589 would you ever get another tattoo?💕
@WillBayleytt it is such a beautiful dance💗 @dbuzz6589 aw dianne💓you’e so so brave for being able to live to far away from your family🥺how on earth do you do it?❤️xxxx
just looked at @dbuzz6589 story of @Joe_Sugg searching ‘amazing quickstep’ 💗so i searched it and it’s literally the… @IAmChrisRamsey just a few of my favourites from this week @mylovejoanne yes deffo xxPlease read this all!! For every retweet of this post @Ubisoft_UK will donate £1 to @AlzResearchUK up to £30k so I…
Retweeted by jessica 💕
@diannesdiamond this is so cute 💓💓
@mylovejoanne it will be fine don’t worry💕xx @mylovejoanne you ok babe💕mine haven’t come yet either xxx
i’m making a group chat where everyone hypes everyone up etc etc -stan joe and dianne or strictly or anyone relate…
Retweeted by jessica 💕they both said my name💕 @joesuggdibuzz aw congrats!! how old are you ❤️ @miniturebuswell i want to but i’m only 15 so i don’t know if i could. i really want to though xx @mylovejoanne yeah ofc xx @mylovejoanne i’m not 16 but i didn’t see that bit when i applied. i dunno what to do because i want to go so badly xxomg @JosephSDianneB ah thankyou ❤️you tooxx @JosephSDianneB next week😬😬
@mikebreakfast you did great❤️can’t wait to see what you and @Mrs_katjones do next week xx @mylovejoanne oh dm me😜controversial opinions are my favourite thingmy name on both joe and diannes instagram 💕 @TaliaMar @dbuzz6589 love this duo😇 @dbuzz6589 thankyou so much❤️made my day xxsaw this ad on instagram today. makes me so proud i support someone as inspiring as @Joe_Sugg ❤️ @dbuzz6589 deffo 7 as back to school tomorrow😂😂 what about you @dbuzz6589 ❤️ @michellevisage @michellevisage you were great!! like every week❤️ hope you get through🙏🙏xx @diannebvswell @turner_orla is there a members live tonight? 🙏for one if they aren’t too busy ofc xx @davejthorp #StrictlySpoilerComp the password is “Conga”
@karen_hauer @IAmChrisRamsey you were amazing!! voted for you xx @IAmChrisRamsey voted for you and @karen_hauer xx @IAmChrisRamsey YOU WERE AMAZING!!! 100% voting for you !! @TaliaMar 💕💕Who wants some WITC tickets? RT this tweet and reply if you’re in need of a weekend ticket! Gonna buy a few of my f…
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @diannesdevon january & february- strictly tour champs march- marbella&hctg april- finland may- diannes bday& pro t… @diannesuggyy @dbuzz6589 thankyou 💕💕 @diannesuggyy @dbuzz6589 where was the first one from. it’s gorg xx @IAmChrisRamsey @bbcstrictly @karen_hauer good luck!! are you nervous or excited 😂
@SaffronBarker good luck tomorrow beaut🤍 @AlexScott @Mr_NJones @keviclifton aw bless you alex, a real trooper!! also get well soon neil🙏🙏xx @basicbuswellx @inthepanfood @Joe_Sugg @dbuzz6589 me🤍 @basicbuswellx @dev_101 @dbuzz6589 their aladdin dance will go down in strictly history as one of the best dances e… @byronsjoee you’re so pretty🤍🤍in the pan💕 @suggwellramsey @patiencesugg @byronsjoee @onlytakesakate Ravens=Bad. Murder. Murder. Murder. That's 4 facts!
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @inthepanfood have you ever met someone called keen @inthepanfood @patiencesugg @byronsjoee @onlytakesakate tell me 3 facts about macbeth for my english exam @inthepanfood @suggysdi @buswxll @dbuzz6589 @Joe_Sugg whoever runs this account is a comedy geniusdianne again💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕(can’t believe she replied to me😭😆) @diannesuggyy @dbuzz6589 yes do it xx💓
@notearsbuswell you are so pretty xx @xxkatiejulie @dbuzz6589 aw you’re so sweet!! she’s fallen in love with the red hair life!!💓 @suggwellramsey Looks fab !!!
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @dbuzz6589 you make me the happiest💕💞💓💗💖💘 @dbuzz6589 omg😭thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me!!!! you make me so happy💕💞💓💗💖 @dbuzz6589 my bestie wanted to look like you for halloween so we dyed her hair red! what do you think?😀ps red hair… @dbuzz6589 this would be the best thing ever!!! please do this, you are a natural❤️❤️ @dbuzz6589 @FubarRadio tuning in now💕💕 @OfficialPLT i #loveprettylittlething because the quality is insane and everything is trendy and affordable❤️never…
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Retweeted by jessica 💕 @dbuzz6589 hi @dbuzz6589 i know you will never see this but i sent you a dm on instagram (my @ is x.jessicagrace) a… @basicbuswellx @Joe_Sugg @dbuzz6589 jessica😘
@SaffronBarker congratulations to nicole and casey💕💕 @ianstorey @IAmChrisRamsey the strictly live tour is in januaryLet's get ready to Rumba and Rhumble! All the routines for #Strictly Week Seven 👉
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @IAmChrisRamsey are you doing the strictly live tour x
@westendbswell thankyou xx @westendbswell hey sorry to be a pain but how do i set it to be strictly edition xx @westendbswell thankyou so much xx @westendbswell what is this app/ website called xxx @SheffCityHall will you be able to film at your venue during the joe and dianne show in 2020? x @Joe_Sugg @dbuzz6589 @IAmChrisRamsey @dbuzz6589 @bbcstrictly @karen_hauer chris and dianne are such a duo i actually love it @IAmChrisRamsey @Joe_Sugg can relate @dbuzz6589 your a natural at interviews 💕xx
@jojo_radebe @Cath_Tyldesley @bbcstrictly you two will be missed❤️ @ajsbuswell yeah i did, go on a thatcherjoe video and click the link. i did it on my phone on the youtube app but y… @karen_hauer @IAmChrisRamsey @Rosemarino so happy for you both!!!! @SaffronBarker yay congratulations beautiful xx💕 @dbuzz6589 @Joe_Sugg @Caspar_Lee aw can’t wait to see💕Fangtastic Foxtrot @Joe_Sugg and @dbuzz6589! 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️ #Strictly
Retweeted by jessica 💕
@keviclifton @AlexScott king kev!!! you did AMAZING filling in and learning the entire routine in 45 minutes!! so g… @shimmerbuswell yeah xx @miss_suggwell yep done xx @miss_suggwell yes are you xx @davejthorp what time do you expect the results @miss_suggwell yes xx @michellevisage you were amazing i loved it💕you had my little cousin dancing round the living room clicking her fingers to the beat😘😭xxxVOTING OPEN NOW! Please vote for me and Karen! From a Landline- 090152252 03 From a Mobile- 62252 03 (15 pence a…
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @SuggwellxBp yeah same. i literally love him😫😫 @SuggwellxBp mood😫 @Joe_Sugg YOU SOUND ANGRY @IAmChrisRamsey @bbcstrictly good luck😀
rt if you were here for strictly 2018/ 2019 live tour
Retweeted by jessica 💕 @Katya_Buswell @tgitime if chris goes, chris goes. if mike goes, mike goes. there’s nothing anyone can do other tha… @Katya_Buswell @tgitime maybe you shouldn’t be hoping someone else does bad so your favourite looks better @inthepanfood @motivatesugg definitely either joe or josh the producer 😂😂 @inthepanfood @dreamybuswell can’t wait for the new episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Caspar_Lee new video with @dbuzz6589 is my new favourite thing😂😂i’ve never laughed so much 😂xx