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Cecile Duncan @suhhseal Daisy, GA / Durham, NC

winner of the 2011 Facebook Most Beautiful Teen Contest / @mergerecords

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@lobbbz not to mention the fact that we spent years separately having chaotic nights in the same places in athens georgiai couldnt find an accelerated reader test did it. i don’t know how to prove it but i did it @Bud_Smith how do you say 839 in russian?burger king, of course, has the lowest diesel prices in town @JoannaNewSum41 it gets better, the town was half eastern time zone and half central so we never knew what time it… @JoannaNewSum41 i rented this movie from a redbox in the florida panhandle spring break freshman year @taetaetbh how many alexz johnson cds do you have @thelastsarah obv my FAV @stephaniedrury the only way to stop her bitchingfinishing Anna Karenina today. posting here so you all hold me accountabletune in this morning from 10-12 for my 80s country show DOWNHILL SWING, the theme is VISION…
genuinely in tears wain ......... you are my god
me when my mom was done spending 3 hours at Belk and came back to find me sitting in the corner of Barnes and Noble… @LuxePosh i knew you would love this LOLXiu Xiu Plays the Music of Cop Rock
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @limitlessjest @Ellen_Wilson @LittleDebbie @woodlandraisedI. AM. THIS. GUY. @spiritnght i just gave this one the ol round of applause, to which walt replied "yeah i see it" @charles_kinbote "the diagonal cut, predictable, but always classic."Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal chef makes a grilled cheese as Justice Ginsburg lies in state in the U.S. Capitol.shania twain has released a remastered, live, and "shania vocal mix" version of her best single "(if you're not in… SCREEN RECONCILIATION WE NEED THIS GOD Bradshaw is based on Ghislaine Maxwell and Big is based on Jefff Epstein. This isn’t just a theory, it’s a f…
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let me tell you right now two of the people near the top of my list of people i wish i could be having a drink and… @lesswestern it's a wonderful film @ChickFilA69 so the coffee is the solid cereal and the caramel macchiato is the marshmallows, of course, the milk a… 10 years to me and deerhunter @FMscum almond milk run tomorrow will be paranormal activity 3 (skipping 2)“The influences that most helped me to write my rural female characters began with female country music singers and…
Retweeted by Cecile DuncanI interviewed Ashleigh Bryant Phillips (@woodlandraised) for The Believer (@believermag)
Retweeted by Cecile Duncanhonestly not awful (whole milk run)
@totalidiott looking more for ones that also include a free trial of an atlantis the lost empire game @rachie_moon @BAGGU I JUST ORDERED THE SAME ONES THE OTHER DAY WITH THE DAISIES @thomcdonald piece on the legacy of Randall Kenan: "Randall believed in love. His characters usually met the…
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @ryannichols7 THAT'S MY FAVORITE STATION LMAO @LuxePosh will post a review of how it tastes: w whole milk, w almond milk, dry. watch this space @mdr29 i will likely try it for the first time mere moments before our meeting tomorrow morning. @hurtingrealbad i can'[t imagine how it wouldn't be @theericschuman this is why we should all be obligated to post reviews of every new food we try @magicalbody my civic duty @helloannieblack @SarraSedghi NO WAY she isn’t all over this already although someday i will find a fucked up food item sarra hasnt seenthis is so fucking fucked up. i bought it💎
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @JBarney i have a list of other bands that i have no affiliation with that i'd like you to interview for bill callahan fan confirmation @yourmorals well of course. but i have been thinking a lot lately of the wanderlust deleted scene that's 3 minutes… @yourmorals @yourmorals whoa. @vanderhoofy YOURE THE DIRECT LINE ERIN LET HIM KNOWantsy that john frusciante will have forgotten he agreed to rejoin rhcp by the time live music is back @taetaetbh i might still have it do you still have my phone HAAHAHAHA @taetaetbh the enchilada dick of 2011
you'd think everyone would have learned from VH1's mistake when they botched an attempt at I Love the New Millenniu… years have flown by since i was on weezer's instagram @superchunk girl i saw you on Zoom / Haggard poster in your room
just joined reddit, first post! @HCMcEntire as ever, we’ll just have to sit back and wait on kenny chesney @superchunk @taylorswift13 finally eked ahead of bring me the horizon tho #bmth @NicePriceBooks hey i'd love to hear from gary allanwho will be the first country artist to write a song about slipping off a girl's mask @taetaetbh why not the mark mcgrath version babyking @nicki_ricci LMAO YES SHES THE PRIMARY LOVE INTEREST HERE TOOcurrently obsessed with this nelly furtado walmart session performance of i’m like a bird that pans back and forth… @JahHills WITH A FORREST GUMP EASTER EGG #1994 @Jessi_Rihanna @ssssaaammmmmmmthe hat @stephaniedrury fifth time’s the charmcalifornication does not get enough credit for being the funniest show of all time[someone appears in 2 shows from the mid 00s] me: this girl is in EVERYTHING WTF
just received this image of r*vers c**m* on family feud from @Ellen_Wilson and my will to live is gone again checks all boxes for me @Ellen_Wilson beautiful* selected for crowd participation* @FMscum see attached else keep a bottle of ketchup in their glovebox @StuffCCLikes what does this mean for every oath i’ve sworn on a copy of The Book for Teens
2020 powers (trilogy) the family guy @ryannichols7 I AM FUCKING LOSING MY SHIT
@dadurath @shilkpatel me you shil and walt should have a zoom and together we will all want to be alive for AT LEAST another week maybe twoscott aukerman and adam scott doing RHCP lyrics in yoda voice in the talking heads podcast has renewed my will to live for at least 72 hourstuesday's episode of @markhoppus's #AfterSchoolRadio is avail @ !
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan2020 is so fucked.... i’m gonna remember this coin shortage for the rest of my life
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @totalidiott someone should examine her and lenny kravitz's attitudes re flying away side by side @sufferinjukebox @dadurath love y'all @loves_seltzer oh yes it is @ssssaaammmmmmm you’re that guy!in this episode of californication (s2e5, “vaginatown”) there’s a porn director whose office is decked out in cassavetes posters
read this now @christinamerge @taetaetbh somebody made us mad 8 years ago cause on this day my status was some shit like "please don't caption yo… @superchunk @adam_merge but i’m well fed and listening to my favorite record on this hill!i think i would taste dog food if it claimed to be tiramisu flavored