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Cecile Duncan @suhhseal Daisy, GA / Durham, NC

winner of the 2011 Facebook Most Beautiful Teen Contest / @mergerecords

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it was not a cultural reset but it was something
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @stereogum @Ellen_Wilson this just got funny @yourmorals i love you. but sometimes it ainmt easy bein “us”this is about me dog delight! My favorite birthday dinner!
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @en_cohen i love this man more than fucking life
@GApasturedbirds one time in college i had mad dog on my counter and my daddy was visiting and he took a sip and sa… @GApasturedbirds LMFAO @stereogum @Ellen_Wilson ELLEN WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!! @royboyorbison LITERAL LOLWaxahatchee's (@k_crutchfield) “Lilacs” is named Best New Track
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @queasy_f_bby i could be leaping to conclusions. could be a hyphenated first name for a single individualobsessed with the energy of this comment from a husband/wife dual facebook account rest of your life begins after you listen to this perfect fucking song. i’m happy to share my song “lilacs” + a video i made w the brilliant Ashley Connor starring my dear bff…
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @taffyakner @christinamerge @waltlilly same @jaymboller @christinamerge if someone had told me she was stillwell’s mom from a league of their own i would have watched WAY sooner @cameliabrennan i love you cami! don’t ever think i don’t.
@shilkpatel @tylerfreese IT HAS TO BE @mergeintern we need a disney princess who speaks russian and eats pussy @mergeintern oh you know just UA > CA > SC > VA > NC @mergeintern FUCK FUCKING SHIT FUCK FUCK FUCK HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS UNTIL TODAYusing a celebrity vacation spotting map to plan my next italy trip w @ereedt @dadurath love ya dawoodturns out the best way to get over frasier is to get under monktired: disney bought fox, kingdom hearts king of the hill world wired: disney's touchstone television produced monk… @mrbenparrish this feels like when you're taking an essay test and feel infinitely better just writing down the int… weeks at number 1. If I can be honest, I really thought the only way this could ever happen is if I was the featu…
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @EdwinArnaudin i watched that as recently as 2017 but it used to be a staple in my householdi have 5 business days to figure out what the hell i’m going to say when walt and i meet and greet jon heder of nap… @taetaetbh this is still the funniest thing anyone ive personally known has ever done @eighthgradeboy someday - nickelback @eighthgradeboy i miss you @sibelmy i know @tylerfreese same here i love our wavelength @sparrfarts walt and i are the wildcard @tylerfreese tyler did you start monk after you finished frasiermonk theme song? i call it the OCD soundsystem!
@imdenmate LOL THANK U @tonybonesarelli this is what i’m being toldfuck it’s just her brotherLDR ALREADY HAS A NEW BF AND IS POSTING HIM TO INSTA... i love that someone this messy on social media can also giv… can tell someone’s sun moon and rising signs based on where they set their mat in a nearly empty yoga studio @Elizabeth_Lilly YESwalt is on google earth VR showing us everywhere he got food poisoning in his hometowni hide my insta story from every single account that watches but does not follow me, you’re all uncouth or psycho o… cost of this is that i now sip lemon tea with one packet of stevia while wearing a giant sweater curled up with… i’ve always been crazy but it’s kept me from goin insane me and walt to the tv at 10 am on a sunday, in unison: amen
Retweeted by Cecile Duncanbelated valentines day show for downhill swing, 10-12,, will finally play something from th… show was terrible btwMerge sticker spotted :/YO WATCHING THE NEW HIGH FIDELITY... nobody told me her name is still rob!!!!!
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan
@waltlilly Tony Soprano, and stay with me here, is somewhat of an "antihero" tim and faith it’s your love, no list motherfuckers @theericschuman tell it to his faceoh it was waltwho put the promise by when in rome on the merge valentines playlist say it to my face @yourmorals ill listen to it in its entirety today :)valentines day was not started by greeting card companies it was started by rihanna in 2006 and that’s fine @rachie_moon seriously you are my dream date @Katie_Griffin come hang w me and walt we were talkin naked bros band earlier and i was telling funny stories of shit we used to say/do 😘had a shot of tequila + hot sauce with an oyster at the bottom, lived to tweet the tale @taetaetbh &youleftmyheartinpiecesnowimlookinlikeajigsaw; @taetaetbh @NotJohnBurrows aw tae i miss when we were the literal funniest and most ANNOYING motherfuckers in middle georgia! @taetaetbh @NotJohnBurrows i remain hilarious
@motormouthmedia words right out of my mouth/brain as per usualNothing worse than bros disguised as sensitive, thoughtful people but really just bros at the core.
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @flannypack_ my therapist said an old bf's name last week and i was like WHO would do WHAT? and then remembered lol @waltlilly gonna like this although i don’t personally relate @jesssebright guess i should check out halsey then @earachefillips banjo canuckie @aaaaaarock yes w mewe are only listening to banjo grimes song for the foreseeable future
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @shilkpatel also i'm surprised it took 24 hours for you to acknowledge something with the words toad the wet sprocket @shilkpatel you know what i mean? you might not @shilkpatel that's us cheerin on the dawgs when it is saturday in athenswow glad the ending of sopranos went unspoiled for me moody AJ telling Meadow that Borat “wasn’t fair to the peopl… 4 seasons of an instrumental theme song, some fucking genius wrote this shit for seasons 5-7:
Retweeted by Cecile Duncan @MisterJGrantham joey i woke up i shit you not at 3 am freaking out that i couldnt decide which of the 3 themes for…
@mej513 IT'S MICHELLE BRANCH WHICH REMINDS ME OF YOUsaw rick moranis trending and got scared the dude from parquet courts died @jesssebright I AM. OBSESSED. @natalievdavila IT LITERALLY IS THOisn't this what pinegrove got cancelled for @en_cohen "cartel playing songs from chroma" are words strung together that are opening a world of other possibilities for meneed a buffy reboot so grimes can play this new song at the bronzemy favorite childrens book If You Give A Nerd A Blunt the first proper live performance of raditude's can't stop partyin the wet sprocket and three 6 mafia............. please sign me the fuck up @christinamerge @ridehome XOXOXOXOXOXO HAPPY BDAY JULIA!!!!!! @mdr29 when i got the “mirla liked this” notification i smiled and thought “yes i imagine mirla loves this” @yourmorals @jlmitch5dev i miss the fucka buswow a real horse girl
windows down, fiona apple never is a promise at a slightly unreasonable volume, backing into a parking spot at lowes