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Proverbs 16:24 🕊 Pro-Black. Unapologetic.

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dozens of people followed me and 20 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @icuminpeaceok you’re beautiful babe don’t listen to them x @khldv14 You probably ruined everyone’s day when you came out the womb stfu
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Retweeted by Syn💕Iran must stop the death sentences of protesters—Amirhossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi & Mohammad Rajabi the defendants…
Retweeted by Syn💕If you really want to laugh please watch this 😂
Retweeted by Syn💕Don’t let the media pretend like it ended
Retweeted by Syn💕 @nillianno you dooo that’s why I like that video of you 🙈 @nillianno you have SERIOUS nyash. so why lie? @1ellax me 🙈
Retweeted by Syn💕no I am in sPAIN @nillianno you lying on the tl 😒 @nillianno ?and she’s set good, i don’t get your point. Especially considering your arms are a different colour to your face. @zeeysl yes @Chr1sO1a @p oh ffssigh, there’s a first for everything, RT pls
Retweeted by Syn💕 @Chr1sO1a what did you do?You hear that? 243%!
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Retweeted by Syn💕 @AtaRodo__ ohNaya Rivera sacrificed her own life to save her son. There truly is no greater love than a mother’s. Rest in peace,…
Retweeted by Syn💕it’s funny because @boujeebx sounds like this anyway xx 5’3 Shoe size: 4 Zodiac sign: Virgo Tattoos: 0 Piercings: 5 Fave colour: Fuschia Fave Drink: Ribena @jojojoannnna over POKER? @akusvibrator you too @akusvibrator not allll the time 😕Donc la , le boug se fait violé oklm 👍🏾
Retweeted by Syn💕 @yxng_ki amen @sucertamere I wanted to try it yesterday but my stepdad thought I was mad @sucertamere is it better than regular ones?I had to block the person doing that to me @tobiloriskinn proof or it’s cap x @Ayyleahx calmmmm @shakiraxwh @praiselken is it better than tobaccoVErin Stays Crying For Like 90% that niggas crying🙄
Retweeted by Syn💕 @3Mensxh okayy thank you 💕💕 @praiselken I get excited when I see Levi, THAATSSS when you’re meant to be excited 🙄 @4KTBoogz no @praiselken no there’s no neeeeed holding onto rage from 5 years ago 🤧 @ssstefyyyyy omg shhh but me too 🙈 @4KTBoogz shiver me timbers @4KTBoogz @drenchzz i dare you pussythat it ended fights take EPISODES to finish They had a good idea but the anime was long does she get horny all the time? of an actual plot after season 1 didn’t continue it from Kanekis timeline constant flashback to the same moment All Might tells Deku he can be a hero is eren always screaming? shut up.
Retweeted by Syn💕 @4KTBoogz @drenchzz teaching assistants get no respect. aired dfkm @4KTBoogz @drenchzz ew beg 🤧 @drenchzz @4KTBoogz no I don’t @4KTBoogz @drenchzz you started talking first 😒 @4KTBoogz @drenchzz no. @drenchzz piss off @3Mensxh what’s the differencewait do people really smoke green tea zoots??
@Kaio_J3 @simsssssx she didn’t lie @t_KCM2 it’s still cakeSo MP’s on 80k get free accommodation, free travel, free food and drinks (including alcohol) etc but children can’t…
Retweeted by Syn💕 @AY3JA3Y eyes and lipsCoronavirus:
Retweeted by Syn💕I cannot share my food. at ALL. @nillianno oh my bad @nillianno oh 😌 @nillianno but i’ve seen your penis. @nillianno wow ok @jojojoannnna oh 😕 @ssstefyyyyy and they had the audacity to complain??🙆🏾‍♀️😂🤣🤣 @ssstefyyyyy I thought it was an unwritten rule to provide food and drinks for them? @mxssliv @t1owo no it happened to me too I was embarrassed as fuck 🙆🏾‍♀️ @t1owo im hurt @t1owo trust me @itz_karenx precisely the point I was trying to make 🤣🤣 @1ckaay i’ll send you my paypal x @itz_karenx that’s true, and sometimes the marriage itself can complicate things in some cases but I feel like marr… or 3 @jojojoannnna make sure you turn around 🙈👀 @itz_karenx yes @Josepho1_ oh? 🙈 @1ckaay send me £200.20 and i’ll send you £0.20 xx @Josepho1_ because you keep losing at imessage games? @anaxly I believe I was born into the wrong economic class @Josepho1_ this is why I don’t talk to youhi who wants to send me money? @Josepho1_ thirty two @meruemide reading this just pissed me off. imagine @Tcapo_ @jordaniel90 i’ll pass xno i’d cryyyyyy @jordaniel90 back your product bro. @therealbeast101 bcs they’re nasty @arnz_1 so that’s a yes?