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i cast fulltime and go to school on the side Business inquiries 📧

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@dnosVAL @cle_fairy @cch0_val I thought that was ur niece in the first pic hell i'll rub (or suck) some toes for the 1 elo duelists Raze>neon>jett>yoru>phoenix>reyna Any complaints? @Upmind_ @Ninja @GFuelEnergy What abt the gun buddy @valesports_na’m not giving anything away! 🏆 Just like this tweet ✅ And follow cause why not! ✅ And maybe rt?✅ No winners will… @PlayVALORANT Yall need to chill i’m going to college tmr i cant be spending money like thisGood god 🤯 you wouldn’t believe it
@ZephyrCasts just a lot of change very quickly, leaving a lot of people and having to start over ik i'll enjoy it b… college thing is pretty freakin frightening
@otxx_hannah @chi_hanaa @rellmfg @yesyesyi Pls stop flirting in my tweets @aEvilcat congrats mimi <3 @ValorantEsports another Valorant WEDWARD GAMING VS PAPER REX DAY 1 CHAMPS IS GONNA BE LIT
@keyfragz 🤷‍♂️ i dunno rn i’m focusing on school so more or less the sameTenz and Kyedae are living proof valorant dating works. @TenZOfficial @kyedae WWWWWW @hugotwigg 2023 comp leagueEvery org that dropped their t2 team rn: @truoVAL @ValorantEsports O fock yeh @ValorantEsports Who tryna run it down with me in comp leagues?ohhh boy. how little i want to go to college right nowNew 100thieves merch drop at target
In case you didn't know. With KRU winning the SA LCQ they are the only team in VAL history to have made every singl… @DotEsports make sure you guys read the article before commenting!
@silly_sevan I’m everywhereDepression doesn’t start with a D. It starts with a V for ValorantHunnid thieves in 4 today ‼️ @RyanCentral_ Pov: it’s a friday night and my dad is teaching me algebra in first grade
@RAVENxy0 EU sleeper. NA on topI have begun training for a marathon. Wish me luckWE'RE GETTING TO ASCENDENT BEFORE COLLEGE
@endercasts @LEC I love ender @erinasimon @XSET WWW ESPORTSEdward Gaming is pretty good but they wouldn't stand a chance in a VCS @cryptXVAL Hey brother, hope you’re okay. Please reach out to any of the hundreds of people that want to make sure you’re okay❤️ @Sentinels @shroud @TenZOfficial @ShahZaMk @dapr @Zellsis @Rawkus Well this confirms it. This is the end of this team. @stasis_57 you're telling me. dj stacy is coming back
Fun fact. Upmind and I have never casted a Sentinels loss @WG_Mojo NAHHH IT DIDNT BANG @Major_1616 WHY AM I GETTING @‘d WHSJ JSMSMVF @Zellsis @100Thieves most entertaining 3 series of this event @Upmind_ but there's an m and e for mei casted shroud's only VCT win. @mrjkquismundo hey hey. as a fan. i just want them to win. that's how loyal i amthank GOD 100thieves win the series I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW THIS GAME WENT1 HP IS ALL THIS GUY NEEDSi hope Redbull pays @DerrekOW some stipend for the amount of Redbull clutches he's givingDERREK IS INSTANTLY THE MVP OF THIS SERIES IF 100T WIN100 THROWS DAMNITASUNA IS UNBELIEVABLEthe ultimate clout match... #VCT @Bo_Hoogland Glad to see my loan to John Riot is being put to useShe thinks I’ll cheat on her, but doesn’t know I’ve been a Sentinels fan for 2 years. I’m as loyal as they comeIf sentinels win LCQ. I will and I promise this. Get them tattooed on my ankle. Bookmark this tweet, come back to… @mooseloff the moose bible @empullse @JMU_Esports @jmuxlabs @TeamLiquid @CynopsisMedia @JMU @JMUAlumni oop nvm got it @empullse @JMU_Esports @jmuxlabs @TeamLiquid @CynopsisMedia @JMU @JMUAlumni nah u tryna drop a link?
@RyanAtDust2 Well kill seems a little unapplicable for flashpoint and esic. They’re already deadI can’t give away the Reaver 2.0 bundle, but what I can give you is hope. Hope to live a better life. 1. Uninstal… @JMU_Esports @jmuxlabs @TeamLiquid @CynopsisMedia @JMU @JMUAlumni invite no work :(19 agents in Valorant and you still choose to be shit. @chloe_hime7 @The_KingLIVE Why tf is anyone playing viper over astraWe have some new faces joining us for Week 2 of our #VALORANTLCQ! Check 'em out below.👀 Analyst Desk: 📊…
Retweeted by SullyMore gaming twitch. Tv/sullycasts @Cloud9 @sfX_x1 @tarik @RUSH @autimaticTV @Stewie @Ska say ong @endercasts Would u like to pay an extra $1000 to have it tattooed inside my lip?i'm gonna get a tattoo that says "follow https://twitter. com/sullycasts" I'll add other peoples twitter for $50 a characterSandbag to ascendant. Twitch. Tv/sullycasts make sure to tag 2 of your friendsHas anyone actually ever won one of the giveaways for a bundle. Istg they’re all fake. Someone needs to make a repo… @JakeSucky Faze win LCQ
@cyphen140 I act quit when the update came out, i couldnt stand the sound of the new guns and the fact i had wasted… @jacob_A_miller1 @ValorLeaks Minecraft factions but NOT p2w @cyphen140 Ikr 😭 i remember there was a RP server and i have like 3k hours playing with IB and gso and i was just rollling kids @ValorLeaks Minecraft would be fun, but imagine. The rivalries from a rust server oml @endercasts Best dressed eu talent 🥵 @JdoubledJd Communicating isn’t only using your mic lad hate to break it to you.Is there a VAL comm rust server?I think there’s a large misconception what I’m saying here. This is not a tweet to target marginalized genders in… man. I told you this shit going on twitter hope this finds you man @BcJFPS U the samson of that teamWHAT IN THE EDATER HELL IS THIS for those wondering. Comms = communication. Doesn’t mean use your mic. Just an fyi for everyone trying to assume… mic? Type in chat. No keyboard? Ping instead. No mouse? Sign language. No hands? Slam your head on the minimap where they are. @theonlyali_val 🤣 @EvanSensenig Well i am j d2 so idk if it’s high elo 😭 @GellixTweets 100% true women get harassed way more. However idk how that makes any sense in this case. I had lit…
@nioplz @thechrishowardd “You’re shit” is constructive! It just means u need to get better at everything @_Od26 Damnit u caught meIdc who u r if u suck i’ll tell uI j got called sexist and misogynistic for telling a no comm chamber she was shit. I didn’t even know she was a s… @PlayVALORANT sounds like my ranked teammates
Gosh my $FAZE stock has risen so much since their run in LCQ and these walls. This guy is such a nerd i love it #vct @_Od26 Can u fix me @JakeSucky I could easily see this becoming an esport like osu has with WC’s @chetsingh Your new playbook? Be grateful.Damnit. I just remembered my pickems are ruined now