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I cast fulltime and go to school part time. Business inquiries 📧 17

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Look a present!🎁 @leaf_cs TrueThere was a time... when we were the best't wait to watch SEN in the playoffs 😭
Don’t be sad because it’s over. Be happy because it happened 🥲 @KRUesports @Sentinels Alr u got us this time nglYou've put on a show all year. Thank you @Sentinels. #VALORANTChampions
Retweeted by Sully🎄🎅🏻 @GeorgeCGed Shutup u jinxed usGoing offline… only real ones know what happened 😭 #VALORANTChampions’s unofficial tho they were recording our splits on our 4x200mFound out i pr’d my 200m at 23.9 from 25.9 seconds 😤 @aEvilcat Bro?For my safety, this is just a joke 😭🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Sentinels player @zombs has acquired the largest amount of real estate assets by living rent fre… @chetsingh Your burner account spittin @JakeSucky I’d only blacklist my rivals. Save that shit for when it matters 😈 any other reason it’s petty asf @MikesHD_ On the flipside, 1 camera saved my pickems @Upmind_ @JesseSnacks @BusinessInsider LMFAO @thiagobalima Obrigado ❤️ @Phy_Casts No hablo portugese😭 solo un poco español¿o que aconteceu brasil? #VALORANTChampions¿Que ota? #VALORANTChampions @aEvilcat The whole trinity got in 🤩 @aEvilcat With my eyes @GmanRL Tenz and heat 🤤🤤🤤 @GeorgeCGed I think u typed an m instead of b there GeorgeImagine… Tenz, and Nats on the same team 🤤 @nateschanker @downcomer 💀 @Tanner_Metro TannerMetro? Nah TannerSubwayIt’s okay NA is saving strats for the major lulw @Nurfed That brazilian kid with an afro’s that cutie in the middle? @AnderzzTV TraitorNah yall are lucky we didn’t send Brimstone Gaming fr #VALORANTChampionsRefreshing the VLR match page in class like a mad manAll good you say? shit. @geometric Never seen an EU team win a VCS so 🤷‍♂️ @GeorgeCGed ValidThis tweet was brought to you by SnapchatEnvy vs. Acend #VALORANTChampionsTour @botxeihei Mi madreDamn 12 year old me was a rock 🤩
Full Sense really said “defuse if stupid” @R3belGG No im j showing an example of what i mean. Im also saying the color doesnt matter it can be anything @R3belGG or just a different color (libero is the one in white) think IGLs or at least the captain of the team should wear a different color jersey like the libero does in volleyball, that'd be so sick @khanartistval damn it's really that ez for khan#platchatclips @PlatChatPodcast @TwiggyCasts only the intelligent will appreciate this tweetTHERE IS BORKUM THERE IS BORKUM SHAKE THAT SHITyall can't lie tho, the shit talk and the taunting just makes these games more and more exciting 😭Brazil vs. The World here at #VALORANTChampionsMY HEART MAN THESE 1V1S ARE TOO MUCHI feel so bad for Acend, because this is literally a lose-lose situation. Yeah, they could win this game but then t… CURSE VIVOKEYD FTWOh man twitters gonna get a field day out of this one @Shanks_TTV LyHe said what to brazil? wtf is going down between SEN and brazil 😭
4th overall in my 55 no blocks first time with spikes 😤Dhmu sentinels lost wait. Wtf tenz?LONG HAVE WE WAITED TENZ ACTIVATED #VALORANTChampionsTour @sohambtw IM SAYINGG @Hungar32008470 It’s a banging mangaThis map is so free for Liquid #LetsGoLiquid #VALORANTChampions @FionnOnFire a first mapHOLY SHUT #zombsnation WHAT IN THE WORKDScreaM cosplaying today huh #VALORANTChampions
Retweeted by Sully🎄🎅🏻Can’t spell Liquid without an L 🤷‍♂️ #VALORANTChampionsFree for SEN #VCTChampionsThey made us rerun that shit but omg first run i was COOKINFirst meet :) one more 300m run’ve just cooked in my 55m 😎Coach GOT ME FUCKKEEED UP for running in heat 1 for the 300Upon further deliberation, matches in Group A will be delayed to provide additional time to review the ruling again…
Retweeted by Sully🎄🎅🏻Okay but like no one deserves to get sent death threats :/Breeze: Fix the door Fix the cam spot Boom good mapVivo Keyd will still make it out of groups so 🤷‍♂️ @RyanCentral_ To 85 more years 🥳 @aEvilcat Congrats on joining Faze! @PresyPC Then how do u move right @KingFPS__ Dude i’m hip i have a 9am track meet tmr and i’m so pissedBIND ALL FLASH CHARACTERS FLASH TO F FINALLLLLYYYYY @DazedDreamx I’m a HAIKYUU FANATICToo many games i missed and not enough time to watch them all 😵‍💫
Tenz vs. Scream tmr 🗣 #vct XMAS gift @XSET @Vanityxz Meow hbdThis camera a little sussy MWZERA @TGC_HOGZ @ValorantEsports Wifi here sucks can’t watch regardlessHey @ValorantEsports is there perhaps gonna be a twitter stream so I can watch in school 👉🏻👈🏻VK 2-0 Acend VS 2-1 FNC NV 2-0 X10 #VALORANTChampions @Marved6 That boy cold