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Sully @SullysMad United States

23 I stream and make videos sometimes for @4ourOK . DMs always open.

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Stream today?Dropped our first teamtage yesterday. Check it out 🥳
Retweeted by Sully @s6nyi AHI miss these shit went hard
Retweeted by Sully @_Bgabe @4ourOK Lets get it @Zachify @4ourOK YURRR @s6nyi Oh you sniping sniping now? @DeathStarDispat Ty for the reminderSo like I wanna open cards lmao @AURO0O0 As long as you’re having fun man all that matters @AURO0O0 Go crazy bro#GENESIS by Tears, Kristina & Vincent This Weekend
Retweeted by Sully @s6nyi Twitch sending out stimmys?Hi twitter I’m making cookies
@AuteliGG @SunlessKhan Vouch @KipsFPS G2 last act to s2 I’m in pain. At least I peaked at plat 2 and got the gun buddyMan @JeffThrow delivers quick (got these from 3 packs) @KipsFPS Gahdamn what you get placed @FaZeMew Go craaaazyThe fuck it up twitter @FarodFarod YEAAHHH @FaZeMew Wish your fam the best bro @alyssabflowers Ok stop?
@4ourOK OHHH SHIT @KaleiRenay This real? @ph6de BetYEAHHHHH
@VeesAQueen Was gold 2 end of last act and got silver 2 @VeesAQueen Dont forget highest you can place is plat 3Silver 2 feelsbadman @netty4OK Understandable @dualbanz Pain @dualbanz 1v5 with a res on last round :(I got a 6 man ace and it didn’t clip fuck @s6nyi ? @JeffThrow Mildly :) @ph6de G3Placements soon @0tiriK AYEEEEMy POV from the @SullysMad clutch 😂 I’m a man of my word
Retweeted by Sully @MellohCS Sorry I’m not goated on cs @ph6de HUHLETS GOOOOOOO VAL TIME @akaMxxrs @Ethoz Servers broke @Ethoz Same I just wanna play manI'm going to make a group chat for my SMP who wants in?
Retweeted by Sully @ph6de I just want my gun buddy lmao @ph6de So like can I get on at 1 am and start the new one? Curious about downtime too
@shmegmoid That there’s some new shows you might likeI have packs being opened in here pog lot of heat pulls coming tonight. Over 250 packs being opened. See you in here. Esta noche vendrán muchos tiro…
Retweeted by Sully @yaboimads Yessir trying to at leastNEW VALORANT RANKING SYSTEM IS DOPERanking System In-Game | #VALORANT
Retweeted by Sully @splatstv @Kazify watch itI'm going to make a group chat for my SMP who wants in? @s6nyi sanyi @twyxo Appreciate you g @twyxo Suh @SamjaySJ Sex: Alpha Male LMFAOOO @cloudyFPS @TSM @PlayVALORANT One of the many videos I watched about him lmao I can’t remember the exact oneHELLO TWITTER I NEED GOOD ENERGY TODAY @TSM @PlayVALORANT Wait I thought his flashes didn’t effect teammates nooo
@DuttyNemo HELL YEAH ITS DOPE @yaboimads Doin good mads uv how are you @DuttyNemo YesGunna warm up then streaming valorant comp @KaleiRenay You made GFUEL pancakes I’ll always respect that kalei @BotoyDan @ValorantUpdates Odd as in peculiar
@Ethoz Looks fkn dopeYoru looks sickNew val act soon @DuttyNemo uhhhhh @ValorantUpdates What an odd price @yaboimads Happy birthday man @HillaryClinton @SteveHofstetter LMAO NAAAAA @thrnez Can I? @losdeemix Same
@xDogged It’s dope @Synoxic @Alectve Bro?Happy birthday @Avalanche100T
#GENESIS by Tears, Kristina & Vincent (the wait has been exhausting, but hopefully can get this up on the weekend)
Retweeted by SullyHow’s everyone today? @fariatv Hello @JeffThrow :) is the go to for me ngl
@SamjaySJ Ok cool I’m movin over @SamjaySJ Can I come to Ireland SamJay y’all cool over there? @shmegmoid Hope you get well soon @Hehe_TV Did you try to pivot itWatching my old trident intro makes me wanna make a valorant montage
@NorCalNiko Isn’t that the only way to play @OGFaZeCLipZ Yuh @ph6de Is plat your main? @ph6de G2 :(Ranked val grind is interesting ngl @TheGodKarma Is that still fun? Haven’t played in a while