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Reina Sultan @SultanReina Washington, DC

Lebanese-American Muslim & baby anarchist (she/her). Read my work @WearYourVoice, @TeenVogue, @VICE, @Greatist, @OurPrisms, & more!

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@indigogloves Omg I am so, so sorry. Please DM me if you’d like me to include your story in the piece, but I understand if it’s too much.Honestly shocked there were no broadway songs @AZMIAakaMIA I hate them @AZMIAakaMIA Hahaha i cannot fit all of the ways your insurance has fucked you over in one articlehere’s my piece (you should still subscribe!); it’s the most personal and cathartic piece I’ve worked on to date an…
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @DaShaunLH @emilykmay 😡Thank you to everyone who reached out!!! I’ve received so many good responses and wish I could tell everyone’s st… @emilykmay This is so much more common than it should be @brickandbutton HahahahahaToday I met a man in a hospital who was beaten while he was crossing a road. They asked him what his name was and…
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @brickandbutton Haha omg
I am agog that so many professional political journalists seemed unaware of the Bloomberg allegations that 1) were…
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @ThatDope Oh lord!!! I can email you and you can decide what to share?? @annabookwriter Emailing shortly @lovinglillandon I can’t dm unless you follow me I believe! @annabookwriter Sorry I don’t see it?? @lovinglillandon Omg!! Can I please email you??? @annabookwriter Omg can I email you please?! @Sophie60947793 OMG @Sophie60947793 I HATE THIS @ellouelle @MarsinCharge Ok def doing this tonight lol @talltimboy HAHA @MarsinCharge Oh ok!!! This is manageable @GrimKim Sending love!!!!! @MarsinCharge This is extremely helpful info!!! How long did they take to break in @yavin_iv Omg this is absolutely absurd. Do you want to elaborate?? If so, could I email you?People who own docs, do you have tips for breaking them in?? @ghosdee Can I email you?? @ghosdee Do you have dental insurance??? @taylorcrumpton Yes ma’amBACK TO BACK IN ONE DAT. TALK TO ME NICE.
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @ItsThatJaneDoe 😡😡😡😡 @_ItsMissBre This is some bullshit. Can I email you?Looking to interview someone who has (and can prove) that they currently have over 100 Tinder (or other dating app)…
Retweeted by Reina SultanCapitalism??? In this economy?!?
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @ms_creilly True @retreats I hate this????“There is no supreme ruler human being who should get to tell them, or me, or you, what you are not allowed to say… @Chaosfay Omg this is absurdWhat if everyone had the same neckline as Troi?
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @Chaosfay UGHHH @metraux_julia @ellenoftr0y Omg! Yeah I will keep this in mind for sureIf you’re trans and comfortable with sharing about trying to get surgery or gender affirming hormone therapy throug… @literElly Sent!!!! @metraux_julia @ellenoftr0y Holy shit. This is wild but I’m focusing only on US stories. But this is absolutely ludicrous @rudeftm Do you know any trans people who would like to talk about that for VICE? It’s just 2 questions and I reall… @literElly Ohhhh may I email you?????DM me if you have insurance and have a horror story/ eye opening experience to share about getting things covered!…
Retweeted by Reina SultanHe’s skipping a right wing pro-Israel lobbying conference, not Passover Lmaooo
Retweeted by Reina Sultanany industry but i would like to speak to at least one fssw. anonymity is guaranteed unless you wish otherwise.
Retweeted by Reina Sultanpreference for trans people, parents, or drug users. please DM me.
Retweeted by Reina Sultani need to talk to pittsburgh sx workers (preferably 3) about their experiences in allegheny county. pay is $50.
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @jadedtarot @recoveryspirit Ok try again! @jadedtarot @recoveryspirit I’d love to ask you some further questions and explain the piece to you @jadedtarot @recoveryspirit Omg!!! Can you dm me please!! @IWriteAllDay_ Hahahahahahah it’s perfect right @brickandbutton Can you dm me?? I’d love to send you an email about thisHearing from lots of women but would love to speak with men and non-binary folks as well!!
Retweeted by Reina Sultanin this week's newsletter, I went long on boundaries, what they are, why they matter, and how they can bring us joy…
Retweeted by Reina SultanHearing from lots of women but would love to speak with men and non-binary folks as well!! shot but @robdelaney, do you want to amplify this? maybe my therapist is right and I'm a really good writer and deserve a book deal, hmmmmmmmmmmm, big if true
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @adrierose_ Ohhh DM me!!!I’d really like to talk to people from all over the US, with a variety of experiences. If you are trans, disabled,… me if you have insurance and have a horror story/ eye opening experience to share about getting things covered!… @Alexecuted It is the most blessed punctuation—a long dash if you will. @wheresbel As they should!!!! @AnushaLDN @literElly sent me this wonderful meme and I knew what had to be doneMe when I write a sentence without an em dash @sheabutterfemme This quote just gave me goosebumps“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.” -James…
Retweeted by Reina SultanLol just scrolled and saw @Femmefeministe said the same thing. Same anti-capitalist wave length @bexual_healing @ms_creilly @hayleyfarless That’s what I think. I know endo friends in Canada have excision covered!“You show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a bloodsucker.”- El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X @literElly HAHAHAHA it’s so good 😭😭😭😭I’ve literally helped @SultanReina get paid more money for articles and get new bylines but this is the best thing…
Retweeted by Reina Sultan @literElly It’s ok I’ve never seen you not look fabulous so it should be EASY @literElly Only a lil @literElly But just you wait until my bday dinner I will be HOT @literElly HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH ELLY I AM SCREAMING @literElly If it makes you feel better I will 100% be wearing leggings and a sweater as I will have just gotten off… @literElly Me too me too! Will try to look cuter than the photo I just sent you hahahaFeeling an exceptional rush of love for @literElly!!!!!! @literElly Oh I love her @literElly @hnicolemartin Yes come hang!!!!VICE Arabia sharing the 5 D’s!! nails and euphoria-style makeup is my birthday eve!!!Free Palestine. Abolish police and prisons. Obesity doesn’t need to be cured. Abolish the military. Pay reparations… all 2020 democratic candidates for president @WrittenByHanna @WrittenByHanna @huskerdu_rag I haven’t! @WrittenByHanna The question of Palestine: Edward said @literElly “What’s the biggest misconception about you? What’s your life motto?”I hate this question @DaShaunLH Get Up 10- cardi b @DaShaunLH What was his motto tho