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Especially if theyre white. Almost always white hot people are boring and bland as hell (: butter and CARLA @dykechwita girl what are doing in 2021 ass real heavy
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab @JLC5437 im pissing myselffischl <3
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just remembered i wont be able to eat お節 this year bc I wont be able to go back home n visit my grandparents for ne… BTS Army and K-pop stans are beating QAnon and MAGA supporters at their own game
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabI kiss my cat’s head once and suddenly i got 163818 strands of fur in my mouthAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabHey guys I normally don’t do this but I’m really short for rent & I have to get some plates before the election. If…
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Meanwhile 20 year old college kids need a 3 year relevant experience for an unpaid internship i might be buggin but the last note she hit and the way she finished it reminded me of the finale of an enka pe… saw an MLM girl say money = energy im gonna go h*ng myself @slugstinky das okei bc you’re being productive about making me feel okay about not being productive either @lil_nippole was it indigestionNot me sending ugly photos of myself to my 12 year old sister bc im lonely and bored @_yrkmm there’s this one salon in omotesando/aoyama area and to this day their sign says “straigt hair parm” @_yrkmm SMORKY FHWBDOSBR that’s like the one time i was in harajuku and saw choker spelled as CHORKER
can the whites stop misnaming/misusing japanese words just bc you’re a weeb and you want to feel unique.been hating my face lately idk i dont want itsmoothies & lsatsbeanie on or off REDACTED DELEGATION DISHEODNFOSHFEJ FOR JESUS SBFSIFNWKFJEJ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAお茶漬け is literally the best in the winterIt’s easier for a white person to vote from space than for an African American or Latino to vote in their home zip…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabA historic moment in Chile as over 75% of Chileans voted to draft a NEW CONSTITUTION in a referendum today. The new…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabpeople really be like “im not racist, i love anime”TRUMP’S WALL OF LIES!
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab @same_old_sass This was my first interaction with her. That in itself is baffling why tf would you say this
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NYU twitter- I‘m writing a blog for my internship at a policy institute and I need stories from when we were sent h…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab @JLC5437 yeah sameDoes anyone’s stomach hurt when their feet get cold or is that just a me thingI posted a story of a naked drag queen and someone replied with a transphobic comment. Like she goes to NYU i cant… @winebitch420 probably bc it’s something you draw outalissa & yua by leeay and killa kate for ahn ahn
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabthis is what i will be showing to my plastic surgeon for reference (: this pro-trump advertisement in the nyc korean newspaper... truly appalled... truly sad how many in our immigra…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabgonna watch lion king and go to bed @dykechwita that makes me so sadmy best friend and I have been doing long distance for 6 years, half of which were spent being on a different CONTI…’s it like being able to see your best friend whenever the fuck bc i cannot relate in the fucking slightest and…
@mannypaezx Especially during a pandemic where large crowds should be avoided as much as possibleCan y’all stop romanticizing these long ass lines to vote? It isnt amazing or something to happy about. No one shou… @joelhklee we love voter suppressioni was in wales staying at a castle turned hostel, hiking next to cows, exploring castles and little local carnivals 4 years ago 🙃So I've been seeing "what can I do" a lot from folks who want to know how they can help Nigeria from outside the co…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabdespite congo being worth ~$24 trillion in natural resources it’s people are among the poorest in the world. congo…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabThis isnt a flex lmao this is voter suppression
if you say pho as “foe” we cannot be friends bye that is too kawcayshun for mei would be so much hotter if i didnt existDon’t wanna be ripped away from your parents at developmentally young ages and have life long trauma?? Don’t let yo…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabA bowl of pho in America is around $8, a bowl of pho in Vietnam is equivalent to 1 US dollar. The power of the doll…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabAOC is a name given to me by community & the people. Y’all can call me AOC. Government colleagues referring to eac…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabI wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consisten…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabwhy tf are they armed?? someone told me 3 years ago, while I was waitressing to help my family stay afloat, that in a few short years an…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab“who built the cages?” #DebateTonight
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabthe way trump said he’s the least racist person in the room when the moderator is a Black woman lmfaoIt’s actually AOC plus 115 because that’s how many House and Senate members have cosponsored the most ambitious cli…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabDEFEND AOC AT ALL COSTS
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabwe are the worst at taking care of ourselves. only in the us can you use "he wants socialized medicine" as an attack.
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@_yrkmm bc it’s boob シワJoe Biden is not a radical leftist. He’s just a liberal leaning Trump.why do all these people think joe biden is this radical leftist... that man is literally just a left leaning republ…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabWe love it when men tell women to chill 💛 lmao who tf even are you bro leave me alone am so upset i fucking HATE this country
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabLāna'i has its first recorded cases of COVID days after the state reopens to tourists under the new pretest program…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab @sumimasorry_ u r the prettiest fuck them
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabgirls who tell people theyre shorter than their actual height...why?
my whole apt smells like chocolatei made brownies (:for what @winebitch420 people always think I make my eyes bigger bc Im asian so i always have to show them what if would loo… an incredible night. more than half a million people tuned into watch a record breaking #gotv effort we put to…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabBy editing i meant more so as presenting, but in either case my observation still stands and it isnt to try to sing… do men insist on introducing themselves by telling me what i should and shouldnt do lmao i think men should stf… @literallysofie why does she sound like she wouldnt be sorry if Janae competed with women lmfao like this apology d… @taestily wearing it better than most
NEW: Commission on Presidential Debates announces a change to Thursday's presidential debate: "The only candidate w…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabpeople burning down the symbols of the systems who have oppressed and brutalized them for dozens of generations is…
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabthis isnt a judgement but i find it interesting that many photos of Japan involve editing them in a way that looks… of all, why tf are people at a boat party filled with people? second of all, why tf are people at a boat part…
Oh, ok. lisa duggan at nyu told me “i dont like zizek i disagree with his views so im just gonna stop you right there,… would be great! i'd love to put something together @AOC
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acabstretching or whatever but here me out, WHAT IF, my anxiety is in fact, correct just hope to god he’s a super young gen z or something and not an idiot
@TurnerQturner That’s also true 😂 im just talking about even the people who wear them now will probably never wear them againWHY ARE YOU A FULL GROWN ADULT TRYNA PLAY INTO THE KAWAII/UWU SHIT PLS QUIT IT. I dont even have the energy to expl… people just deciding that getting japanese/chinese tattoos werent enough and now have to also get korean tattooed on them too?im almost certain that if eventually COVID is gone, people will stop wearing masks all together and go back to bashing people who do lmaoremember how trump said mail in ballots would contribute to voter fraud lmfao
Retweeted by 一三一二 / acab @choichanz i go into the shower with my glasses all the fuckin time bc im an idiot @JLC5437 he was so cute n the beginning then turned so annoying