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I'm curious and ask a lot of questions. Foodie. Animal lover. Horror. 😈 Quirky/sarcastic. Kind. Humor & cheese are yum.🧀 Please no DM's. Happily taken.

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@Chris_Hicks1138 Thank you!!! @lucyinthesky380 I'm sorry!!! Thank you! @FrankAlessio2 Yes!!! @WritingsFromJen Thank you so much!🥰 @clevan72 🥰 @MissieDeeDee Thanks so much love! I shall try! @NailsTed Hell yes, thank you! @DianeTedder4 Thanks love!!!! @BillyX101 So sorry she suffered! I appreciate the kindness. @TempBanned She sounds lovely, like her mama! @TempBanned ❤️😘 @JackCritelliSr Thank you! @MissieDeeDee Thanks sweetie! I am just so tired. @TempBanned So true, thanks so much girl! @TempBanned Ain't that the truth! @hawkins98 THank you! @parah_robert Thank you! @aphotomama Thanks love! @LBandBear Thank you! @VisitSpudonka I'm sorry! My cats got me but in their defense they were playing but I have two bad scratches! @etiennubarri Hehe! @TempBanned Still working on it. @shari_skrumeda Thanks so much and I'm sorry hun! @etiennubarri I tried but it was raining! @TempBanned Yes just exhausted from fighting it and meds. @TempBanned 😁 @TempBanned Thank you she is a beauty!! I love cats, mine are my babies! @_OT__ Thanks Nick! Maybe one day I can figure out how to stop them.❤️ @jmdrake388 Thank you friend, so very sweet, I can dance about this well hehe. @DistantDistant I'm so sorry, it's an awful feeling and me too most days. @fivefortweeting Thank you Justin! @Moon_River05 I don't care about people's looks or bodies, I care about what's in their hearts, and you my friend have a great one!😘 @JamesCo36948554 Hah true! @MarkJWO Thank you!! @Mook57250471 ❤️ @RealClelland ❤️ @MeddingsMark1 I know right?! @Mook57250471 Thank you! @Raytumm Thank you and I do hope so! @MeddingsMark1 Well I agree but most of mine come from waking up from nightmares which horror movies probably don't… @grkimmel I was doing fine for a long time but now things just are a mess at times. @FamiliarFeet Thanks babe! @CalvinWayneFre1 I try but my cats say otherwise! Hehe @duchess_her Great one! @theJonnyboyP Thank you so much! @LouBonomi ❤️ @ClintonEMurphy I'm sorry for yours too! @MeddingsMark1 Thank you so much! It really has! @msgeorgiana441 Thanks so much! @mad_tiki_ Thank you! @HedgehogBarnes Thank you! @hill_blues Yes they are! @grkimmel Yes I do. @CalvinWayneFre1 I'm sorry! @stephenkaringal Thank you! @Ruskadevushka Thank you! @NoToRiOuSJT_48 Thank you! @LouBonomi Thank you! @BadgerowJim Thank you!Bad panic attack today. Was feeling a bit down on myself, hope you all had a much better day!💕 @RickWrightNow @jvbt82hhs Yeppers @_OT__ You made my day! @summercannot You've helped me and many others more than you know. 🤗
Retweeted by Summer💫BOO👻 @_OT__ Haha sorry. This too shall pass. @mlzema You are quite welcome! @_OT__ 50 @_OT__ Thanks nick! People like you help.🥰 @_OT__ I could not agree more! Story of my life. We can all be cruel and mean if we are pushed to it, staying kind… takes strength to not give af who is mistaking your kindness for weakness. Stay strong. Keep being kind.
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@Chris_Hicks1138 Ain't that the truth! @crissdakid6264 😁 @mlzema Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! @ZackTheGeek I hear that!Really Intellectual Person #RIPcouldAlsoStandFor @CoolChris_1 I really want this dog! @RickWrightNow 😁 @RickWrightNow Are you trying to get all us women drunk?!Hey, #MutantFam #HorrorFam! I ditched old account and started a new one. Please follow! I want all my people back.…
Retweeted by Summer💫BOO👻 @CoolChris_1 😁Get off my bed bitch! 😬#TheMonsterUnderMyBedSaid @mikechampagne My birthday suit!🥳 @josephimoowo4 It was a past story. @KCarib It's a great feeling! @Chris_Hicks1138 Same here lately!! @TheTonyPriddy 😅 @grkimmel Muwhahaha!🤪😜 @Doomsday3m Neither did we🤣😂 @MarkAurand11 🤭I dressed up as a naughty police officer for a Halloween party with my boyfriend, needless to say we didn't stay lo… @Pfft4041 ❤️ @Jessica47522819 @saylahachey Thank you!Isn't it crazy how you've been talking with certain people for so long you see their avi and it's actually a source of comfort?! @LeeAnndelCasti2 😂 @kitawny24 @blesko Thanks sugar! :P @kitawny24 @blesko 😂 @Raytumm Thank you!! @LeeAnndelCasti2 I am so bad with accents, the only one I can kinda do is Southern. I love all accents though, beca… @SwedishFamHist 😁 @grkimmel Haha that is even funnier! @blesko @kitawny24 🤭😁