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Dylan @Summerdylan2 The Coal mines

I take screenshots in video games

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Joined Twitter 12/28/18 @Furious_Coco This tbh @JPRphotogamer8 @Naughty_Dog A john what game @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 You dont make sense @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 What, I just asked why is it fast @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 No @mitch1424 @DarthLewis @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 Why is it fast @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 Overused photo @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 I never scream, I yell, like a man @DarthLewis @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt @Squadger1 He doesn't look like hes sceaming tho @Max_The_M @mitch1424 @MassiveMyatt
@Chilli94522627 @Outofcontext4p WHAT THE FUCK @LongEaredFox @4PillarsMemes I'll have you know this isnt just any woman geroge 😤 this is the fucking queen… @LongEaredFox shame really The Witcher 3 Developer: CDPR Platform: #XboxOne (X) Tags: #XboxShare #TheWitcher #TheWitcher3 @DrainWAV Doesnt fucking matter if they wont give a shit, no matter how little of an impact this makes, or any othe… @YungZulu alright sick but you saying it isn't necessary is silly imo, it just makes the whole movement bigger no m… @JacksackPhD and thats a shame but it just makes the movement bigger, literally anything is affective and welcomed @JacksackPhD @YungZulu obviously not everyone plays fortnite, not even I do, but it is however VERY respectable and needed of fo… @JacksackPhD huh? @CEO_Of_Omutsu why? @Owlmandias because they have a large audience @JacksackPhD literally everyone @RealMagentaMan No they fucking dont, what? they are using their platform to spread awareness about BLM its respectable @Willmatic559 what? @LIL12THETHOTGOD why not? @YungZulu nah its not, its needed to everyone @ColdBrewDrinker disgusting @AgentCWill but its needed, very needed @NoisyHeretic whats wrong? @GoldenLVL99 what? @PlzSayDeGorjis whats wrong about this? @GeauxRemy what? @rudygoberttrash what? @ojscottie why? @SpookyAmorox whats so hard to understand? @Xce11ent why not? @WhatInZaWarudo_ wym? @MoreAndAgain how? @ianwalkerx why not? @SantiagoTZ it makes me sick, the replies to this i mean @KighAsAHite whats funny about this @DMVCoop301 huh what? @MidrangeMAGA what? @TEAMDAR what? @stillexpress what? @Vandalyzm yes they do @_TaBoris what? @YourLitUncle what? @YungZulu it is very needed @mixedbykm shut the fuck up @GrimL0ck17 whats wrong with this? @cirqudd ... thats what you're worried about? really? @haitchbeekay what? @JihadiJazz yes? @delldead whats so hard to understand? @victorymonk what? @TheSilkiest whats hard to understand? @Naziro_ it makes me sick @EricCGinn finally someone who understands @BrokeGamers__ its disgusting @MidViscous I fucking hate the replies so much @leakiestfaucet whats so hard to understand? @James_Boss17 its such a fucking shame, the replies to this disgust me in everyday, they cant understand @NywrocB @pcgamer @QuotedReplies oh right @BigSleepyOwl to spread awareness on BLM and thats respectable @TheConnorRentz finally, man I've been seeing so many giving Fortnite shit about this and it pisses me off, we shou… @TM12567 they're using their large audience to spread awareness to BLM which we should all respect them for that @SuaveCactus whats so bad about this? @DrainWAV but kids already get taught about racism, literally at age 9 or somewhere like that, Fortnite is just usi… @xtinatucker what? @pcgamer @QuotedRepliesfucking hell man im disgusted by these replies @Suemason_YT @ComeKillVee @ThoughtCrime69 @pcgamer holy fucking shit, fuck you @LazerzZHD @BenH_1905 #DatAss!
#TLOU2Spoilers This journey was heartbreaking and I’m an emotional mess haha #TLOU2 is a stunning achievement in ev…
Retweeted by Dylan @TheOffensiveApe Wtf I didn't even know people were giving her shit for her skin color, like when I saw this I lite… @Assassins_M @goodkall1 @Ubisoft Wait I'm actually fucking retarded I thought the guy you replied to was GeorgeWow... 700,000 view is not something I expected when I made this video. It also continues to get such a positive r…
Retweeted by Dylan @goodkall1 @Assassins_M @Ubisoft Wait didn't you 2 just make up
@malibudoII @perhapsfuckoff_ @JustATwunk @Summerdylan2
Retweeted by DylanWell im playing TW3 so @Furious_Coco @ZahirSensei #TheWitcher3WildHunt #XboxShare @mario5380 @FirstCornishman I would also like to say that when I was little I used to for some reason play and LOVE… @mario5380 @FirstCornishman Alright will do then @mario5380 Agreed, Elizabeth's speech doe 🔥🔥🔥 @ZahirSensei @protectbabysif1 @FirstCornishman ehhh I've heard they're really shit so I think I'll just stop here and watch those another timeWow just wow I never expected these movies to be this fucking good holy shit... I dont think I have a fav movie… Ok gamers... it's time'm looking to get a gaming chair for my desk. I've had some major back injuries in the past 2 years and need somet…
Retweeted by Dylan @TylerTynamite @LazerzZHD @LongEaredFox @EscoBlades James @BethanyChungus @IlliterateMed @BethanyChungus @IlliterateMed horny on main? @_Flashparodox_ imagine having 1k followers and yet having no one interact with ur tweet at all