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voiceover/writer/artist/absolute joke.

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@iseetigers A lot of people did at the time but unsurprisingly nothing happened 🙃Just signed off an email with “no worries” but it autocorrected to “no Tories” and I accidentally pressed send so e… @ItsSophieDavies I am currently confirming with my dad but I am pretty sure he took me to the recording of this
@SoozUK I KNOW, RIGHT @SoozUK Hahaha I had completely missed this @topfotogmw @el_snoop Humans is an existing show @el_snoop Hahaha. Wanna reply again and I’ll retweet that? @SummerRay We're near the finale, so good to see them tie up the lose ends before Humans comes to a close.
Retweeted by Summer Ray2020: Oh, and one more thing @creamywillbrie No nonononono I can’t read this. I just can’t @hypocriticaldog Yup @Cerberus_Lives I know, it’s horrible @beesesteeses @mellybabes 👌👌👌👌👌👌 @SerTifiable 🤷‍♀️ @MISSSIX Me too @Nick_Pettigrew @SpillerOfTea @Scientits Wow. I read the whole article again last night. Honestly felt like being sick @beesesteeses I know, it’s fucking rank @sean_piggott Makes you think @IanFisheries That’s very good to know @Smokesniper Turns my stomach every time I remember it, which is several times a year @Scientits It’s truly stomach churning @pdiddle__ I agree, there’s something very, very wrong there @ratbanjos Jesus indeed @sleezsisters Damn, that bit had completely passed me by. Sick on all fronts @PolythenePam0 This is from 2015. It was a quite a big story at the time
@FirebombCorner Fair @FirebombCorner Wouldn’t throw such strong accusations around if it wasn’t so obvious @miss_squiddy Absolutely @Riadara__ It’s seriously fucked @Grafiklee That’s Giles @AdamOnCaffeine Struggling to think what else he could mean but let us pray @joecampbell_ It’s beyond gross @BillyGannon7 I simply have no idea @BonsNots Hand it over when you’re done @TR1CKY He’s sinister AF @PULPperson Gross, isn’t it. I don’t knowI think it’s a bit unfair to just call Giles Coren a racist. He’s clearly a peadophile too. @fentyybeyy Ya got me. In the best possible wayDonate if you can. Even if you can’t resist sharing a self-indulgent screenshot on social media, at least you’re do… @VRSJMS It’s ok, I absolutely get where you’re coming from :) I just seem to see a lot of people on social media be… @VRSJMS I totally know what you mean, but at the same time it has to start from somewhere, and if it starts from sh… @VRSJMS Better now than never @buntyliversage @ThePoke 👌 @ThePoke has come to my attention that many allies are using #BlackLivesMatter hashtag w black image on insta. We know t…
Retweeted by Summer Ray @taramcloughlin 🙌
Well this aged well 🙃 @MarcusKeeley @DaftLimmy Hahahaha!Who remembers when we thought 2016 was the worst year yet lolBet rose gardens are getting sick of being caught up in all these political dramas miss travelling @FaithVanDale Wise words @Cromerty Would love to know the thinking behind it though. What are they actually getting out of it? @MarcusKeeley @replyall Yes please! @Cromerty Wtf?! This is so strange @MarcusKeeley It’s so strange. Need someone to investigate this properlyI’m getting some reeeeal strange promoted tweets recently meatballs @dano10 Why would you watch it dubbed?! It ruins it. Always watch with subs
@Schadenfreudian Does my absolute head in to be honest @chazhutton Very excited for you indeed @chazhutton YES! Trust me, Chaz. It is time. @boobi_wankenobi Definitely! It’s honestly brilliant @xxdy Yeah definitely. No character is wasted @alexbakerman It’s perfect!How has it taken me this long to watch Money Heist?! The best thing since Breaking Bad. (Only seen series 1, no spoilers pleaseee)
*Alan Partridge shrugging gif* #SpaceX @JohnyHelzapopin Haha. But look at his pinned tweet! The story goes deeper! @JohnyHelzapopin Same. What’s this all about?!Wrote to my MP
Retweeted by Summer Ray @brucepanday He creeped up on me!! @PhilipNByrne HahahaA daddy long legs just hopped between my legs and onto my thong and honestly I wouldn’t have expected anything less
Am reading this in a sarcastic tone and imagining a pissed off baby wearing it and it’s really making me laugh @Jaws19show Mine’s soon too! 😟Finally got a frame sorted for this beautiful cursed piece of art from @SummerRay
Retweeted by Summer Ray @Jaws19show Haha! Birthday cards - not just for birthdays.I remember visiting a family friend’s massive house in Spain. He had art covering every bit of his walls and in one…
@drewsonix Absolute meltdown @ratbanjos HAHAHAHAWhat an absolute insult to everyone currently going through the worst time of their lives. times that we now associate the name Kylie with a Jenner and not a Minogue.
@variablesglobal Just get off my propertyDear ̶L̶o̶r̶d̶ men, what is preventing you from looking like this? @Fred_Delicious @LEGO_Group Please a full video of all the bits once this is set up
*Extremely Paul McCartney voice* Asked my girl where she wanted to be She said “Domi, can’t you see” I wanna go vi…
Choose your liar @danny_robins Would love to hear him repeat it again, without his notes. @Lee09082084 100%I’ve been watching A LOT of true crime docs and police interviews on YouTube and my main takeaway has been that com… shit he was right knighthood to whoever is blowing the horn to drown out the bullshitNot the first time I’ve been kept this long from cummings @PetraMurrayIRL 🙌 @HeardinLondon 🤢He’s got the shits hasn’t heHow much money that he’ll be sprawled on a bench, one leg up whilst playing a lute. @brentalfloss 😏Sorry to everyone that has vomited