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Editor-in-Chief of @ReviewGeekSite. Editorial Advisor for @howtogeek and @lifesavvy_site. I sometimes tweet about bikes and guitars. I am the vile lesser-than.

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@TheDavidMurphy whole*** @TheDavidMurphy Fuck, man. I'm sorry. The while situation sucks. @TheDavidMurphy I think the best way to deal with this is to leave forever @CaleyFretz Pretty much what I was thinking when I read your first tweet. Everesting, as insane as it is, is still… @JoeMaring1 it's one of the best gifs ive ever seen and i'm happy to share it @JoeMaring1 @kingthor probably for the next three months while it still exists @journeydan Do you ever get overwhelmed with the number of headphone reviews you have to do? Because sometimes I do… @shannonwoodward I need to watch you play TLOU 2 with Dina commentary when playing as Abby @DarrellMSU @CanterRain paging @LordRavenscraft @Kevin_Raposo sendin this same email to my kids tbh @LordRavenscraft @RonAmadeo @RDRv3 Pixel 4G 5 AXL Rose Editionwow, Apple really took Dark Sky in a different direction than I expected shit! I can't believe they mocapped this! @RDRv3 yeah lemme get a pixel 4g 5a instead @LordRavenscraft @tallshmo yes and i'm going to be handing them out liberally moving forward @tallshmo @LordRavenscraft see the shit i have to deal with @journeydan Gruber is always dripping with privilege @WhitsonGordon well the good news is that THPS is there too @WhitsonGordon are you as thoroughly hyped for the remake as I amOh, I guess MGS came out at the end of the preceding year. Whatever, I'm counting it.Wow, this is a tough one. Metal Gear Solid, Soul Reaver, or THSP 1 have to top that list. @CanterRain @c_davies @LiamSpradlin I thought Kashi Go was the follow up to the original convertible Kashi, but can… @WhitsonGordon @LiamSpradlin I've just been reviewing cereal on RG @LiamSpradlin Kashi's Go, Now, and MAX Cereals Explained: What's the Difference and Which Should You Buy @Summerson does Kashi Go imply the existence of Kashi Max and Kashi Now?
Retweeted by Camborghini 😐"Yeah, I mean, it's good, but I don't feel like it's a good value proposition relative to other products in this ca… like it. Looks good. Can't wait to check it out.
@MkeAllison I have to at least act like I'm thinking about it though @cliftonmthomas the question: do I enroll in the iOS14 beta or not @derekakessler @russellholly @jareddipane @WhitsonGordon @WIRED @WhitsonGordon @WIRED i feel absolutely attacked by this tweetlmao. Shit is just stupid. @NexusBen I straight chortled the first time I saw it. Instant favorite. @NexusBen brittney really captures the appropriate response here for sure, but i feel like will's disbelief might b… @scuttlefield I think I may have figured it out. Not totally sure yet though.And the other 10 percent just forgot to cancel their membership before they got charged
Twitter Prime with free two-day delivery @Khaoszr all missing bricks end up here. IN a drawer. @Khaoszr who the fuck knows at this point so many maybe all of the bricks43% of people have 43 bricks bruh @MkeAllison you should just do it. You won't even feel it. @Mobile_Dom Samsung Galaxy Active 2Anyone else on Android 11 Beta with a smartwatch have issues with call notifications on the watch? Everything else… @MkeAllison When I started stretching my ears...fuck, 20 years ago?...I used to love the super-heavy hoops. Like 2… @Mobile_Dom and his accent was the shit @Mobile_Dom Bushmaster was such a badassEvery single day of my life does it take Google Photos on the web all of 2020 to process a 7 second video clip I just wanna turn it into a fucking gif already @Josiah_Motley @Kevin_Raposo that had to be traumatizing @Kevin_Raposo @Josiah_Motley gotta be quick on the draw my man @Josiah_Motley @Kevin_Raposo yeah, he a dick @Kevin_Raposo it wouldn't be an issue if you weren't such a kevin @jhpot but that lede is amazing and fucking brilliant @Bruin144 @howtogeek @AnkerOfficial That's my take as well. @Khaoszr @Khaoszr That's why I RT'd from the RG and HTG accounts. Figure they at least have more "regular" followers anyway. :) @LiamSpradlin damn, that's a good idea a brick swap @LiamSpradlin Same. I have a drawer full of them. But I'm also not a great sample size of "average user" and someti…'s rumored that both Apple and Samsung will NOT include charging bricks with their new phone releases this year.… @russellholly @LordRavenscraft Breathtaking of the Wild* @jareddipane @dcseifert @fmanjoo There are so many scenarios like this around the country. Like I said, the fact th… @jareddipane @dcseifert @fmanjoo My older kids are teens, so they get it. They would never want to do anything to p… @jareddipane @dcseifert @fmanjoo You know what pisses me off? If my older kids (who don't live with us) go back to… @jareddipane @dcseifert @fmanjoo It's insane to me that sending kids back to school is even a consideration across… @jshieber And that, kids, is how I met your mother @jareddipane @Kevin_Raposo That's nuts. It'll be even cheaper than what we pay now over the year. Neat. @jareddipane @Kevin_Raposo Ah my bad, yeah we do grocery delivery. Did the pickup thing for a while, but this is ev… @Kevin_Raposo @jareddipane chiming in here: hell yes $13 a month for unlimited. We use it all the time.i just cleared my throat and the Home Hub on my desk started listening like I said "ok google" @RDRv3 lol, he "lost control" No, motherfucker, you just said what you really feel. Piece of shit.I'm glad this is the science we're focusing on these days @jcrabapple Nice! I added that to my library too. If you like stuff like this, you should check out Paul Wardingham. Dude's killer.Seriously y'all, this is good shit:, but sometimes---YouTube Music can be good. It recommended a "Instrumental Hard Rock" playlist f… @Mobile_Dom @russellholly I have nothing really to add to this except that I agree on both points. I love tech, but… @JonnyJest I just found it tonight, I think it's new @JonnyJest Nah, this is a Netflix series based on thatWho's watched this? Good? Creepy? Good and creepy?
@SkylledDev @technacity Man, good times. Take me back. @SkylledDev @technacity Man I mess the good ol days when I could get stupid cheap shit out of cereal boxes that wasn't actually cereal @pnut22r @RDRv3 Technically I'm in Arkansas, but I live in a border town. He's treated in Dallas though, which is terrifying at this point. @BawlSports 💯💯💯💯 Time to Trade Zach for Pat Bev, otherwise we might as well burn it all down @BawlSports this is what drives me insane about so many Bulls fan. One bad game is absolutely the end of the season for so many. @Jdban @RDRv3 It’s a statewide mandate at this point, but I’m not sure how aggressively they’re actually enforcing it. @RDRv3 There isn't a single business here that has required it up to this point. But now Texas has a statewide mand… @RDRv3 @LordRavenscraft @russellholly @hayatohuseman Conversations like this further the confirmation that Kori and… @BawlSports @bawlsports1 Electric Wire Hustle Flower fucking slappppppppppppppppps @RDRv3 @russellholly @hayatohuseman A local news station ran a "Are you going wear a mask now that it's mandatory"… @BawlSports @bawlsports1 Nice! Jamming this now. @russellholly @hayatohuseman I'm seeing similar here I *think*. Lots of people talking loudly about how they're not… @zachmauch I honestly can't recommend it enough. I haven't touched my Pixelbook since I got it. (Though to be fair… @bawlsports1 @BawlSports I feel bad that I've never listened to Common because he is legit one of the coolest guys on the planet @LiamSpradlin @RDRv3 @theMrMobile @andrewmartonik @DurvidImel The End of Terms of Service Explained: What the Fine Print Really Meant @RDRv3 @theMrMobile @andrewmartonik @DurvidImel there are Terms of Service movies?