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Going live. Chillin til maybe some GTA. @m0E_tv You doofus. Scaring me.
Going live. Just chatting.
Help me design my @GfuelEnergy Flavor. You've got the next month to help me out. More info here:… live. Just Chatting. Need Project Winter group. @RadicalApple_ Maybe you shouldn’t follow me then, G.I also suck at Project Winter. But I’m liking it.⚠️ GIVEAWAY TIME ⚠️ @Corsair is giving away a K70 MK.2 Keyboard All the info is here: Now…
Going live. Just Chatting. LUL. I couldn't stop thinking about that snow game last night. Think whatever I do I ju… @JoblessGarrett I’ll murder you in the snow tomorrow.I fucking suck at Among Us. @PandaTVoce Sorry I couldn’t hear you over @SoaRHootie Love it @Alboknows_ Lol you know what’s funny, it was the exact same for me. I joined a sniping community until I got a bet… grew up here.
Going live. No clue what I even feel like doing. Not a good start. dos amigos for Among Us. Chill group. DM ME.Swapping to Rogue Company maybe w/ Josh. Not sure. #ad
Going live. Rust. some Rogue Company w/ Josh. #ad
Going live. Trying Rust. I'm sure I'll have problems. @SnakeBiteFPS Hell yeah. That’s the worry right, is that the devs listen to the community on what they want, it com… @LxthuL @drdisrespect Roflllll @SnakeBiteFPS @TUBULARFOOL @TheShyway I’m so happy you said this. My boy.The Halo community is so split. But is it really? Halo 4 is the worst Halo. @Acearoni Too old ;]If H5 didn’t blow so much ween on PC I’d be playing it. @TUBULARFOOL @TheShyway @SnakeBiteFPS Rofl. Who’s opinion are you ok with? Jesus. Your opinion blows cuz I don’t kn… wait. It’s not about about core gameplay and graphics then? The MCC launch ruined Halo for you? My confusion continues. @FIB3R0PTIK5 Stop. This doesn’t stop the normal player from playing. This is an annoyance from a competitor and sho… @HiddenXperia What isn’t core gameplay about Halo 2 MCC? It has the core. Graphics aren’t good enough? @CorwinRowlette You don’t currently have a halo you like. A bad launch ruined your favorite halo forever? @edengray301 So now what do we want then? We’re passed that game now?Ok so the argument is that Halo changing core gameplay is its downfall for future games. Why didn’t Halo 2 MCC succ… @TUBULARFOOL @TheShyway I don’t play Halo 5 so my opinion doesn’t matter. Lemme chime in @SnakeBiteFPS and you can… @Brando_CS I’ll try this. I have a problem with parry players. They parry my shit but I can’t back cuz who knows wh… @SILVERWAVE20 @JoblessGarrett Yeah. Except I put thousands of hours into cs and i take it serious. This is among us… @_Venaticall @JacobHysteria @TheShyway What core mechanics have been taken out of halo? And what core mechanic hasn… @SILVERWAVE20 @JoblessGarrett Ummmm. I’m not classified as a pro among us player. Wtf are you talking about. @JacobHysteria @TheShyway Cuz counter strike players aren’t running around trying to bring back 1.6 for the last 5… @TheShyway But yeah, H5 tourneys again. Then infinite pls be good :] @TheShyway Don’t think lazy is the word here, you’re simply seeing one part of the argument where I don’t go into w…
Retweeted by summit1gTry hard Among Us isn’t for me. I could barely remember where I’ve been on the map let alone other players around m… @memelor55113689 It’s why there’s many streamers on the platform. You simply x button unfollow and I don’t exist. @Tashi343i Niiiiiiice. Look forward to em. @imaSpaceboy 100%. I’m pissed af tbh. @imaSpaceboy Lame.When I play good players on Mordhau it basically just means you’re fighting stretch man. Who knows WHEN he’s attack…
@fl0mtv WhenGoing live. Mordhau. for a bit lol. Don't know what to play what can I say, I'll kill some ppl while I think about… 1 for among us. Dm me.
Going live. Miscreated for a bit. Then dunno. I know @shroud is playing DayZ but I gotta try these server updates… @SnakeBiteFPS The roast I get for this opinion is up there lol. @TR_Shotz @LandoNorris I’m ready. @TR_Shotz @LandoNorris Lando can’t race in GTA come on bro.
Day off.
Going live. Miscreated. I will not die to the environment ever again. @ATBWait This pic is begging for a hair swap.
Going live. Miscreated.
Going live. Honestly dunno what I'm doing. Probly just DayZ weird servers and being on call for Among Us. Not fee… will be too. @BillyZambidis When they see they are voting me off when I'm a crewmate and losing games cuz of it, that'll change.I’m bringing a diff dude for Among Us tomorrow. Outsmarting everyone. My brain will be huge.
Going live. DayZ. Hoping to use this gear lol. Also me and @itslilchipmunk are up for some Among Us games. If any… your eyes and listen @shroud your eyes and listen @summit1g
Retweeted by summit1g @shroud ROFL
Going live. DayZ. Among Us with Chang Gang later? :D @LordKebun @StIcKyRamee @shroud Roflllll @anythiNGTwitch I was honestly thinking it was gonna kill me, was surprised lol @Sacriel42 @ProSyndicate Think one of the mods I installed for a server may be behind it?I also use my 1g skills against ppl in this game. to take a 10 minute break. Right as I did, this happened. DayZ is TROLLIN me about my Xmas tree rant. @PandaTVoce Haven’t yet. It’s on the list. Chat says it’s really good.
The day off is happening someday soon, but not today. Live. DayZ. Update. Livonia.
Going live. DayZ. Livonia. I will try another survival game eventually lol. @Arclegger LOL @Arclegger Heard you're the lead dev for Anarea now too. @xXLocoMonoXx
@LeninT_400 ???GOing live. Starting w/ Livonia DayZ. now. Trying the Livonia map when I wake.Did I go too far with this? Might delete. Just Jokes! @nmongoose12 I'd be lost and nobody would find me if I had that many xmas trees. @VertTTV I'll do it, but I'm coming for all the trees then.I saw one dude complaining about my notifications going off on him. My fault.Serious though. I'm not getting a Christmas tree this year. @Frozone When I'm old. erAnd I don't expect anyone to make changes to shit on my behalf lol. Games got by just fine before me! @Slasher Heard it's actually pretty good.MMO's excluded.Honeymoon period on games is like a week. After that, I will find shit about your game I don't like or see obvious… @edlandj I guess I just think balance is insanely important even in a game like DayZ. Realism argument doesn't do it for me.Ask for a little diversity in your christmas tree lot and everyone gets mad. @meancloth7 If he didn't and I didn't check the tree he was in, I'm dead. If I do check the trees and he didn't sto…'s the default time frame you need to be back on a game for to have a valid opinion of it? Asking for a friend. @Timebomb742 @TommiSRP @polnick123 Man. What a shitty take. @Timebomb742 @TommiSRP @polnick123 I'm criticizing a problem w/ the game that's been the same since Arma 2. How is…