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Knowing Abi's konpachi powers, this must have been rather painful. Also, today's installment of "Where are Nishiki…'s Jungyo event was in Himeji, Hyogo prefecture. Takakeisho is from Hyogo, which may be the reason he decided…'s face. 😙's afraid of the big bad Mitoryu? (Ichiyamamoto, apparently) and his loyal beatbox Terunofuji, from Tomisakae's IG. (
① "I'll let you in on a little secret." ② "I slipped a tack into Tamawashi's mawashi." ③ "Oh no you didn't!" ④ "Oh… @WulfTrack Yeah, jungyo matches are not real. But lifting 161kg, even dead weight, with an arm in which you tore a… apparently Hakuho's right arm is strong enough to crane a 161kg Yokozuna. I guess medical miracles happen. guys, I really wouldn't recommend it.! 🥺 is really begging for a caption. I'll start: "You realize this is not `Dancing with the Stars', don't you?"'s blog features the front page of a mazine. And it's totally about him having a feature in that magazine… @Kyrkikree A. Color. B. You can man each with a couple of sailors and go oystering.Post-birthday collection of Enho's confessions about his eating habits. White rice: ❌🍚 Ice cream: ✅🍦 I mean... Tateyama oyakata in a suit. But Ajigawa oyakata... what's with the shoes? did sanban with Takarafuji. 3W8L. Seems to have lost his dohyo sense, and was in trouble when caught in a… from the Jungyo, Isegahamas are practicing. (Nice keiko-ba!) @FindParadise I'm not sure it will come to that. Not being Yokozuna, he may simply find a lower-ranking slot which…
OK, qualify previous statement to "Not practicing sumo with anybody above 100kg". 😂 oyakata using the services of a tokoyama. This sort of scene can only be seen in that short time between… @WulfTrack Well, it could be that we are just seeing the end of a half hour of push-ups, while sumo matches only ta… performed his dohyo-iri at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto today, accompanied by Terutsuyoshi and Enho. IG photos… Returned: Takakeisho, Takayasu Absent from day 1: Ichinojo, Tomokaze, Toyonoshima. Absent since mid-tour… Jungyo absences (based on torikumi lists): Juryo: Absent from day 1: Chiyonoumi, Chiyoshoma, Daiamami, Kyo… @LordBermondsey I guess the probability of that is not zero. @hughmarlowe2 If what you're hearing is "He is healthy and returning", that would be good. What I'm hearing is "He…"That right hand is a bit of a worry". 😂😂 @blobeecat @SumoFollower here’s a vid
Retweeted by ヘルット @tachiai_blog @kurosan808 According to the article I tweeted earlier, he is not doing sumo practice as yet, but pla… @tachiai_blog @kurosan808 It's hard to call it Kawaigari from just this video. The guy is a Sandanme wrestler from… a happy birthday to Kyokutaisei! joined the Jungyo. Gave butsukari to Kaisho and Onosho. Says he has no pains, plans to start actual sumo p… @blobeecat Enho should probably have worn a do-rag or something... @blobeecat From the still photos of the occasion, I'd say Enho knew that was coming, otherwise he wouldn't have wor… @blobeecat Looks like the tweet has been removed. What did they do?Ozeki, please don't. 😖
@CdricBR2 @tachiai_blog @yurinojo Hard to say, because these weights are not public knowledge. We know Kenho is cur… birthday Enho! 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️ @tachiai_blog @yurinojo Orora lost 92kg. He is about 30kg less than *Ichinojo*, never mind Kenho.Next contestant, Takarafuji. 👑 @TheSumoSoul In Taiho's day it seems they would just stick a 大 in front, but the current shisho seems not to prefer any particular pattern. @sanjuroku Exactly. But it hasn't been decided yet. He will probably have one by the time he does maezumo.
Takakeisho joined the Jungyo. The hematoma is gone. He even did some push-ups, and participated in the official bou… @kodamacanada Seriously? I've seen many kind things said about Takuro, and I'm sure he held his fan very well, but… think I'll print out one of these and hang it on my toilet door next time I have one of my Japanese gathers. @inhashi_ Thanks, I needed the laugh. 😂 @SumoFollower Not quite to that extent, but now it makes me curious about this elite mint variety. That means inco…
Retweeted by ヘルット @inhashi_ Did they roll and rub their backs at the floor? If so, I really have to get a hold of that video. 🤣🤣Why is Enho stuffing his nose with peppermint leaves? 😮 @tachiai_blog Yeah, judging by the recruitment press conference photos, Roga is 52, Hokutenkai is 46, and Kosei Nay… some reason the photo didn't come through from the article, so here it is. In general, this one (Kosei Naya) h… happier news, another Naya joins the sumo world - Takatoriki's fourth son, the current Naya's little brother. Ye… @blobeecat @tachiai_blog I'm sure they all saw lots of that in all the heya in their time. Heya without corporal pu… @blobeecat @tachiai_blog (Having checked the current YD list, there is no Ms YD from the same heya as a Jd YD). @blobeecat @tachiai_blog I don't think this has much to do with the stable. Yobidashi and Gyoji answer to their own… @tachiai_blog The idea of corporal punishment as a teaching tool is so ingrained in the sumo world, it will require… @blobeecat Hit him on the back. I just added some more detailed tweets, as originally the article didn't include those details.Each victim was hit once. No injuries. Takuro apologized to the victims and to the NSK, and is now confined to his… then turned to a Makushita yobidashi who sat nearby, berated him for not disciplining his "ototo-deshi", and hit… above article has been expanded to include more details: Takuro was angry at a Jonidan yobidashi who was eating… @andrevsworld There is no such hierarchy. Rikishi are the performers, while gyoji, yobidashi and tokoyama are "supp… The man is at the top rank. He is 63 years old. He was supposed to retire peacefully in a short time. Should h…😭😭 Tate-yobidashi Takuro has committed violent acts towards two lower-seniority yobidashi, during the Jungyo event…
😒🥴 😲😨 @DavidtheDavor @Benevolance I hope he doesn't maintain his size. At least, not his girth. It's not healthy, and ide… @DavidtheDavor @Benevolance I don't really think they'll go in that direction. It's just a funny idea. The idea is,… @leonidkruglyak @5pchange Or if he drops to sekiwake and regains Ozeki... @SpeedoChubby He changed it when he attained citizenship, as did Musashimaru and Akebono in their time. @5pchange I think they are definitely thinking Takayasu. @_zanderrose_ Yes, Takayasu, Endo, Shodai, Ishiura, Yago - the first two most likely. I am not sure about Meisei (it's his real FIRST name).
@NaturalEG But it's also his real name.Just had a thought: if the Heritage Committee wants all rikishi in san-yaku and above to use a shikona other than t… @TheSumoSoul The final score? 102-86. To the good guys, of course. @JanelleK21 Really? I think it's more like 20%. Guys who already decided to go into an all-men, no-privacy, severe… @leibbmaru Just that somebody came back drunk (not sure if both of them or just Abi).My command station: Tweetdeck, Jungyo data, and a... live basketball game. maybe Araiso oyakata is right, and rikishi should not have access to social networks. 😳 @heatherjochens "No, oyakata, I wasn't getting sloshed. It was... medicinal!"The pass doesn't really pass. @tznieh I'm sure he makes attempts at that every evening.Hakuho claims he overcame an Anisakiasis infection without medical intervention by… drinking whisky on an empty sto…
This floated down my TL. It's a TV program from 1987, showing Kokonoe oyakata (A young Kitanofuji!) talking with hi… @antoniostrijdom Not ghosts, corpses. 🧟‍♂️ Nice work, though. They are going to win a lot more fans now than they… @LordOfBaklava I'd wish he would have a serious talk with Orora, who lost 92kg and now weighs around 30kg less than Ichinojo.First time I see Terunofuji and the former Takanoiwa together since the Harumafuji scandal. Too bad Ichinojo couldn… @Kyrkikree Ah, I'm not that good with spoken word, except maybe under ideal recording conditions. I really need those kanji...
@TheSumoSoul Mitakeumi.Ebisumaru! I'm sure that's what it was!'s yumitori is looking great. Practice makes perfect! He's been alternating with Kasugaryu through the Jung… don't know when this video was taken, but I hope Tamawashi got his hands on some flour during the curfew hours. B… @tachiai_blog As it turns out, this is the first time an event has been cancelled since the Jungyo went indoors in… are expected to set out for their next destination (Oct 14th, Yaizu, Shizuoka) before noon on the 13th. Howeve… Yamagata is also under deluge, a curfew was imposed, not even allowing excursions to kombini or laundromats.… Jungyo participants, since they couldn't travel by bus due to the typhoon, stayed in hastily arranged accommoda… @Justusrockt @tachiai_blog Usually Google gives better translations than Bing. It can also do Mongolian. Well, to s… @blobeecat @NeutronGirl Glad to hear they got as far as Kansai anyway. @Sumodesune Indeed. By now it's not just the printed press, it's also on all the main sports outlets. So congratulations are in order.Looks like tomorrow's Jungyo event has been cancelled. Not sure what happened with today's and where the rikishi are right now. @blobeecat I saw that Andy got Google Translate when he pressed the "translate tweet", so I tried to do this myself…
"I knew there was something funny-tasting in that protein shake!"