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A sumo fan. コメントは英語でも日本語でもOK。

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Collection of "Stay home" clips from the NSK. Asanoyama jumps rope. Takanosho watches Fortnite streams (?) Daieisho… @crazysocktv It's a bit hard to do an exhaustive search of all his opponents to see who is famous or not. I guess Chiyonokuni or Arawashi?Today is Hanakaze's 50th birthday, & he makes the news. He is the first rikishi active in his 50s since the Showa e… it's Nishikigi's stay-home routine. Nishikigi here boasts his 6 month old daughter Fūka, following Kyokutaise…
In today's cross-stitching lesson, we will... @DIIIIZYKINS They don't seem to lend themselves to lobbing. Maybe if you are Ichinojo, and I think he is more used to lobbing horses.This is Ikioi's stay-home routine. You can see him practice mini-golf, as well as balancing golf clubs. Makes me w… explains his stay-at-home routine. Bonus: his son re-inventing the Yokozuna dohyo-iri, with dad serving… @JohannJohkies But at least it's honest."I want to pay back my supporters by climbing up the banzuke". (9/9) gets a lot of support from his dad and supporters in Hokkaido, including deliveries of Hokkaido specialties like… gets a lot of support from his family. Now that there's no Jungyo or basho, he can spend a lot of time with his…"For example, I get a little scared of the clash at the tachiai. Hitting head to head is frightening". They can do… do basics like shiko and teppo. Since May began, they can do contact practice at the discretion of the master,… entering the keiko-ba, they disinfect their hands. The keiko-ba's window and door are kept open for ventilatio… are taken with rikishi sitting far apart, and with as little conversation as possible. (3/9)"In the absence of Jungyo, my rhythm has gone off." Because of the communal character of heya life, the NSK reques…'s a look into Kyokutaisei's life at the moment, with refreshingly frank comments from himself. (The link requ… @TheSumoSoul I wonder what stops the people in the suna-kaburi, though.So this is the reason why you can't throw zabuton in the Kyushu basho. long and winding road That leads me to your dohyo 🎶
@Hakkeyoi_Sumo Don't worry, at the prices there, you're probably not going to get the opportunity to. 😉You know things are slow in the World of Sumo when an item about curry-in-a-pouch makes it to the top of the news l… @DaniboGizmo Yeah, at first glance I also thought "What, Terutsuyoshi caught trafficking?". It's a very unfortunate way to arrange them. @antoniostrijdom What, you thought they were made of salt? @skuldomg Hah. Believe it or not, I had to go google "Nintendo Switch". I'm totally out of the loop on this one. I… donates 20,000 masks to his home town, Minami Awaji."I haven't lost or gained weight. I'm working the same as I do towards any basho. I couldn't participate last July… started doing some butsukari geiko. "I mostly concentrate on basic exercise, but I added some butsukari… @skuldomg Not me... I have to admit that I just don't connect with any fantasy or pretend Sumo of any sort.
I wish I could switch to tategaki at this point... from the NHK special. It consisted of two reruns - year-end retrospectives from 1987 and 2004. This one is fro…'s interview in the NHK special. This clip starts when he lets us know his third child was born last month.…
Retweeted by ヘルット"But we will keep monitoring the situation. There is no telling if by that time we'll be in the middle of the next…, he says that they hope to be able to allow the rikishi to go on degeiko from the beginning of July. "The t… has lifted the state of emergency in all remaining prefectures. Shibatayama oyakata: "COVID-19 isn't over. Th… @LisaDrewel 1987. @TheSumoSoul 安心してください... @Kyrkikree I actually liked the creative use of his long hair.BTW, this interview was really fascinating - I haven't seen Kakuryu being so loquacious. His press interviews are u…
Kakuryu in todays NHK special. Well, he only had his eyes open for a second. Anyway, turns out he has a new daughte… this is the source of those photos! Feast your eyes on a bale-tossing Asahifuji, schoolgirl Terao, Panda Onokuni… about 2/7 of the way! Yay? @ThornAppleCider Ahahaha... I can see it in the makeup but I don't think I've ever seen His Excellency in... er... bondage attire.More photos from old Grand Sumo field days. But this one borders on the kinky, with Terao as a (gorgeous) High Scho…ギャー時天空に安馬!!!! #sumo #nhk
Retweeted by ヘルット @FelixFischer91 I'm taking one day at a time! 😁
I'll continue to do my own brand of countdown. can only catch glimpses of this Abema show (dangit). This is Asashoryu vs. Harumafuji.
Tochiozan's shiko:'s shiko:'s Shiko: shiko series. Kotoshoho can stomp with the best of them. BTW, current shiko banzuke: YE - Abi YW - Endo OE -…一日一番頑張ります。 Following the new NHK policy of using last name first even in English, Hiro Morita has now become Morita Hiroshi…'s a sequel! The man sent some of the masks (with extended elastic bands) to Isegahama beya. Ooh, I'd love to… @komioku Pin-pon! 😁Sumo mask series. OK, this is not made of a heya or rikishi's yukata fabric or even a sumo themed tenugui. So do… to the seller of the dorayaki if you're in Japan: saw this today in my timeline. This business sells Asanoyama dorayaki. Deliveries across Japan. Which immediatel…, moshi-ai and other sumo practice that require contact will continue to be left to the individual heya ma… policy is fairly simple: nothing changes. "The lifting of the state of emergency doesn't mean COVID-19 is gone… first phase includes reopening indoor sports activities, sans spectators, allowing practice at venues as well a… oyakata informs us of the decisions made in today's management meeting. First, some background: the st… @HideakiShibata1 I'm stealing the idea for my next one.
Time flies... ...except when you're waiting for a Basho, apparently., and BTW, it's Hoshoryu's birthday! 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉 👓👓👓👓👓👓👓From Tatsunami beya's FB: The heya received rikishi-sized masks from the oyakata's alma mater. It's an improved mo… Stay Home series: New Ozeki Asanoyama practices from 7am to around 10:30am. From 2pm he works ou… Stay Home series: The newly wed Yutakayama couldn't spend much time with his wife after the Feb.… @tachiai_blog Yeah, I'll get to that. Got to clean up after a rat.Hochi+Kototsurugi Stay Home series: Kotoshogiku practices with his son in the afternoons on the heya's dohyo. His… was watching this yesterday on NHK World. It's one of the "Oishii Tokyo" programs, about rice. As the presenter g… top part of the illustration represents what he does in the afternoon: being dad to his four kids. He works out… adds his dietary changes: More vegetables all around, including the heya's chanko and his home meals. Also, drin… to the previous installments of the Stay Home collaboration between Sports Hochi and Kototsurugi, here we… @rasgards808 Good!
@Josheye Also, he lives at the heya. @Josheye He isn't married. @AzuFGC No, sorry."I want to entertain people with the Terutsuyoshi salt throw again". "In the evening, I play online games with fri… Hochi collaborates with Kototsurugi, publishing short manga of rikishi and what they do to pass their time u… @tachiai_blog You're alive and well. @Josheye Well, we are now officially less than two months away from the basho. Rejoice! @piratefetishma1 Well, being a (paying) supporter is a good way to get the fabric. But the masks themselves? I saw… totally missed a day. 🙁 Rats (literally). 🐀 those cartoon shiko animations? I think the NSK got envy. Now they are publishing their own shiko series,…
Sumo mask series: Isegahama masks by the dozen! And what's more, Terutsuyoshi masks! [throws money at screen] mask series. We have a tochinoshin mask laid over an Ikioi mask. These are hand-sewn! @hizon3003 Why is that a problem?
This is starting to look like a rikishi size chart. tests are given by a specialist institute. Paperwork is sent to each heya, followed by medical staff who take t… (May 18), serological testing of the NSK members and employees has began. Two heya, 43 men in total, gave blo… @tznieh Heard nothing. Considering that he is in Juryo, it's unlikely he will be interviewed or mentioned. My other… mask series. Here again we have a matching set - Aloha shirt, mask and storage bag. These are made from Kise…
@heatherjochens Each heya has more than one fabric. I think they order a different one each year. asks me "Who is in this photo?" The soul-devouring, mind-pulverizing demon of despair, that's who. mask series: The post doesn't say so, but I think this is a Naruto beya mask. Very discreet. mask series: Here we have a summer set of sleeveless shirt, hat and matching mask, all from Shikoroyama beya…