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don't trust a person who knows how to use excelngl i'm gonna let lil nas x top me
me🕊 apparently oomf is a polyamory that's why he kept dming me when i know exactly he got a bf @sexualied the audio¥#%\}^ @ngemtodd cutie @Novembersson tlol @Novembersson sange apa ajg gua kan relate doang @HENTAlSUS besok deh @HENTAlSUS gak dulu syg @ngemtodd hi @ngemtodd subhanallah @nothinggood69_ sebenarnya itu aku yg menfess😌ajg gue kira skipberat upload selfie 😭😭😭😭😭 @semuasiji idek maybe they're in an open relationship??? ig??? @earth2gee i was like wait are these bitches in an open relationship??😭oomf be posting his romance shii with his bf but suddenly posting a girl giving him a head @FWCKZODIAC that's me @jamesonenak_ wait... i'm so confused are u guys in an open relationship 😭??? @HENTAlSUS @BrotherHorn2 itu gue yg menfessme jadi kalem ajg susah bgt @BrotherHorn2 sama nder gua juga gitu✊😔bulu* @gendernv NOT the one sided beef😭💀eh iya gua juga gini buli kakinya. we have the same struggle✊😔 @dahluv she's not white..... @imnoturgirl__ @222xen KETAW BGT GUEgua bingung knp ginian di beritain sihh😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀 @222xen HeLP!!???this is me flying to toronto
Retweeted by san❦ @4imvn comel nyeee @brokenkendoll yayy @Novembersson yg ss @Novembersson ky ini twt lucu bgt tapi kok flop yh @FWCKZODIAC jadii inget pernah ada yg gini juga sampe manggil damkar😭😭 @iongiveafug @daffabeb ILY BESTAYY @WINTERschedule my ngabers era @th3mb0fication ✨manifesting✨ @grrrloftheyear that's YOUUU💖 @ultrap0p i'm not!! soooo... @sansajh mksh bela<3 @farrellwithluv filter✨ @xsoichiro BAEEE @oomfisdead i'm shy @B0KEPINDO help i was on internship and doesn't have much choice to wearthat ugly combination of jeans jacket and shirt don't blame me i was on internship @ANALWlNTOUR pandemic vs now @sajettariuss cutieObsessed
Retweeted by san❦ @dosbekas_ step on meh @222xen i literally forgot abt this 😭 @Novembersson kalo gua yg nyuruh mau gawho*they got a life but so invested to shit like this😭damn just enjoy the musicoh so you're a grownup hating on an 18 yo girl over a chart wanna be like her oh my godQUEEN someone how gonna cut their leg for this YOU GAYS AND WHOEVER ELSE ⭐️ @tr4nnycore me when i see ucontext @ngemtot ngasih statement homophobic dan kayak nyindir yg kena hiv/aids itu kaum lgbtq @comegeturhug as she shouldfrom this to this @brokenkendoll the scream... is that him😭 @oomfsucks higua paling risih sama org yg kalo gua nanyak serius jawabnya selalu dibercandaain. kek sesekali sih ga masalah but… @oddire bestie always serve!! purrr @someonenamednde yeah i'm bussy hi<3
@oomfisdead kith👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 @oomfisdead yk i have a second account so HII HEY LOL @oomfisdead hi6 OF YALL NOW FIX THAT of yall follow him. change that
Retweeted by san❦ @xsoichiro now i have new gender to steal @gendernv ahs outsold @FlopRocky yawlah tan @gendernv her power >>>>>>> @xsoichiro i want her gender so badd @discolazr omg no digestive system means no douch. i'm in.gua tabok lo ye @Novembersson dih apaan mmk perasaan bgt lo @discolazr removed what.... mohon bgt kalo lu susah bales whatsapp last seennya di matiin. @dengarIah AHAHAHAHAHA @222xen mine can hold a siberian husky @GIVENCHIQUE @farishmaulana hiGUA KIRA SINGA]*#$<+?${*$ my irl who doesn’t know who björk or pj harvey is😭
Retweeted by san❦nvm i'm gonna be rich rich and do plastic surgerylike.. I WANT THAT FACE if i ever had the chance to have a superpower i wanna be a face stealer and i'm gonna steal his face first @oomfisdead me to him: