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@ashoklalla @bhatnaturally Not every product allows for its usage to be shown up front or center. Or if the usage o…
@atShruti @karagoldin Do people still use zipped attachments? That was so last decade, if not last century. @GabbbarSingh Is that a rhetorical question? Maybe because Twitter people ask those rhetorical questions, with a r… @sunderks MyPOV: you can be a citizen analyst ;) #reinvent
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @BalajiY @SujataBalaji Shows that New York welcomes everyone. And what makes it the city it is. @rwang0 You are the research analyst to make it a poll, report out. Am the audience just asking some leading questi… @sunderks MyPOV: hmmm make a poll! #reInvent
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @rwang0 What would you call that? A: Messaging consistency B: Editorial process C: Dictatorial behavior D: All of… @mattcharney CounterPOV: ROI can be negative is that investment (in anything) erodes what you already have.Knowing when the hazards are not deep rooted. Knowing when you have the strength to uproot what spoils your lie.… happens again. (Same) Funny quote of the day from @evankirstel @raehanbobby next to each other. Bobby today is b… @saty_77 Saying it or agreeing with it is also just an interpretation, if it makes you happy. Just saying:)
@saty_77 Are you suggesting that true happiness is not about being happy? But it is about how to interpret life to avoid feeling unhappy. @rashmitambe Maybe why Mumbai airport is trying to come closer to you. That should happen before you retire :) @pfersht Make that British accent an Accent-as-a-service, for some AaaS-kicking demand world-over. #PunIntended Fo… @tonyalfidi And what does impossible meat do to them? @tannerc Who defines what is necessary or unnecessary? Or how is that best decided? Based on experience level? Or… @meher_taj Random idea. Detour, meet someone near where you are stuck. Get the empathy and sympathy over a coffee,… @meher_taj Asking this to google will get you estimated answers. Asking it on twitter will get you empathetic answers. @sarbjeetjohal Looks very on-prem. I'd have thought you would be in the clouds there ... @ashoklalla @beastoftraal Great metaphor. More than hardware - software and soulware do more to shape a hospitality… @karaswisher @serwer @Moonalice That interpretation of tech cos & their platforms is a poetic lyric. Time to give i… @Doubledecacorn Reminds me of a line from Rockstar, the Imtiaz Ali-Ranbir Kapoor movie - that only a heartbreak can… @ashoklalla Is that a D or E? Uncommitted or unsure about the future. #JustJokingMultiple choices to interpret what client-vendor calendar planning can mean (Choose all that apply): A: Long-term c… @ashoklalla Multiple choice options (Select all that apply): A: Long-term commitment B: Long-term planning C: Unpla… @tonyalfidi Or perhaps they will see the futility of dating, question the idea of perfect matches, and self-destruc… @layereddelay This has been an ongoing debate for years, but the innovation and startup activity continues. Will…
@chetanp Services scale is abt linear efficiency. Unlike product scale which is abt effectiveness & prioritization… @vijayasankarv Good point. Also comes to company DNA. Scaling client-specific #ProfSvcs teams is abt efficiency to… has to choose what to appreciate A 450 yard drive or an accurate chip from a cart path lie #golf @PGATOUR @layereddelay Some things don't see a #discount ever. Not on #CyberMonday2019 and not homes in #SVLife
@pankajontech We should meet more at places like this #foodie @MontgomeryKen Enjoy #London and see you back in #SanFrancisco @tweetsfromnivi @saty_77 @Scobleizer @elonmusk @Tesla Interesting thread. But poor communication in MyPOV is about… @MontgomeryKen Just boarded my flight back home - belated thanksgiving to you. When do you get back to SFO?Flight back home to @flySFO after a #thanksgiving week getaway to #London #Copenhagen thanks to the @flysas #KidsFlyFree promo. @MontgomeryKen @rashmitambe Probably just what this conversation means - said in a more politically correct wayWhen it's December, is it this month or the last month?
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @rashmitambe Time for politically correct emotions - always about the context outside, never about the feeling within. #Sarcasm @neeraj Maybe start with make - so money never becomes an entitlement or a freebie
Sunny morning in time for the flight out of @HeathrowAirport #London #Vacation - heading to wintry, possibly snowy days ahead in #Copenhagen
@nealkhosla @vkhosla (on a flight leaving SFO) Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on board? half the plane start…
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"To correct what they see as misaligned incentives between management and blue-collar workers, the industrials team…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @wordant The era of print is in the past. But the future of copy is bright and clear - as originals become shorter-lived.Once-storied Silicon Valley companies now seem to be reduced to takeover copy-cats. Who will leave a more lasting p…
Retweeted by Sunder SaranganVacation #MondayMorning in #London - getting the kids used what walking around in a steady grey drizzle feels like. @KannanAmaresh @Navin_Rammohan That would make a great backdrop for a round a golf. AKA a morning walk spoilt #HappyMonday
@rwang0 Applies even more to those who don’t qualify as creative or knowledge workers. They need the space - not to… healthy salad is basically cattle feed
Retweeted by Sunder SaranganFlying out of @flySFO after a couple of months - looks like the gate numbering system has changed. The new number… of the week: “what’s the difference between AI and ML? If it’s written in python it’s probably ML, if it’s wr…
Retweeted by Sunder SaranganWhen you talk to VC / Customers to give you money - it’s AI . When you recruit people to build it - it’s ML 😝
Retweeted by Sunder SaranganFamily getaway for the week of #Thanksgiving to #Copenhagen, #London with the @flysas #kidsflyfree promo. Starts w… @gokulr Accenture, TCS, and Infosys
@neeraj Lastly, big conundrum here. For a company & its leaders/mgmt, no need for the details/ #transparency if th… @neeraj And then how do I calendar for #Twitter time or random browsing time to check #cricket scores, #Bollywood r… @neeraj Agree in principle but challenging in practice. To calendar all the Multi-tasking/ real-time schedule mgmt… @sunderks Its not about taking without permission but more on the side of having visibility into where’s the time g…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @pareekhjain Aren’t they meant to be off the record? @pareekhjain If that is how you define an analyst, this is how I’d think of an analyst inquiry #ARChat The analyst… @pfersht @sun_walia Congrats Sunjeet. @semil And to remind audiences about the equity preserved, should they spend on PR - or will the numbers talk for themselves? @neeraj This is not always about #transparency or #trust. If time is currency or valuable as it is in #startups or…
@chetanp @rishmishra Rephrase that to “It’s not how you begin, it’s how evolve” This story is only growing into it… @neeraj @Caltrain Most likely reasons. Someone pulled out the plug off the wall. Or it was plugged into one of thos… @pankajontech And always piping hot. How - I would always argue that street side food in Mumbai brings out the fl… @jasuja Feel that way about real world conversations too. Twitter is only a reflection of real world bad habits, amplified. @semil Perhaps a #startup idea in this paradox. To build an environment modeled on real world behaviors/ informatio… @pgottsegen bcc is risky if that person does a reply-all. always better or safer to forward separately as an fyi.…
If I was the kind that liked people to say yes all the time, i would not have married the person i did😊😊 President Obama #Dreamforce
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @JuliaWalliin @vijayasankarv AlternatePOV: There is hard work on both sides - STEM/Comp Sc. or Humanities/Liberal A… helps to have a thick skin until about $20m ARR or so, probably longer You'll hear: - It's been done before -…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @sarbjeetjohal 10yrs from now, should ERP as an idea matter to business? For a business born in the #cloud or born… @IrmaRaste @raehanbobby @evankirstel @Twitter @JimHarris You are correct. My eyes saw the tweets, my mind went too… @raehanbobby @AndrewNebus @evankirstel @Twitter Thanks for sharing and appreciate the honesty. That's something I o… @rwang0 @amazon MyPOV: Not just @amazon, not just now. Been true abt @IBM @Google @Oracle @SAP as #CEO #CXO factori… @PaddyPadmanabha @damoconsult @CIOonline That's a concern, two conflicting goals that #designthinking may not reso… @sunderks @damoconsult @CIOonline At this time, there's a lot of focus within health systems on point solutions to…
Retweeted by Sunder SaranganFunny signs of modern times: rich and powerful people sitting on the floor in hotel conference centers, huddled aro…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @layereddelay @rwang0 @sarbjeetjohal @psalvitti @efeatherston @mthiele10 @holgermu @DHenschen @dhinchcliffe @rwang0 @josheac Our generation had it easy. It's a more competitive today. True beyond academics too. CounterPOV… in and about the #cloud are often foggy. Time for some clear skies and ground realities in our vocabula… @sangramvajre Envious, yes. Fallen, no. Observing is a great way to learn, observing the WHY makes that learning r… my latest piece in CIO Online, I discuss the emerging discipline of human-centered design in digital health.…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @PaddyPadmanabha @damoconsult @CIOonline Long overdue. Do you see #designthinking and human-centered design mostly… @elonmusk Launch obsessed #CMO #CEO forget that products must survive, sustain, & evolve. Not crash & burn like roc… leaders #CXO #CMO with a launch mindset/ obsession forget that most rockets today don't land in one piec… @sunderks @andrewchen LA: Beauty engineered Bay Area: Social engineering New York: A financial engine 😉
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @arvindergujral @XianMSG Should it be the tallest vertical? After all, vertical is about height and tallness, not largeness. @sunderks @raehanbobby @evankirstel @Twitter Hmm, might be a distinction I’m unclear on. It’s not quite this…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @AndrewNebus @raehanbobby @evankirstel @Twitter Now that you say it, that is a distinction of the past when farmers… @AndrewNebus @raehanbobby @evankirstel @Twitter Farms or factories?How did @raehanbobby get his quote of the day #tweet 11s before @evankirstel ? Quicker fingers or better automatio… all I do as a product manager/designer: It depends. It depends. Let's talk to the users about that. It d…
Retweeted by Sunder Sarangan @andrewchen Maybe it has something to do with the city's legacy and its DNA LA: Play with consumer vanity & emotio… @mattcharney You are being very hopeful. We still keep talking about the Boomers who have been retiring for a while… highlight of the day to read a story about future workers (instead of the cliche #futureofwork). And glad to see… @lnfrance @ZacharyJeans Being real and on brand, consistently with #CustExp must start with an "opt in" workforce.… @robthbrown @PaulRoehrig @Dreamforce @Cognizant Sounds very interesting and would love to hear you both on this top…