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You just had to be there
Retweeted by Loganhow it started: how it’s going:
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Retweeted by LoganAnyone really good at film? I have a questionAll of my lil brothers bout it, they cutting for me. Yeah, they gon cut you for me😩I be singing my heart out to Rags 2 RichesThey boutta have you selling knives
Retweeted by LoganYou wanna ride for a lifetime, this is one night onlyI know you been thinking bout me, thinking bout me, thinking bout meOop😍Ima slideeeeee anytime you wantI’m both a “fast replier” and “never” replies “ type of person. It depends on my mood and who you are
Retweeted by LoganI got boo stamps cause he always complaining He don't eat enough of that pussy, you playing!You stalking my shit, what y'all mad at?I love a hoe with a fat ass, boy, you a bitch with yo rat assChoppa knock ya hair off, it turned ya bare offI pray today goes well.A flat stomach will know me soon😂I had a healthy breakfast. Now I need to work out.It’s giving happy and healthy friendships and relationships
Retweeted by LoganLmao this boy crying to End of The Road 😂😂YOU EVER CALLED SOMEONE TO CALM YOU DOWN & THEY PISS YOU TF OFF TOO 🙄😂
Retweeted by LoganI’m always on the defense and that’s kinda bad. I just don’t be trusting shit.Girl wtf is a sensual massage therapist. Y’all just be doing anything let me book for research purposes.
Retweeted by Logan⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ 2008: We lost Static Major RIP 🕊
Retweeted by LoganAdrienne Bailon looks in her 3LW era✨
Retweeted by LoganThis man booked a spa massage and a steak house reservation lmaoThe mother on Fresh off The Boat is funny lol the husband said he was going on a business trip but packed swim truc… also need to respond to someone on the DBI need to finish my treatment todayYou can’t play with people that God favors. 😂🙏🏾
Retweeted by LoganPeople be on TSR going hard for the celebs lmaoY’all Carson is choosing violence this morning. So I’m drinking celery juice and his teacher calls on him on Zoom a…🤔“For Colored Girls Wondering Whats Love Got To Do With It, While Losing Isaiah In The Bayou or In The Dancery.” (20…
Retweeted by LoganI ain’t never heard nobody call a Hawaiian roll nasty😂😂
Retweeted by LoganWowwwww therapist told me I can’t just affirm the woman I am today, but that I’ve also gotta affirm the woman I used to…
Retweeted by Loganmy type of party - dom kennedy (2012)
Retweeted by LoganTop tier R&B >>
Retweeted by LoganY’all remember the vixen sew in 😂
Retweeted by Loganok, tessica! .@loneamorphous she might've done a thing with this song. Lol
Retweeted by LoganToday is the anniversary of the greatest negro spiritual ever. It took over for the 99 and 2000
Retweeted by Loganit is not worth it to keep half assed relationships. it is not worth it to keep emotionally unavailable friends.…
Retweeted by LoganBeing called baby > babe/bae
Retweeted by LoganThis is super cute my phone up to automatically send my girl texts before she goes to work and Starbucks money on fri, between us…
Retweeted by LoganGonna take a bubble bath then a shower with eucalyptus
No pictures = wear it again 😂
Retweeted by LoganMy diet is def giving semi plant based lol I’m still eating seafoodBeing your s/o’s only friend sounds like HELL
Retweeted by LoganI need to start this film treatment and paper.We def do😺 with children do fine on the dating market and it be burning y'all up.
Retweeted by Loganchloe x halle.... then now
Retweeted by LoganI finally realize who she looks like omg 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by LoganAll these social networks and these computersPolaroid pictures this summer
Retweeted by LoganDon’t say yes to something, when you want to say no. Being passive does not equate to being nice. It only lets the…
Retweeted by Loganyou just had to be there.
Retweeted by LoganMood in the group chat lmaoooo can literally come back from anything...It’s all about yo mindset.
Retweeted by Loganpeople be scared to talk to their contemporaries about how much they’re making and end up being the only person on…
Retweeted by LoganWhy don’t weeeeeee fall in loveeeeee?Chivalry ain’t dead y’all just into the wrong ones 🥴
Retweeted by LoganI remember them toxic relationships. Whole day ruined by 8am sharp 😂
Retweeted by LoganI need to go get my packagesmoon & stars - big k.r.i.t. (2011)
Retweeted by LoganI’ve been doing good with no meat, bread or juiceI’m definitely doing a new hair color“Learn to be comfortable out of your comfort zone”Same lol i'm tryna be
Retweeted by Logan4 Years Ago Today, Future Released His Sixth Studio Album ‘HNDRXX’ The Project Came Just One Week After His Album…
Retweeted by LoganToday in 1990 BBD drops Poison
Retweeted by LoganI feel crazy lol I miss this manI think I figured about men’s issue with Ciara. They think single moms who “chose wrong” deserve a life of a despair.
Retweeted by LoganSame the areas of my life are pushing me to be plant based.
Retweeted by LoganPpl really feel like after 18 or 21 that your parents not supposed to help you. Being a parent is a life long job.…
Retweeted by LoganGod hear me out please 🙏🏻
Retweeted by LoganStop bringing niggas around y’all kids. Dat shit weird.
Retweeted by LoganHot girl coach 💁🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by Loganperfect example of lightskin privilege
Retweeted by Logan🖤If Vanessa Bryant said she ain’t feeling it then there’s nothing else to be discussed really...
Retweeted by LoganI’m glad we cleared this nail shit up. So it’s no excuses 😂😂😂😂 we need $100
Retweeted by LoganIt’s not even all about buying me expensive ass gifts (although I wholeheartedly accept because duh), but it’s real…
Retweeted by LoganI really love phat ass women
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I’m going to take a warm bath tonight. Today is just one of those days.Why do y’all be so obsessed with having ex’s and people hung up on you??? That’s very unhealthy. I truly hope every…
Retweeted by Loganit’s okay to send a paragraph about how much u love n adore me
Retweeted by LoganI have a damn paper to write ugh I’m stressedAh ah ahhhhh 🤫😭
Retweeted by LoganI hate team building exercises. My kid is over here raising hell. I cannot talk to y’all! EMAIL ME TF!!!!!I feel like I’m always tired
Retweeted by LoganShorts were outta control
Retweeted by Loganid be mad if i was in prison for 7 years are these the hoes my niggas brought me.
Retweeted by Logany’all swear y’all gotta go thru hell with a nigga to reach paradise it’s niggas that’s gone give you paradise from…
Retweeted by LoganThe king of New York is home. Period 😭
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