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do not disturb. still searching for the elixir of immortality. in purgatory atm.

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@TheNamesJeffrey deadass thou lolol 🤝 @_AyeeGorgeous_ lmfaoooooo @_AyeeGorgeous_ don’t he thou?yes, me & @TheNamesJeffrey people you’ll fix their credit, and then dont. this ☺️ gotta plan a game night now. @k5alavea bought it! thank you 🙏🏽 @Kortaesyonce i meant like those places that you pay to fuck shit up @AyeYoSavage thank you! @k5alavea from where! i wanna buy it for my houseis there a place in san diego where i can go and break shit?honestly i think this is crazy af.🥰 is the third and fourth place @Kortaesyonce yes @tharealhoney no but like yes really 🙄😩😊 @playboiiiQ i was talking about me lmfao but deadass my favorite person is a man thou @playboiiiQ sometimes i wanna hang out w my favorite person too!! @tharealhoney it makes me blush, lmfao & i’m just like why are you looking at me 💀😂i also like when y’all tell me i’m trouble 😂 like when they stare at me then say i’m so pretty/beautiful.’all i look like Clark Kent & i’m mad none of you noticed. ever lmfao witch all the time 🤫 call hoes? or whistle for birdies? time is busy time thou lmfao
An image you can hear
Retweeted by highness🐉i ain’t ever broke a heart a day in my life. you the ho friend?
Retweeted by highness🐉depends on whether i feel like the humans knows me fr or not. are y’all so messy today LMFAOOOOOlmfaoooooooooooooo this the one @M0n3y_954 you wasn’t w me shooting in the gym puhh @M0n3y_954 can’t be. a second thought yes is quite the artist
Retweeted by highness🐉“Y’all don’t like women, y’all like pussy”
Retweeted by highness🐉what does it look like i do for a living? i literally don’t call anyone else my wife chilllll 😅 @HeavenOnnEarth uhh my one & only!! 😩😩😩🥺 i miss you.i miss my wife.lies lmfao’m realizing that healing is a lifetime of work. Dealing with trauma is an ever-evolving process. It transforms. And so must you, daily.
Retweeted by highness🐉 @domeniquesymone @RogGoHome lmfao i ain’t even notice that was YOU 😂💀Beefin’ with your favorite nigga will have you cancelling all outings with the others. Lmaooooo like I’m sad now, fuck all y’all as a unit.
Retweeted by highness🐉 @TheNamesJeffrey i do too lmfaoif i ever opened up to u i was jk lol
Retweeted by highness🐉why y’all posting tbt 😂😭#Leo is not big on second chances, when something is over, it's over. You must to be a real special person if we go backwards.
Retweeted by highness🐉yesterday i taught an in person art class at night (following COVID protocol) & honestly i miss kids so much. it’s… next performance review is going to be 🔥
Retweeted by highness🐉 @k5alavea 👀 @B_BBLES_2_0 me 🥺😊• Eve ft Alicia Keys • Gangsta Lovin
Retweeted by highness🐉just to add a few more things, calling the ambulance is only really necessary if the person is hurt, if they’ve had…
Retweeted by highness🐉here’s the rest of the video, thank u guys!!
Retweeted by highness🐉id very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
Retweeted by highness🐉‼️‼️‼️ and as soon as you see the seizure activity start your timer to record the duration bc it helps so much! Don…
Retweeted by highness🐉She said “the price for love’s your soul. That’s the going rate”
Retweeted by highness🐉i love my cold ass room, i get to snuggle all up in my sheets. @Kortaesyonce but now she has a reason too’d sleep w them every night. but i want my own room. when i use to live w a SO we had our own rooms. i was so tired i didn’t wake up at 3am this timebeat her ass then best movie intro ever
Retweeted by highness🐉my head hurts sooooo bad 🥺 i need my hair played wI deserve
Retweeted by highness🐉oooh jesus.i just went to a drive in as an adult and i really loved it people be protesting to open up disneyland while black people gotta protest to not be killed. two different w…
Retweeted by highness🐉mhmm actually yeah lmfaooo’m def not top two Congo man :-(
Retweeted by highness🐉
why? - i’ve bought the weirdest clothes this quarantine’ve been so blessed this whole pandemic 🙏🏽.CHILD TRAFFICKING IN GHANA AND IVORY COAST. A WHOLE GENOCIDE IN NIGERA. THERE’S A HOLOCAUST GOING ON IN CONGO. WOME…
Retweeted by highness🐉i need a DMT body is tired, my mind is tired, my soul is tired. i wanna fight someone.people say this, then lowkey hate when you are acknowledge how fine you are human DNA tells the story of God🤍.If it’s fuck me, it’s fuck you. Disrespectfully.
Retweeted by highness🐉i was up for three hours praying last night, i’m tiredT. ima take a nap on my break.I love being laid up 🥰 idc what’s going on it don’t be nothing like that feeling of being cuddled & smelling that good ass cologne
Retweeted by highness🐉"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." ~ Socrates
Retweeted by highness🐉this week is going by so slow, i thought it was thursdayidk who needs to read this but... here
Retweeted by highness🐉 @marebeaarr lmfaoo he’s so smarti feel so nauseous 🤢 and so sleepy.glad i finally found a new merch person bc my last one lagged so fucking much.•Leo Sun• Flying above your obstacles is bringing you peace. It’s beautiful that you’ve chose diligence over stagn…
Retweeted by highness🐉we’ve been in love. there’s always a dragon behind me, even if you can’t see. didn't slip. They were pushed.
Retweeted by highness🐉when im happy it’s hard for me to create anything with depthi create so much goof work when i’m sad. everyone knows if i’m painting i’m going through some shitttt💌 aries, leo, sagittarius 💌 your emotions are not weakness and your passion isn’t something to be ashamed of. you…
Retweeted by highness🐉lmfao a libra falls in love w you & they make up scenarios in real life to get reactions out of you bc that’s the o…’m so sore