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Will trade shoes for money.

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I’m such a trash box sometimes. 🥺Debuting a new look: open velour track suits while I’m out of shape
Retweeted by SUNNI @hoodopulence @KidNamedKenny Exactly lol @hoodopulence @KidNamedKenny I’m waiting on the Fall 21 releaseChasing packages <<<< @BallinWithColin Victoria Secrets could never. @Rocko_Supreme Yes I could imagine what going over that Adam’s Apple would feel like @Rocko_Supreme It’s def minutely a commitment for life lls @Rocko_Supreme if you got a full neck tattoo I wouldn’t be mad. Ur avi had me thinking 🤔 💭 @Polokenny U won’t be disappointed @MelReneeStyles Happy Bday Mel 🌸 @themanthemuse I thought this was tinashe honestly lol @fvckdrvco lol I lowkey did too @212surf Lol @SirStrange_ 7 because representation mattersYour relationship to an authority figure or mentor is in focus... More for Virgo❗️ Now I’m tuned back in! ❗️ have to admit I was slow to get in, but I’m all the way in now. 🥺🥺🥺 love really popped out over this Black Friday weekend. Was up all night packing orders. Enjoy!✨✨My favorite part about this year is honestly all the creatives I got to meet through my own craft. I’m a hermit at… virtual showroom stuff is funny. It’s me at a table with the camera pointed mostly up facing a corner/ceiling…
A sudden shift in how you think about something could alter yo... More for Virgo have never not sang the shyt out of Gil Scott Heron - “The Prisoner”. It’s always how I’ve felt from a black gay… @vincsmith Lol the different time zone meetings/coordination is high key stress lol
Gitoo is hilarious. LolDecided to finally finish this painting. Titled: “Adult Swim” (acrylic on canvas)🎨🎨🏊🏾🌊
Retweeted by SUNNITap into your youthful side and bring out your sense of humor ... More for Virgo @vincsmith I would put my hands up. I would be over the last 3 months.Non DC artists reference go-go music terribly. #ceelo @PdotHALL Right! Lol @niaws_t Lmao her gagging over and over again is priceless @niaws_t Lol def channeled this sceneRunning down the bridge, fist balled, powerful lunges, arms pumping, screaming Henry! I felt that. Getcho son! @ivourth Henry! Johnathan! @SirStrange_ I need him to put the Tely down.Nicole put him under the jail because she knew. @Simone_Biles @jjowens_3 Beef —-> Taco /\_😜_/\Nicole swallowed two apples already.I really love this borderline song by Brandy
@_jwigz Yea complaining about it or arguing with that person could only result in a pity fuck at best. Why would an… @_jwigz I don’t get why people be butt hurt (no pun intended). If they don’t want you move on. @MooreeMiles Lmao don’t call me a bitch @MooreeMiles You must not smoke much lol @PdotHALL I keep seeing it’s the series finale but hearing season finale from everyone I’m confused now lol @obislens Yea he should have just 👻 for all thattoo* @DerrodeLR In Maryland of all places. @itsTimHell 😭You’re more aware of how you want to express yourself now and ... More for Virgo @KP_Official_1 I was just saying this
@samed_iii @shannon_sense I hate a loose watch 😭 @samed_iii @shannon_sense It’s the shoes for meMy fam💪🏾 wearing my Reese Boots 🧊 🧊 he apologized and explained and it made sense , I wanted to stay mad
Retweeted by SUNNINicole Kidman looks like she’s swallowing an apple everytime she finds more facts on her husband 😭 #TheUndoing @donlaurent92 @SirStrange_ Lol right @SirStrange_ I saw series finale. It’s THE END. @vincsmith @itsTimHell @hoodopulence LmaoooAm I the only one who still updates on LinkedIn?I don’t walk I roll baby✨ @candiandpopcorn Thanks for asking too! @sednahhh @_jwigz Okay that’s what I hoped. @_jwigz Is she saying the words too? @shespilledtea Excuse me?! @candiandpopcorn The industry is learning not to just put it in an editorial but also creating funds that support w… @candiandpopcorn It’s very possible. I think timing matters as well. It’s not something that I would necessarily ta… @candiandpopcorn This all while protests against these pipes running through these coasts were live. It just seemed… @candiandpopcorn It to “bring attention to the catastrophe of oil spills” along the coast but also gave a shallow i… always hated how good this editorial was despite its oversight of the real issues of the referenced oils spills. will see the bitch in me this day. I can’t with bugs especially giant spiders 🕷 @SirStrange_ The way I was screaming when it crawled closer!Me getting on tik tok
Retweeted by SUNNIIt may be difficult to separate your own beliefs and feelings ... More for Virgo @omgiigii @voguemagazine 🥰 @Iam_Bravo_Photo @voguemagazine 🔥🔥
@Polokenny Get out my head 🍷 of @voguemagazine handpicked products they will be adding to their shopping lists this holiday season. Lone… another day at the office 🙄😂 check out the full video here;
Retweeted by SUNNI @musexmalu We need to have din-din soon actuallyYour sense of humor is amplified today and others will find yo... More for Virgo @POWjones NoMe seeing breadcrumbs on top of Mac n Cheese
Retweeted by SUNNIListening to my stomach digest for the next 3 hoursThankful for all the black businesses flourishing in a Pandemic ✨ @SaintSmith_ If there were a d€$tinys child to clear it would her
Thankful for nephew #2 😭😭 I always wanted more males in my family. Can’t wait! 👦🏾 👶🏾’t even open my Twitter at the table on Thanksgiving. Godless children on here smh lol @_TerryBradshaw I googled it and it keeps saying seafood lolDidn’t think alligator was seafood but idk what else it would even be at the same time. @NicoKartel HTG to you too!A lil thick cut bacon marinaded with jerk mar. and maple syrup. It’s definitely almost gone. 😌I like to make fun options along with the classic dishes . That’s just me. Jerk Mac and Cheese. @lvteef Ur in LA u have some time lol @lvteef I’m eating where you at 👀👀 @lvteef For?? @trapcry Polynesian makes everything taste better @Iam_Bravo_Photo @SheabuttrPapi 😂🤎 @SheabuttrPapi I wanna see it lolA process.