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Successful Tatkal ticket booker! Finished #Mission29States #KanyakumariToKashmir #TravelAsManyCountriesAsAge 19 so far. Product, Marketing & Analytics

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Indians. 😭😭
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Kannathil Muthamittal BGM @snjv08 Ok da. Let's see how it goes.Looking for 2-3 "free radicals" / former founders to join us @atlantistechHQ and @neobankHQ Role: You decide Loc…
Retweeted by Sundar G @jaggenius @AldrinJohn96 Neenga venum na check panni paarungalae. @snjv08 This alone would not da. I'm sure this is just a pilot. Imagine doing this across all metro stations in delhi.Since decades I wanted to see Madurai’s Meenakshi Amman Temple. Origen dates back 2000 years. A world wonder! It’s…
Retweeted by Sundar G @snjv08 10 rs platform ticket ku 30 situps is not a bad initiative for the Fit india concept that they were trying to do. @jambukes Why not ? @snjv08 You don't think so ? Why ?💯
Retweeted by Sundar GRemember seeing this couple of years back at Russia or some foreign country. This is really a good initiative. 👏't ask me, who's that Gurl 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sundar GRunning Instagram ad to find a co-founder has got to be a @peakbengaluru moment.
Retweeted by Sundar GFinally got my own @poonam_yadav24 pics tonight after her phenomenal spell of 4-19 yo start the #ICCT20WorldCup . W…
Retweeted by Sundar GOne colleague was adamant for a meeting that was unnecessary so I didn't go. Too bad he won't understand the refere…
Retweeted by Sundar Gவெள்ளியங்கிரி மலை இன்று ❤
Retweeted by Sundar GLol😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sundar G @bladenomics Ha ha ha. Artist ya you are. story of life!
Retweeted by Sundar G @srinath_rajaram Yes yes. Looks like FB has a restriction for 250$ for few accounts. That is causing the problem
Retweeted by Sundar GAni’s paati talking to our cousin’s dog Nova like he were human. ❤️
Retweeted by Sundar GFinally, Marina Beach to get disabled-friendly via @NewIndianXpress
Retweeted by Sundar G @_curses This guy is one samma timepass my mother just got back from the Antarctic & the South Pole ... at the tender age of 72.... and here I thought I…
Retweeted by Sundar G#Pune only. Selling this one year old Urban Ladder coffee table because of lack of space. Pick up from Dhanori. DM…
Retweeted by Sundar GAndroid needs to figure out a way to integrate Google Calendar and the Alarm Clock - to turn off recurring alarms on Holidays!
Retweeted by Sundar GSupermarket radio playing "Un per solla aasaidhan" ... Adei Bong Joon Ho
Retweeted by Sundar G[news - holiday now, pay later] our partnership with @ZestMoney allows travellers to pay in parts. one more small s…
Retweeted by Sundar G
@Dhichkyaaon @aruink_ Haven't managed to yet.Guys, my uber driver and I are vibing hard
Retweeted by Sundar GAnyone from FB ads team here ? Looks like there is some restriction at the account level and our ads stop after cer… @That_BombayGirl @RTRajaa Did it get confirmed ? Not general ticket. WL ticket. They are different. Or else he might ask for a fine @That_BombayGirl @RTRajaa Do you have an online ticket ? If yes. you cannot board. If not buy a general WL ticket and then share the berth. @RTRajaa @That_BombayGirl Normal wl or tatkal wl ? I'm assuming it is SBC - MAS, If that is the case, it should gen… very @IWTKQuiz kind of thread :) @extradecoction @chennaimotorist yes. yes. @zulki_7 Jiiiii @pepsiwithastraw Correct dan. @meghakaveri cc @saichithra might have some tips :)“Some folks will say ‘Oh, Winning ain’t all!' But I know it is all. At the end of the day no one looks at the loser…
Retweeted by Sundar GHello folks, we're now looking to hire for _two_ podcast roles at @TheKenWeb. 1. Podcast host -…
Retweeted by Sundar G @Ashwinizer @HariPyt @TupTamizha Namma aalunga vida maatangalae :P @SunOfGan Wow. What are the ingredients. In NJ during Summer - June to Aug - we can see South Indians putting Vadam…
Retweeted by Sundar GAmma telling Maasi summer has its own charm and hence this. @netcitizen Amma will be like cloud ellam varum pogum da. Telling maasi summer has a charm it seems. @soppiekannu Same thing with Horlicks 😢A relative of ours always served rosemilk. I hated it then (still do) so used to gulp it down. And then she would h…
Retweeted by Sundar GWhat #chennaisnow and all amma has already started putting vadaam takes a whole orchestra to create a Symphony @hvgoenka
Retweeted by Sundar GIf you earn $7000, every hour of every day since birth of Christ, you still wouldn’t be as rich as Jeff Bezos.
Retweeted by Sundar G @snjv08 Someone said - what India is to the world is UP to India
@cycle_soosai I was watching VV in KTV recently. When this scene happened I gubeer laughed 😂 i think this is the best konjam nadinga boss clip ever. laughing even thinking about it. 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sundar G#Parasite demonstrates how great cinema can affect social change. “The Seoul City government will financially suppo…
Retweeted by Sundar G😂😂😂 need movies like Jo Jo Rabbit. 💯💯💯Trisha and this song 😍 raises $113 million in Series I round from existing investors led by Prosus @meituan & Wellington Manageme…
Retweeted by Sundar GI didn’t expect that 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sundar GTeaser for tomorrow's video releasing on youtube. Dont miss this one! Raw beauty of #ArunachalPradesh #annyarun
Retweeted by Sundar G @snjv08 I found both funny. Avalavudan @himsini Ungalukkuma 😂#NotASituationalSong with money unlock a different Earth
Retweeted by Sundar GHow to support your friend's small business!
Retweeted by Sundar GBabysitting bhi cheen liya 😪
Retweeted by Sundar GI was very sure someone would troll that tweet. But this is too good :P camera falls out of a plane and wait for it.
Retweeted by Sundar G @DimpledJalebi Surely kannathula appata only 😂 @nivik @ChiniZyaada did you guys sign ? Or you only created aa👏👏👏 on "Presales in SaaS-The glue that binds Product & Sales" with Ashwin Narayanan, Head of Presales at…
Retweeted by Sundar GEvalavu periya coaatuuu, Masai Mara
Retweeted by Sundar G20 years of...
Retweeted by Sundar G @gopalak69430739 yes. agreed. @camerakirukkan Yes very very visible change. @VinothS52555358 Trichy - Totally agree Madurai station, I have not visited recently @ImVHarini More power to you :) Stay awesome like you are now 🙌 @Chella_Badava selected. @anumccartney Dev. #DeepikaPadukone
Retweeted by Sundar Gஜிஎஸ்டி எல்லாம் சேர்த்தாக்கூட 140% வரலையேப்பா 🤔
Retweeted by Sundar GWhattaaay wowwww. @talesfromaaroo I have seen varanasi and other UP stations very clean. So I'm fairly assuming the entire country should be good :) @SunOfGan oh yes, even small ones like Lalitpur was super clean
Retweeted by Sundar G @renga28 waah waah @VishnuPriyaBKS @meghakaveri Priorities :P @ramyie2013 This is Egmore but I have seen central also very clean tbh @maxdavinci Bucket list item to get written about in that paper. And ticked off the list today. Link to read:…
Retweeted by Sundar G✌️👌best side dish ever
Retweeted by Sundar Gசைடிஷ் காலி பண்ற குரூப்பு மொதல்ல கை வைக்கிறது இதுலதான்.. 💪💪
Retweeted by Sundar G @weshnoo @Jharrisjayaraj Thank you for today's recommendationAravinda de Silva's brutal pull & hook compilation: Who was the best player of short balls among Asians? Sachin, Dr…
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@trulygaleej Ohooo. Tirupati kae laddu va 😊