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Thank you 😊Wave #2, SU OK JOO #saatchiart #abstract
Retweeted by Su Ok“key of this questioning, I am dreaming, therefore, in the depths of an undiscoverable burrow to come.”
Keep walking #9 - You and I with me'm so happy to announce that the wait is finally over.. My new album 'Suddenly' will be released on Feb 28 2020.…
Retweeted by Su Okafter short yoga while working, I don’t want to worksweet dreams 😴Aphex Twin - Xtal mindfulness heart🎄
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Phoenix acrylic on canvas, 30 x 38 in @DickKingSmith yay 🐹“dark melody pad weird bass” 🐼:)Good morning 🌞 ☕️🐯Night Off - Today's weather is fail 오늘의 날씨는 실패다 today's weather is fail cat is going somewhere running busy birds…
Retweeted by Su Okdon't die on a hill. find a beach where the waves can get you
Retweeted by Su OkVan Gogh
Retweeted by Su OkA beautiful series by photographer Madeline Cass. See more images along with her poem, “stick gardens,” here >…
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Cloud O @Mr_Meowwwgi 3.7thank you 🍵 @BBCEarth Yeah sometimes I feel my cat is tiger 🐅:)It's just a cat thing 🤷‍♀️😺 #SevenWorldsOnePlanet
Retweeted by Su OkPatients are waiting, phone callings from here or there 🤪Monday stone rolling, with coffee ☕️ tooNell - Losing heart 마음을 잃다 (Healing Process 060921) Time flows on and so does my mind so I must let you move along… pass through the ocean
Phalaenopsis island acrylic on canvas, 25 x 30 in't you be my neighbor? 👋 While many galaxies live solitary lives, others interact with a neighbor galaxy, like t…
Retweeted by Su Ok @BBCEarth lolPlacebo - You Don't Care About Us If it's a bad day you try to suffocate Another memory scarred If it's a bad cas… in the snow, 1894 #frenchart #paulgauguin
Retweeted by Su OkLadybug
Retweeted by Su Okah haBlue III, 1961 #joanmiro #surrealism
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Retweeted by Su OkDirective: Have a great December! ⛄️
Retweeted by Su Okbaby mayo daJudy Chicago: Baltic Gateshead – Edward Lucie-Smith @balticgateshead
Retweeted by Su Ok“The sea as a smooth space is fleet in being is posed, that can rise up at any point. Rhythm, on the origin of that notion.”December Again Photography © Pierre Pellegrini
Retweeted by Su Oka forest on the shore
Retweeted by Su Ok🌞 for you🍵"i’ve made a career of privacy and compartmentalized objects i’ve made a career of my traumas" in the poem "conc…
Retweeted by Su Oknot sleepy yet thoBaby Raccoons covering their eyes
Retweeted by Su OkGrimes - My Name Is Dark I'm not shy but I refuse to speak Because I don't trust you to understand me Know me as… I forgot mascara on and rub my eye. One eye panda 🐼 now 💦 @41Strange i think a doggo behind need some help. Cows worry about him.Farm dogs leading cattle out of flood towards higher ground and safety
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"To this day I’m still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars out there."
Retweeted by Su OkCassiopeia
Retweeted by Su OkStars were born from stars 🌟Terry Winters; “King's Blue”; 2015.
Retweeted by Su OkOur Ludovica ‘s soul is back over Ernesto’s 😍
Retweeted by Su Ok @mongabay most wanted laser eyes :) cuteGood morning ☕️🐯🐢“Being-with”Sun and moon: The Day, #3“Even more important than what Paik made, though, is how he thought, spoke and wrote about art and technology.” —Ja…
Retweeted by Su OkDa da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Catbag!
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Watch this teeny baby reunite with mom and get a piggyback ride!
Retweeted by Su OkVincent van Gogh
Retweeted by Su Ok @qikipedia
Retweeted by Su OkVincent van Gogh
Retweeted by Su OkSwitching between reading a physical book and reading twitter on my phone. For some reason I started looking on my…
Retweeted by Su OkWe are nowhere, and it’s now.
Retweeted by Su Ok @ShuheiYamazaki @rusdaboss thank you 🙏 i send rus your poetry tomorrow
Retweeted by Su Okwindow toward your mindBloom in the snow oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in @DoggoDating Henlo :)that’s goodSisyphus, your stone is not buy one get one free @AmorArtie @engineeringvids Haha Nice!back to breathing @ke_splosion :) glad you like itCats and Snowmen
Retweeted by Su OkClams Casino - Cupidwing (Moon Trip Radio Official) painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through. - Jackson Pollock
Retweeted by Su OkThe Geeks, 1955 #cytwombly #abstractexpressionism
Retweeted by Su Ok @ddoniolvalcroze I needed it. Thank you!
Retweeted by Su Okcat?Quaking Aspen forest in winter
Retweeted by Su Ok“to reveal paradoxical life dwelling behind everything, to break the mirror of life so that we may look being in the face.”
Retweeted by Su OkToday, we give thanks for our blessings, give back to those around us, and enjoy some time — and turkey, and maybe…
Retweeted by Su OkHappy Thanksgiving to you all ❤️
Retweeted by Su Ok @archillect Korean tiger and magpies dogs #2 oil on canvas, 25 x 30 in - Chances (feat. Shay Lia) You're bound to be golden Keep on doin' what you do Life opens doors Learn…
Retweeted by Su OkTik Tok suspended the account of this 17 year old Muslim girl for raising awareness about the Concentration Camps d…
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