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@trueggs_ @kuromilea Yup she just doesn’t know it yet
@Mongraal SATURDAY! @trueggs_ I woke up and saw this notification and I was in shock @Acu4D Pog Pog Pog @trueggs_ That must be such a vibe broooo @Mavolant Wow what an amazing HEADSHOT! @KrayZEsports apex STREAMING BACK FROM VACATION WITH @CallMeSniipez #Apex5 #reachtheapex (link in replies) @yuz1x @zhuricfn @tmpesports_ V @GotyeVibes 😭😭😭 @mintyWTFF WWW @binkiebtw 😈😈😈 @GotyeVibes Bro I leave for 2 days and Twitch does it’s job WIM BACK FROM MY MINI VACATION I HAVE SO MANY STORIES TO TELL YOU GUYS ON STREAM TONIGHT ❤️
@faroutfaith That’s the best tattoo I’ve seen yet
@flawedfn @realmccreamy @hanieldarrison @Zuckles @xdwastaken 😭😭😭 @flawedfn Nooo bro
@bhronosFN Nah that’s incest @PxraFPSx3 AMONG US @ilymxdii you got this madi :) @whoisascyn Awe look at me up there 😌 @milk1xhimself Yeah ik I’m just messing around lol @notblasiann No lie Volleyball gave you such a great ass @K5DEZ 5 min delay bro @sophialolls @milk1xhimself I cab peak perfct ly fine when I tak to u @milk1xhimself Literal* fuck you’re getting me nervous @milk1xhimself my pleasure ❤️ I can’t believe I never followed my literally boyfriend @flawedfn @CBearFN_ Bro what @CBearFN_ Thought that was Megga for a second @flawedfn WWWWWWWWOrdering an Ethernet cable rn 🤝Call it #Apex3 because me and @SupaRovaa are already in.
Retweeted by SupaRova IM LIVE AFTER 6 DAYS HOT TUB STREAM WITH @CallMeSniipez (link in replies) #Apex5 #ReachTheApex
@yoxics @CBearFN_ CBEAR NO FUCKING WAY BRO HAHAHAHA @RandomP60418945 @DaliSoula @HYPEX Then why are you complaining @AySmithayFX Look at Smithay going for bangers @sophialolls @flawedfn @MorganFETV esex rn 😩 @mintyWTFF @flawedfn @MorganFETV yes babe 😩 @flawedfn @MorganFETV Aweee ily dumbass ❤️ @NintendoAmerica You don’t know how loud I screamed “DANGANRONPA” @MerliDavid And now we have to wait months for another disappointment @MerliDavid I TOLD YOU IT WAS GONNA BE SOME ASS @phiqqss Old one was iconic @flawedfn @YourFellowArab Preaching rn @flawedfn @CBearFN_ @YourFellowArab ^^^ @YourFellowArab Bro we met at the Hardrock Stadium slide the follow 🗣💯 @kaylathesimp OKAY I WILL BESTIEEEEEEE @kaylathesimp KAYLA BESTIE OMG OMG OMG CAN WE PLAY VAL SOMEDAY AGAIN
@ramplol @ClixHimself Upgraded from an iPhone to an iPad WWWWW @ramplol @ClixHimself ur pc is an iPhone @ClixHimself FINALLY @flawedfn FOR REAL BRO @tbhMurray if you need anything you can always dm us ❤️ @BobelSpins #ApexBobel @APO7LO Follower reporting for dutyI DID THE THING OMG APEX ROVA AND APEX SNIIPEZ 🗣‼️ @rorywya HI RORY @KrimzFN @ryswtf @OctoL2ber @DrLupo @DrLupo 🙏❤️ @CallMeSniipez @trueggs_ HAHAHAHA W PFP @flawedfn @trueggs_ @OfficialApexGG WWWWW #Apex5 Response video is out now! (link in replies)
@trueggs_ LMFAOOOOO @raptvcom you still didn’t turn the comments off @flawedfn @XilefFN You a walking L @XilefFN 1 @OfficialApexGG I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Me and Sniipez @CallMeSniipez @YourFellowArab THATS WHAT IM FUCKING SAYING BRO @flawedfn @YourFellowArab We all stream sniped Arab irl @SRxxley @trmm__ @JoogSquad @TTfue say on god @moozylol @JoogSquad @TTfue Yup @1320Andrew @JoogSquad @TTfue 😭😭 @flawedfn @YourFellowArab Yessirrrr @CallMeSniipez @YourFellowArab LMFAOWhen it comes to 16 year old Romar Arab, You ARE the father. @flawedfn @JoogSquad @TTfue LMFAOOO#Tiktokvsyoutube #youtubersvstiktokerscan’t believe i met TFUE!
@yoxics being a loser modding for a 12 yr old @Sadcrib They treat BTS like it’s a religion @whoisascyn I SWEAR EVERYONE DID THIS WHEN THEY PLAYED LISA FOR THE FIRST TIME @whoisascyn LMFAOOOOOO IM SAYING @whoisascyn NAH I SAW THAT LMFAOOOOO @whoisascyn ONG ONG @whoisascyn this video has me acting some kind of way @whoisascyn Man all I want is a girl to say “Ara Ara” to me exactly like how Lisa says it @faintud same bro @DeyyFN endless SupaDeyy
@DevourVoxil You may like every reply but do you comment on them @trueggs_ @Synoxic nahhh hear me out if she was drunk at a party and cheats on me then it’s fine but if she cheats… @b8unce HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOUNCE ILY BABE @vaIvalval @BerlunoJupiter BRO FINE SWITCH MHA FOR AOT @TURQUOlSE_ @BerlunoJupiter Fine fine we can switch MHA out for AOT 🤝 @ClixHimself @DNPthree you definitely just invested in clucoin @TURQUOlSE_ @BerlunoJupiter Mf started listing shit 😭 @TURQUOlSE_ @BerlunoJupiter You and Aqua def didn’t finish season 4
@BerlunoJupiter Replace Black Clover with Attack on Titan and it’s solid for new gen animes @cxltures @itsJerian We can tell that you didn’t based off how you spelled “College”